ESO 1.46 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One, Read What’s New

    ESO update 1.46 for PS4 and Xbox One is now rolling out for players. According to the official ESO 1.46 patch notes, the new Elder Scrolls Online update 1.46 brings several fixes and adjustments for various dungeon bosses, a handful of combat-related fixes, some crashes fixes, and more. Apart from this, the new ESO PS4 version 1.46 also includes stability and performance improvements.

    Previously, a big update was released with the Wrathstone DLC game pack. Wrathstone introduced two new 4-player dungeons – Frostvault and Depths of Malatar – in addition to a number of new item sets and collectibles. Unfortunately, after the last patch, many players encounter a number of problems when trying to play the game on the consoles. Today’s ESO update 1.46 expected to solve all these problems. Check out more details below.

    ESO 1.46 Patch For PS4 and Xbox One



    • Asylum Sanctorium
      • Saint Llothis’ Oppressive Bolts ability will once again hit the correct amount of enemies.
      • The damage from Saint Llothis’ Defiling Blast will now more accurately match the ability’s telegraph.



    • Fang Lair
      • ESO update 1.46 removed the snare effect from the Degenerative Acid ability applied by the Giant Scarabs in the encounter with Thurvokun.


    Zone Guide

    • ESO 1.46 fixed an issue where the Zone Guide was occasionally not functioning properly within Imperial City.



    • Cradle of Shadows
      • Added a new telegraph to Velidreth’s Shadow Spine ability to help visualize the timing of the damage.



    • Cloudrest
      • Monsters that assess which player is currently tanking are now updated more frequently.
      • The Shade of Siroria, Shade of Silaeda, Shade of Relequen and Shade of Belanaril are worth less experience when defeated.
      • Shade of Galenwe and Shade of Falarielle now award the correct amount of gold.
      • Shade of Z’Maja will no longer immediately cast Nocturnal’s Favor after casting Baneful Mark.



    • March of Sacrifices
      • Dagrund the Bulky
        • Bearfang Hunters now deal less damage overall in Veteran mode.
        • Bearfang Hunter’s ability Creeping Chill no longer applies the healing debuff Frigid Defile in Veteran mode.
        • Dagrund’s Decimate ability can now be dodged and does less damage on impact in Veteran mode.
        • Dagrund’s Concussive Clap ability now deals less damage over the entire duration, and the damage no longer increases with each hit. However, the initial tick damage was increased.
        • Dagrund’s Concussive Clap ability no longer deals area damage around each player.
        • Decreased the damage of Dagrund’s Upheaval ability in Veteran mode.
        • Dagrund’s various damage over time effects, including Sear, Biting Cold and Deadly Current, now deal less damage over the entire duration, and the damage no longer increases with each tick. However, the initial tick damage was increased.
        • Decreased the damage from several of Dagrund’s abilities, including:
          • Chilling Pylons
          • Chilling Wind
          • Melting Point
          • Shocking Strike



    • Frostvault
      • Rizzuk and Avalanche’s Shatter ability has a much more accurate telegraph to indicate the areas that will be damaged when it explodes.
      • The Stonekeeper’s Disintegration Failsafe effects will now always match the telegraph and damage areas.
      • You can no longer erroneously get credit for the Veteran Reikling Slayer and Veteran Centurion Slayer on normal difficulty.
      • The damage dealt from The Stonekeeper’s Disintegration Failsafe will now synchronize better with the fire visual effects.
      • The Stonekeeper’s Squash ability during the introductory scene no longer deals damage outside the telegraphed area.



    • ESO update 1.46 fixed an issue if you were stunned in the middle of a bar swap, you could become locked out from bar swapping.
    • Fixed an issue where the corpses of monsters could interfere with your targeting of live enemies.
    • ESO 1.46 fixed an issue where Break Free and Bash could sometimes not cast properly.
    • Fixed an issue where ability tooltips would display bonuses from the Slayer buff when not active (outside of dungeons and Trials).


    • Werewolf
      • ESO version 1.46 for PS4 fixed an issue where you could still be in a partial Werewolf state if your character was killed while transforming.



    • Adjusted the small lip between the stairwell and outer wall at Fort Glademist to no longer halt movement.


    • Fixed an issue where some of the areas off the map in Mor Khazgur would not kill your character when you fell out of bounds.


    • ESO 1.46 improved the visual quality of the Elinhir Arena Lion pet.


    • Cradle of Shadows
      • Velidreth
        • Velidreth’s Gout of Bile and Expose Morsel abilities are now only cast in Hard Mode.
        • Shadow Weavers, Shadow Warriors and Marrow Fiends now only appear in Hard Mode.
        • Decreased Velidreth’s overall damage in Veteran mode.
        • Decreased the effectiveness of all negative effects related to the Diseased Spores.
        • Decreased the damage done by Shadow Spine in Normal and Veteran modes.
        • Velidreth’s Shadow Spine no longer applies the Impaled debuff in Veteran mode.
        • Decreased the damage done by Deadly Spikes in the catacombs.
        • Deadly Spikes no longer applies Enfeebling Poison or drains Stamina resources in Veteran mode.
        • Velidreth now displays the correct animations when casting Shadow Sense.


    • The Adver2ffy698br0f.png
      nturer’s Almanac, 3rd Edition will now direct you to the correct location of Northern Elsweyr Defense Dailies (Grahtwood, north of Cormount).


    • Messy Business: You’ll now be given credit towards this achievement is your target character is killed while covered in pie.


    • Fixed a crash that could occur when logging out to character select.
    • Attempting to jump to a player’s home that you do not have permission to enter will no longer sometimes cause a crash.
    • ESO update 1.46 fixed a crash that could occur during character creation.


    • Fixed a UI error that could occur when switching back and forth between the keyboard and Gamepad UI at a Guild Store.
    • ESO 1.46 fixed issue where crafting-related item categories would not appear in the guild store UI after experiencing a long load screen.


    • Fixed an issue where you could not open the menu or map while your character was dead.


    • Clarified the tooltip text for items which require you own a specific Collectible in order to utilize them, like Jewelry Crafting Stations and the Indrik evolution Berries. These items now specifically state that they require the Collectible ‘to use’.
    • Added fixes for some crashing issues with ESO 1.46.
    • Added fixes for framerate drop as well as stuttering and lag issues.
    • ESO 1.46 update has added stability improvements.
    • Various UI fixes and changes.
    • Added various fixes for players reported glitches with ESO version 1.46.

    ESO update 1.46 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available for download.

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