ESO 1.53 Patch Notes (Dec 3) for PS4 and Xbox One

    ESO 1.53 patch notes is now available for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the ESO 1.53 patch notes, the latest Elder Scrolls Online update 1.53 brings several adjustments for the Activity Finder to improve stability and a fix for a memory leak that was causing frequent game freezes or crashes. Apart from this, the new ESO update 1.53 also includes fixes for quests and combat abilities, plus a fix for the server select screen displaying the wrong server you are logging into, among several other things. The update size is around 2GB.

    Previously, a major update was released with the Scalebreaker DLC game pack which includes two new 4-player dungeons – Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok. The previous patch also added multi-crafting, multi-bidding, Undaunted Key improvements, and more.

    Unfortunately, many players are still facing several problems when trying to play the game online. Today’s ESO 1.53 expected to solve a few of these problems. Check out more details below.

    ESO 1.53 Patch Notes for PS4 & Xbox One



    • Corrected the traits and enchantments on some gear in Dragonhold which had upgrades for different item types. These items will update to the new traits and enchantments automatically, unless they have had their trait replaced at a Transmute Station. In that case, they will retain the transmutation.


    • The correct amount of Treasure Chests will now spawn in Moonlit Cove.


    • Fixed an issue where the brazier you needed to light to gain the Grappling Bow Pathfinder achievement was already lit upon arrival.


    • Reduced texture memory usage in Senchal City to prevent some frequently seen game crashes.


    • Fixed an issue where the Zone Guide wasn’t accessible while in the Senchal Outlaw’s Refuge.


    • A Childhood in Flames: The pirates in Southguard Ruins are now slightly less chatty with one another.
    • In Defense of Pellitine: This quest will now properly direct you to Tsaraba in Southern Elsweyr.
    • New Moon Rising: Fixed an issue that would cause some of the final boss’ death effects to display incorrectly.
    • Order of the New Moon:
      • ESO update 1.53 fixed an issue where the scene in the ritual room would vanish while standing in certain spots.
      • The floating bartender has lost her levitation spell and is now grounded.
      • Fixed an issue when trying to use the attic door, your character would get stuck running into the door repeatedly before using it.
      • ESO 1.53 fixed an issue where monsters spawning in the Kiergo Arena would sometimes not animate properly.
    • Pride of Alkosh: Fixed the ability to push puzzle cubes through closed gates during the trials from this quest.
    • The Dark Aeon:
      • Fixed an issue where you could run out of Joorahmaar’s chambers while engaged with the Dragon.
      • Sai will now properly grant the Season of the Dragon quest after finishing the Dragonhold main story.
      • ESO version 1.53 fixed an issue where Kaalgrontiid’s dialogue didn’t always play while flying around.
    • The Dragonguard: Added several fixes to help prevent Laatvulon from missing his cue to take the sky, disrupting the flow of the event.
    • The Herbalist’s Product: You will now receive the Topal Corsair Legs even if you fail to complete the quest within the time limit. If you previously completed the quest but did not get your pants, they will be granted straight to your Collectibles.


    • The Senchal City map now displays a Cooking Fire location.



    • ESO update 1.53 fixed an issue where you would not receive credit for the River of Rebirth achievement after completing the last quest in Murkmire if you left the area before the scene finished. This achievement will be granted retroactively for anyone who completed the quest in a future patch.



    • Crowd Control abilities that have fail safes for targeting already CC’ed targets will now properly update when looking at targets that gain CC Immunity via special means, such as abilities or potions.
    • ESO update 1.53 fixed an issue where tooltips affected by the things such as Shield Strength would fail to update.
    • Auras will now properly update for everyone in their respective area through bar swapping.
    • Fixed an issue where bar swapping while mounted would cause your character to spur your mount again. They understood you the first time.
    • ESO 1.53 fixed an issue where certain bonuses did not apply in CP-restricted zones.


    • Shadow
      • Refreshing Path: Fixed an issue where this ability would change its Area of Effect based on summoned due to inheriting ownership. It now always heals in the area it displays, regardless if you summon minions to do your bidding.


    • Aedric Spear
      • Sun Shield
        • Blazing Shield (morph): Fixed an issue where this ability could save damage taken from previous casts. Once the shield ends or is broken, it will attempt to deal damage and then wipe its memory clean of all the transgressions it experienced, if any. Be like Blazing Shield; forget and forgive.


