Endzone a World Apart Update 4 Patch Notes – November 23, 2021

    Endzone a World Apart update 4 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Endzone a World Apart patch notes, the latest update added bug fixes, tweaks, and overall gameplay improvements.

    Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and changes. Read more details below.

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    Endzone Patch Notes – November 23, 2021

    Prosperity Expansion Fixes

    • Buildings: Factory Unit now only shows resources missing if none requested resources are available.
    • Buildings: Fixed that the beacon was not properly disconnecting from the power grid when the grid is overloaded while powering it on.
    • Buildings: Fixed field of influence bonus of irrigation plant not resetting when starting a new game from a running session.

    Demands: The demand in “More than survival” which requires the player to provide soap now also asks the player to provide stew, in order to be aligned with what is written in the text.


    • Buildings: Factory Unit now displays a list of boostable buildings and indicates which buildings are currently boosted.
    • Scenarios: Several scenarios now allow the triggering of the Town Hall mission, so you can experience prosperity content while playing older scenarios.
    • Resources: Settlers now gain happiness & health when consuming soap.

    Main Game


    Buildings: Implemented notification for scrapyards & forester lodges that triggers as soon as those buildings have an empty work area.

    Main Game Fixes

    • Buildings: Fixing a minor inconvenience with the resource selection overlay on pastures.
    • Buildings: Kitchen now only shows missing resources when resources are actually missing. Additionally, it also highlights missing water separately.
    • Buildings: Deconstructing roofed fields no longer leads to an invisible rectangle unaffected by rain.
    • Buildings: Prioritising the repair of a building now only leads to Builders being assigned there first and no longer the workers of the building.
    • System: Mystic shadows that appeared above lakes were banished.
    • Scenarios: Followup missions for “More Than Survival” now only triggers if you have exactly 0 Greenhouses/Aquafarms.
    • System: Planning Mode is now correctly resetting after starting a new game.
    • Research: Starting a new session now correctly resets the techtree.
    • UI: Fixed tooltips, being able to go outside the screen bounds.
    • Expeditions: Expedition Post now shows the correct occupant list, so you can see what your settlers are doing.
    • Expeditions: Expedition Post now displays production progress for expedition rations.

    Missions: “Dead Bodies on Our Streets” mission should no longer trigger if the player has the “Immunity” decree active, since failing the quest triggers an illness.

    • System: STOMTs now upload a recent save game, if available, when sending feedback.
    • System: Fixed resetting the game speed to default instead of previous speed, when the STOMT dialogue window is opened.
    • Terrain: Removed empty lakes from terrain that prevented placement of buildings.


    • Buildings: The resources UI of a building now indicates whether resources in the vicinity are not collected due to their production limit being reached.
    • Buildings: Resources that reached their max cap are no longer highlighted as missing, if other resources to pick up are missing.
    • Buildings: Clicking on a Guard Tower with missing resources warning no longer clears the missing-flag. The disappearing after a click was confusing.
    • Buildings: Enabled shadows for several buildings that were missing shadows (Guard Tower, Barricades, Siren Tower and more).

    Buildings: Buildings that can only be placed once will show their tooltip again, but don’t show the needed resources, instead of hiding the tooltip completely.

    • Settlers: Settlers are now taking less processing power when trying to get resources that are currently not available. This should fix the extreme lag in savegames with large settlements.
    • System: Switched back to the “Mono scripting” backend for better unofficial mod support.

    Download free Endzone a World Apart update 4 for PC (Steam).

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