Endzone a World Apart Hotfix 7 Patch Notes – Oct 15, 2021


Endzone a World Apart update 7 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Endzone a World Apart patch notes, the latest hotfix 7 improve your overall experience with the game

Apart from this, today’s Endzone – A World Apart patch 7 also improves the overall gameplay experience.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and changes. Read more details below.


Endzone – A World Apart Patch Notes – October 15, 2021

Prosperity Expansion Fixes

  • UI: Fixed an error related to hovering over the bug icon.
  • Buildings: Fixed a bug that resulted in preventing you from upgrading to the town hall, when the save game was based on a scenario or tutorial
  • Demands: Cake & Stew demands should now trigger again, if the player has a lot of cake or stew.
  • Demands: Added a more specific icon for the research demand for water tower techs.


  • Scenarios: “Future without sunshine” scenario was tweaked, so that the woodcutter is set to “gather wood and plant new” instead of just planting.
  • Localization: Game content is now localized in all supported languages.

Main Game Fixes

  • Savegames: Made sure to prevent initiating a new save while a save is currently ongoing.
  • World Tasks: Fixed missing resources display for world tasks that could wrongfully appear.
  • Expeditions: Prevented button mashing for the loot button in the new loot screen for expeditions.
  • System: Fixed error when exiting the game or while saving.
  • Raiders: Fixed wrong avatar appearing instead of Liam when the player won by defeating raider morale.
  • Side Missions: Fixed error relating to missions that required water towers to enable/disable filtering.
  • Side Missions: Fixed effect where buildings should be damaged, if the buildings are invalid and should not receive the effect.
  • Side Missions: Fixed error that could result in dead ends for scenarios, tutorials and potential raider attacks when saving while a settler dialogue was open.
  • Localizations: Fixed the brazilian portuguese roadmap, that could not be loaded.


  • News: Updated news articles for offline mode.

Download free Endzone a World Apart update 7 for PC (Steam).