    • Unstoppable:
      • Unstoppable Brute (morph): Fixed an issue where the snare from this ability failed to apply.


    • Alliance War
      • Fixed an issue where your Alliance War skill lines could reset to Rank 1 after encountering a specific crash in Cyrodiil.

    Champion System

    • The Shadow
      • Merchant Favored: This passive will now once again reduce the cost of repairs.

    Base Game Fixes in ESO update 1.53

    Fixes and Improvements


    • Updated Battleground MMR matchmaking to improve the likelihood of creating competitive games.
    • ESO update 1.53 fixed an issue where you could get stuck on a loading screen when zoning into a Battleground.
    • Fixed multiple issues that would cause Battlegrounds to not launch properly.
      • Known Issue: We are still working on one issue where you could get stuck in a long loading screen.


    • ESO 1.53 fixed an issue where monsters could sometimes run through walls.


    • ESO update 1.53 added persistent visual effects to the Sanguivorian Howler (found in the New Moon Crate) when running, as well as an added effect trail when rearing up.
    • Fixed an issue where the Bloodspawn Staff had incorrect visual effects. It will now have red effects, as originally intended.
    • The Dungeon Explorer costume can now be equipped again.
      • Note that the costume will no longer hide your shield while the shield is stowed. We’ve removed the description text that stated the costume would hide a shield when it is stowed, and hope to re-enable this feature in the future.


    • Fixed an issue in the descriptions for the Battleground Runner weapons that claimed they were sold in the Crown Store. These are only acquired as rewards from Flag Games Battlegrounds.
    • ESO 1.53 fixed an issue which could prevent the Battleground Runner Weapon Styles from appearing in the Collections menu.
    • Fixed an issue which was preventing the purchase of some Opal Style Pages from the Impressario.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some backpacks to look empty despite them being full of things to take.


    • ESO 1.53 fixed an issue where having a large amount of achievements could cause completed achievements to display as incomplete. Anything that previously appeared as unearned will now be displayed properly.


    • Corrected an unintentional change in the appearance of the “Elsweyr Canopy, Peaked” furnishing that occurred during the release of Dragonhold.


    • Implemented some adjustments to help with the issue where you could run into long load screens, disconnects from the game, or rollbacks during high load scenarios.
    • Fixed an issue where it would appear as though other players were “flying” in a straight line. Note they were not actually flying, they just believed they could fly. They believed they could touch the sky.
    • ESO version 1.53 fixed a memory management issue that was increasing the chance that your game could crash. This change in stability will be noticed particularly in city areas where many players tend to congregate.
    • Fixed an issue where the server select text would display the name of the last server you connected to, even when entering the other server.
    • Money attached to expired mail no longer gets lost in the void when returned to the sender.

    Activity Finder

    • Fixed several issues that could result in prolonged queues when utilizing the Activity Finder.
    • ESO update 1.53 fixed an issue where a Ready Check prompt could appear for a group leader when it shouldn’t.
    • Restructured the Ready Check component of the Activity Finder to appropriately handle high queue volumes in an effort to reduce negative impact on performance and stability.
    • Resolved several edge cases where players or groups could get stuck during points of the queue process.
      • Note: One side effect of these changes is during periods of high volume, premade groups of 4 could experience a slight queue for dungeons.


    • Tongues of Stone: Lady Laurent will now properly address Stibbons in his stoned state upon returning to the camp.


    • Suramin the Weaponsmith has returned to Belkarth to sell his goods once more.


    • Godrun’s Dream: Fixed an issue where Godrun wasn’t appearing, thus blocking the quest.


    • ESO 1.53 fixed an error when resizing the game window after opening the Crown Store purchase UI.
    • Fixed an issue where the email address shown to you after changing your email in-game could be the old email address.

    Activity Finder

    • Fixed several issues where attempting to modify a group in multiple ways (kicking, leaving, inviting, etc.) would not display a proper error message.


    • ESO version 1.53 fixed an issue where opening a multicraft window would cause left and right movements on the left thumbstick to no longer work outside of that dialog.

    Guilds & Guild Functionality

    • ESO 1.53 fixed an issue where accepting multiple Guild Finder applications could cause other applications to clear.
    • Browsing for a guild that would result in no results will no longer get stuck on “Searching for results”.

    ESO update 1.53 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for download.

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