Patch Notes

ESO 1.55 Patch Notes (Jan 16) for PS4 and Xbox One


ESO 1.55 patch notes released for PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official ESO 1.55 patch notes, the latest Elder Scrolls Online update 1.55 resolves issues related to alliance war, PVP, housing, UI and more. Apart from this, ESO update version 1.55 also includes stability and performance improvements on all platforms.

Previously, a major update was released which made several adjustments for the Activity Finder to improve stability and a fix for a memory leak that was causing frequent game freezes or crashes. The previous patch also added fixes for quests and combat abilities, plus a fix for the server select screen displaying the wrong server you are logging into, among several other things.

Unfortunately, many players are still facing several problems when trying to play the game online. Today’s ESO 1.55 expected to solve a few of these problems. Check out more details below.


ESO 1.55 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox One

Base Game


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t select a guild to claim a Keep.
  • Your character will no longer get stuck in a Keep piece when knocked in the air by Volcanic Rune.


  • ESO update 1.55 fixed additional edge cases that could result in unsuccessfully joining a Battleground.
  • Quitting a Battleground before it’s over will now result in a 5 minute penalty instead of 20 minutes.
  • ESO version 1.55 fixed an issue where too many players could end up on one team in Battlegrounds.


  • Made further adjustments on the backend to reduce the chance of crashing in crowded areas.

Activity Finder

  • Improved the ability for the Dungeon Finder to handle a very high population of players.
  • ESO 1.55 fixed some issues that could leave group members stuck in the queue.


  • Fixed an issue which limited how often Moongrave Fane Motif pages could drop. It will now drop rarely when killing the final boss on Normal, occasionally on Veteran, and guaranteed on Veteran Hard Mode as originally intended.


  • Placing or moving furniture in Gamepad Mode will now always place the furniture in the correct orientation.

UI fixes in ESO update version 1.55

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed a UI error caused by attempting to purchase the latest chapter from the Crown Store.

Guild Finder

  • ESO 1.55 fixed an issue where the Guild Finder would not display any results when there were more than 20.

ESO update 1.55 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for download.