Europa Universalis 4 Update 1.32.1 Patch Notes – Nov. 15, 2021

Europa Universalis 4 update 1.32.1 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Europa Universalis 4 patch notes, the latest hotfix fixes the issues with Aggressive Expansion penalties from Personal Unions, a recurring crash issue affecting some people at certain dates, a problem with the effect of Army Tradition to Development Cost, and a few other issues.


Since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Europa Universalis 4 patch 1.32.1 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.


Europa Universalis 4 Patch Notes – November 15, 2021


  • The Shogunate can no longer switch their primary culture

War & Peace

  • Reduced AE gained from PU. Austria no longer gets coalition when enforcing PU with Bohemia.


  • The achievement “Knights of the Caribbean” does no longer require you to stay as the Knights to complete it
  • The achievement “Surfing USA” can now be achieved if your country moves the capital to the new world and form the USA manually instead of using a former colonial nation to do so


  • The decision “Build the Third Temple” now highlights Jerusalem if the conditions are not met to enact this decision
  • United Hawai can now see the “Form American Nation” decision if they have their capital in North or South America. This change is mostly made for the achievement


  • The AI will now always choose +1 Stability from the event “The Kingdom Semien” and the Jewish provinces gain a hidden modifier for 25 years, which remove the religious unity contribution. This change was made in order to give players a bigger tine window to conquer these provinces before the AI converts them
  • The event “The Papal State” will no longer trigger for the united Holy Roman Empire


  • The idea “Devoutness” from the Religious Ideas now gives +0.1 Monthly Piety, +0.5 Yearly Patriarch Authority, +0.1 Yearly Karma Decay, +1 Yearly Doom Reduction and +0.15 Yearly Authority (I doubt the last two modifiers will make a big difference though, but who knows.)
  • The idea “Local Traditions” from the Humanist Ideas now increases Religious Harmonization Speed by +25%


  • The Ajuuraan mission “Hydraulic Expertise” can now be completed if you drop the Ajuuraan ideas
  • The Ethiopian mission “Unite the Horn” no longer requires you to have the province Fazughli colonized
  • The Kilwan mission “The Uncharted South” and the Mutapan mission “Uncover the South” have now an additional mission requirement in order to hinder the African AI to colonize the Cape frequently


  • Being over the Governing Capacity now decreases Tribal Development Growth (-100% at 100% over the capactiy)
  • The modifier “Crushed Local Authority” from Court and Country now gives +20 Max Absolutism instead of -20
  • The modifier “Rome Reborn” now gives +1.5 more Prestige, 1 Diplomatic Upkeep, +0.25 Legitimacy, +1 Tolerance of the True Faith, +1% Global Missionary Strength and -25% Mercenary Cost


  • The government reform “Tribal Confederacy” is no longer available for other tribes unless they start with it
  • Removed Hampi monument requirement for Hindu country with Buddha as personal cult, as it already has Dharmic religious groups as a requirement.
  • Removed Ellora Caves monument requirement for Hindu country with Buddha as personal cult, as it already has Dharmic religious groups as a requirement.
  • Changed Brandenburg Gate monument Tier 3 Militarization of State to 0.05.
  • Changed Baiturrahman Grand Mosque Tier 3 Area Local unrest to -2.
  • Added Global ship trade power and Prestige from naval battles modifiers to Cartagena de Indias monument.
  • Added Devotion modifier to Malbork Castle monument.


Bug fixes


  • Improved great project UI to show GPs that can be built if all criteria are fulfilled other than cost
  • Game will not crash when Mod is lacking icons for the unit tab. There will be entry in error.log instead.
  • The achievement “KHAAAAAAN” is no longer locked behind starting as one of three formables, which don’t even exist at the game start
  • The achievement “One nation to rule them all” does no longer require you to start as Saruhan as they don’t exist in 1444
  • The achievement “Fugger Banking” has no longer a double negative check for the amount of provinces you own
  • The achievement “Where are the Penguins?” will no longer try to highlight provinces in Iberia
  • The estate rebel events of Mali’s disaster now spawn as many rebels as the tooltip says
  • The event “The King of Kongo Converts!” now triggers properly for Kongo and not for anyone else
  • The event “Tribal Succession Crisis” will now give you an heir of your dynasty instead one of your consort’s dynasty
  • Army Tradition will no longer decrease Tribal Development Growth
  • Unrest caused by seizing from the estates does no longer stack for 10 years after the land has been seized.
  • Assam has now the proper Indian unit types instead of the Chinese units
  • The policy “Faith Advisors” now has a monthly piety bonus of +0.1 instead of +10
  • City of Prague vanished after taking province.
  • Imperial City of Hue only gives 1/1.5% karma decay.
  • Changed Fuerte del Morro monument Blockade force required modifier from country to provincial scope.
  • Changed Cartagena de Indias monument modifiers Blockade force required and Hostile fleet attrition from country to province scope.
  • Fixed Malta Forts Hostile disembark speed modifier scope, so now it’s provincial instead of global.
  • Fixed bug of Kashi Vishwanath monument (changed ‘Keep’ trigger requirements to ‘Can use’ trigger).
  • Repair ships mission will choose province with maximum repair speed when faced with a choice of several that are the same number of days away.
  • Fixed crash when hovering over units integrated from a country with units in TI.
  • FIxed crash for the Yearly Authority modifier.