Entity Researchers Update 5 Patch Notes – July 19, 2021

    Entity Researchers update 5 is now rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Entity Researchers patch notes, the latest update introduces a new Bonus round for Critical hits.

    Apart from this, the new patch also includes plenty of bug fixes and general balancing.

    Read more details below.

    Entity Researchers Patch Notes

    • New Critical bonus round.
    • Stat Points notification fixed.
    • Item bug fixed.
    • Sell menu is fixed.
    • Reduced Market prices.
    • Damage balancing.
    • Fewer entities per map.
    • No extra-large maps.
    • Job level caps entity level.
    • All Missions working.

    Download free Entity Researchers version 5 on PC (Steam).

    Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson
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