ESO PS4 Update Version 1.48 Patch Details, Read What’s New & Fixed

    ESO update 1.48 for PS4 and Xbox One is now rolling out for players. According to the official ESO 1.48 patch notes, the new Elder Scrolls Online update 1.48 includes some fixes for dragons and dragon abilities, quests in Elsweyr and elsewhere (pun definitely intended), and a fix for the missing pledge from Urgarlag Chief-bane. Apart from this, the new ESO version 1.48 also implemented several fixes for the Guild Finder system and a resolution for the issue with pets not being affected by battle leveling (this includes the pet used with Blastbones).

    Previously, a big Elsweyr update 22 was released with new item sets (including Perfected versions only found in Veteran Sunspire Trial), a number of new Collectibles, Dyes, and Titles, a new crafting ingredient, and even a unique expandable house that you’ll unlock simply by completing a portion of the main story. Unfortunately, many players are still facing a number of problems when trying to play the game online. Today’s ESO PS4 update 1.48 expected to solve a few of these problems. Check out more details below.

    ESO Update 1.48 Patch Notes (Updated)



    • Improved the resolution and textures on carts found throughout Elsweyr.


    • Fixed a rare issue where your character would be affected by Dragon attacks from other players in combat when you weren’t actually in combat with the Dragon.
    • Pahmar-raht can no longer be killed using the Blade of Woe. Sorry.


    • Dragons will now animate to turn more accurately.
    • ESO 1.48 fixed an issue where a Dragon engaged in combat with a solo player would sometimes not turn to face that player at vast distances.
    • Fixed an issue where health bars wouldn’t appear to reset.

    Dragon Abilities

    • The Headbutt ability now hits players who are farther away.
    • Fixed an issue where Bleed would immediately tick on a player hit by Bite.
    • Improved how strafing runs appear from a distance.

    Sunspire Trial

    • Made several changes to the Wing Thrash ability:
      • This ability now ignores CC immunity and cannot be CC broken.
      • Wing thrash now knocks targets back further on Veteran difficulty.
      • The damage will greatly increase if it is cast repeatedly in a short period of time.
    • Chests are no longer present prior to defeating either Yolnakhriin or Lokkestiiz.
    • ESO version 1.48 fixed an issue where Lokkestiiz’s Storm Breath telegraph was incorrectly placed.
    • Fixed an issue where Nahviintaas’ Searing Breath would display an extra telegraph on its target.


    • Fixed an issue where Elsweyr Daily Merit Coffers could drop an unintended number of Anequina Motif Chapters.
    • Fixed an issue which could prevent Elsweyr survey report imagery from displaying correctly.
    • Fixed a Runestone that couldn’t be harvested.
    • All Repair Kits found in Half-Digested Adventurer’s Backpacks will now be Grand Repair Kits. While the Adventurers who were devoured by Dragons were decidedly not Grand, you can’t fault their taste in Repair Kits anymore.


    • The “Savior of Elsweyr” achievement now requires you complete all seven of the listed achievements, as intended.


    • Fixed an issue where you would not get achievement or daily quest credit for killing Zalsheem the Waking Nightmare.
    • ESO 1.48 fixed an issue where the Spirits of the Manes event in Rimmen Necropolis was not awarding loot.
    • The devious Elsweyr cryptid, the Fennec Daggerback Foxboar, has been driven to extinction.
    • Fixed an issue where some of the Dirty Drakes were dropping pickpocketing loot.
    • Blastbones skeletons accompanying Euraxian Necromancers in the tutorial now aggro with their masters.
    • Fixed an issue where Arum-Khal was respawning way too slowly. He was also buffed at this stage, since he was apparently made of paper previously.


    • Bright Moons, Warm Sands:
      • Fixed an issue where you could become blocked if you crashed, logged out, or timed out before you performed the sneak attack tutorial on the skeleton. You will no longer be prompted to crouch when reaching the Stealth tutorial if you are already crouched.
    • Jode’s Core:
      • ESO patch 1.48 fixed an issue where, if you crashed or were kicked out of the Plane of Jode on the quest step “Leave the Plane of Jode”, you would be directed to a place slightly off-center of where you needed to stand to advance.
      • Fixed an issue if you were standing too far away from the center of the battlefield, Abnur’s warning to get into his shield wouldn’t reach your ears. Speakers. Whatever.
      • Fixed an issue where Zamarak wasn’t helping you fight Euraxians unless you pulled them within melee range.
      • Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t get a door pin over Cadwell’s exit portal after completing the activity.
    • The Jewel of Baan’dar: Fixed a chest associated with this quest that was visible to players not actually on the quest.
    • Riverhold Abduction: Fixed an issue if you missed a crucial component of a scene with Rideza, she would not show up on the step to confront her at the end of the quest.
    • The Battle for Riverhold:
      • Fixed an issue where Bahlokdaan’s health bar reset to an inappropriate value if your character died during the encounter.
      • Fixed an issue if you ran very far away from Zamarak while he was kneeling at a shrine to consecrate it, he wouldn’t receive a trigger to get back up once it was done (leading it to appear like he got stuck or despawned somewhere along the way). Zamarak, you have failed this city!
    • Two Queens:
      • ESO PS4 patch 1.48 fixed an issue where other players’ Zamaraks would stack up on each other. This is not how Khajiit try to get to the moons.
      • According to the official ESO 1.48 patch notes, the new Elder Scrolls Online update 1.48 fixed an issue if you did not speak to Zamarak completely at the desecrated graves, he would walk away prematurely.
      • Zamarak now properly contributes to combat inside Rimmen Palace.
      • ESO 1.48 fixed an issue where the mummies in the Chapel of the Guiding Moons might not aggro properly if you stood by the entrance door. Some undead guards you are.



    • You will now only receive credit for killing Voriplasms in Murkmire for the achievement “Voriplasm Slayer”.


    Maelstrom Arena

    • The Animus Crystals in the Theater of Despair can no longer be consumed by Necromancer abilities once destroyed.


    Cloudrest Trial

    • Blocking Malicious Strike’s projectile damage no longer prevents the Dark Drain effect from applying, as originally intended.



    • Fixed an issue that was allowing Coldsnap and Meridian Motif pages to drop well in advance of their proper schedule.



    • Gap closer abilities will no longer appear to teleport the player to you.
    • ESO 1.48 added a default build in the Skills Advisor for Necromancers.
    • Ground targeted abilities will now work after weapon swapping while still channeling a Lightning or Restoration Staff heavy attack.
    • Fixed an issue where Focused Healing from humanoid healers could target player pets.
    • Player pet damage will now match the values in their tooltips. This means abilities such as Blastbones will now scale properly from levels 1-49.
    • Characters will no longer appear to teleport while using movement abilities unless they are a true teleport, such as Teleport Strike or Ambush.
    • ESO version 1.48 fixed an issue where some monsters that were supposed to be locked in place would instead turn to face your character. This fixes many gameplay issues, particularly with cone and Area of Effect based attacks, most evident in Trials but found throughout the world.


    • Siphoning
      • Crippling Grasp: Fixed an issue where the Snare and Immobilize from this ability would apply to their target, then immediately fall off.

    Base Game Fixes in ESO 1.48


    • Picking up a Relic, Elder Scroll or Volundrung while crouched, hidden or stealthed will now force you out of crouch/stealth.


    • Fixed an issue where Imperial City quest pins were pointing to the old sewer entrance.


    • Fixed an issue where a monster could suddenly snap to face its target at the end of an ability cast.
    • Fixed an issue where some pieces of the Anequina style could not be properly dyed.


    • Updated the Summerset Collector’s Pack Bundle description to say “DLC” instead of “Chapter”.
    • Alfiq assistants are now better framed within the interaction UI.


    • Fixed an issue where Urgarlag Chief-bane was not offering a Pledge quest each day.


    • Fixed an issue that was resulting in an unintended number of survey reports being awarded from crafting Writ reward boxes.
    • ESO update 1.48 fixed an issue that allowed players carrying Volendrung to use the Transitus network to access towns.


    • The Volendrung Vanquisher and Volendrung Wielder achievements will now complete as expected. Note this fix is not retroactive.


    • According to the official ESO 1.48 patch notes, the new Elder Scrolls Online update 1.48 fixed an issue where both the Anvil lighthouse and the lighthouse inside the Enchanted Snow Globe home would have unusually insubstantial walls on the first floor exterior. These walls have regained their physical presence, and you can no longer walk through them.


    • Fixed an issue where changing your role in the Activity Finder would clear the selected activities and prevent you from re-queueing until you reselected them.
    • ESO 1.48 fixed an issue for some players receiving Error 318 since Update 22 launched, which was preventing log in.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when pets and their owners die at the same time, particularly affecting Blastbones.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when Maw of the Infernal’s Daedroth leashed back to the caster and despawned.


    • Party Planning: Fixed an issue where the Dunmer Cultural Garb could not be worn.

    Elsweyr Prologue

    • Fixed an issue where you could not navigate to the Halls of Colossus unless you owned the Elsweyr Chapter.

    Main Quest

    • Soul Shriven in Coldharbour: Fixed an issue where channeled abilities would cause some monsters associated with this quest to get stuck.

    Alliance War

    • You will now receive an appropriate error message when attempting to use a Keep Recall Stone to travel to a town while holding Volendrung, because you can’t do that.

    Guild Finder

    • ESO update 1.48 added some instructional text to multiple text box fields in the Guild Finder to clarify their function.
    • Previously if you did not select a language in the Guild Finder, the search would default to filtering based on your game’s language. To make this behavior a little clearer, the default filters will now be marked for you when starting.
    • ESO 1.48 fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn’t initiate a new search in the Guild Finder.
    • Fixed an issue where the Guild Finder would remove a listed guild prior to reaching maximum capacity.
    • Fixed an issue where the guild history was displaying accepted players as Unknown instead of using their correct username.
    • ESO update 1.48 reduced the default message size of the edit box to match the expected text size of a decline message.
    • Fixed an issue where the number of guild applications on the guild recruitment side did not match the actual number of applicants.
    • Being promoted to a rank where you can manage guild applications or blacklists will now occur immediately instead of requiring logging out and back in.


    • You will now receive an alert when promoting/demoting a member of the guild.
    • Added fixes for some crashing issues with ESO 1.48.
    • Added fixes for framerate drop as well as stuttering and lag issues.
    • ESO 1.48 update has added stability improvements.
    • Various UI fixes and changes.
    • Added various fixes for players reported glitches with ESO version 1.48.

    ESO update 1.48 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for download.

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