Encased Update 1 Patch Notes (Official) – October 14, 2021


Encased update 1 (1.1.1013.1238) is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Encased patch notes, the latest update added a lot of changes and improvements. Apart from this, today’s Encased patch 1 also includes Addressed the voiceover, incorrect descriptions, and typos.

Previously, a big update was released with various quality of life improvements.

Read more details below.


Encased Patch Notes – Oct 14, 2021

Localization and Voiceover

  • Addressed the sound for reading books
  • Addressed voiceover for Sister Beatrice Catcher
  • Addressed voiceover for Petra Willard
  • Addressed cries of Afflicted employees at the First Settlers’ Camp
  • Improved MOBIOS sounds
  • Added sounds to control panels and vending machines in Carmine Heights
  • Addressed hyena footsteps sounds
  • Addressed necroid footsteps sounds
  • Addressed interruption of dialogue voiceover shortly before the end of playback

Text and Dialogues

  • Added low intelligence dialogue with Potanin at Carmine Heights location
  • Addressed dialogues with Tim Ginzburg and Jeffrey Gallop
  • Addressed dialogue with public terminal on Magellan
  • Addressed a typo in Crump’s dialogue
  • Addressed a typo in Jacques Falco’s dialogue
  • Addressed incorrect working of several main story dialogues for low intelligence playthrough
  • Addressed displaying of the tooltip for the “Fortune” characteristic in a random event related to the delivery of lost letters
  • Addressed description of the Brass Apple relic
  • Addressed dialogue behaviour when talking to Yoko about teleglasses
  • Addressed companions’ lines on the Deserted Road location
  • Addressed skill/stat check metrics in Milo Randall’s dialogue
  • Added the ability to receive a bribe from Courtney Reznor after exiting the dialogue
  • Addressed inability to start dialogue with Yoko after going through her story dialogue
  • Addressed description of the Expropriator perk
  • Addressed initiating dialogue with Lenny after the Crossroads’ Troubles quest


  • Created and added a unique head for Olivia Raysner
  • Created and added a unique head for Audrey Melville
  • Created and added a unique head for the Fop named Pepper
  • Created and added a unique head for the Fop named Sad Bug
  • Improved displaying of water and dust shaders at night
  • Addressed a Black Wing helmet model
  • Addressed changing color for a number of hairstyles on the character creation screen
  • Addressed male hairstyle models
  • Addressed White Wing pants model
  • Added red/ginger hair color and Addressed hair color for some character archetypes
  • Improved ending images for the Carmine Heights faction
  • Addressed flickering of some assets at locations when using TAA (Temporal anti-aliasing)
  • Added new cockroach model to match icons: Knight Roach
  • Added new rat models to match icons: White Rat and Ravenous Rat


  • Improved design of fillable indicators (radiation, thirst, fatigue, encumbrance, hunger)
  • Addressed the crime icon stuck on companions
  • Addressed status effects branch in abilities tooltip
  • Replaced the armor sprite on the player character
  • Publisher’s logo has been replaced with the up-to-date version
  • Made changes to the ability points distribution screen (colors, font styles, the displaying of ability points has been removed if there are 0 left)
  • Spread out the “glued together” filter buttons on the inventory screen
  • Replaced sprite of an empty inventory cell
  • Removed green outline from the minimap
  • Addressed alpha channel for location grid
  • From now on, if the requirements for obtaining a perk are not met, it is displayed semi-transparent
  • Expanded the mouseover/click zone to the entire line on the abilities screen
  • Added a Deactivate Stealth button and Reload Standard Weapon button
  • Matched the color indicating unfulfilled requirements on both the perk screen and in tooltips
  • Addressed mouseover for all items in the inventory
  • Improved title screen
  • On the character creation screen, the Attributes are indicated for each trait after the Attributes heading
  • Changed the displaying of font color on the loading screen
  • Added line break after a dash when entering a location
  • The left part of the PDA screen now has the same width everywhere
  • Addressed displaying of new save
  • Added an icon for the Second Wind ability
  • Addressed Tool Required message when attempting to scan
  • Added indication of the number of items that can be crafted in the crafting menu
  • Improved button colors in the crafting interface
  • Improved highlighting interface when hovering over objects that have already been searched
  • Addressed button for adding skill points after reaching the maximum skill value
  • Addressed displaying of radiation indicators in UI when switching between languages
  • Addressed displaying of the MOBIOS manipulator in the inventory


  • Unique MOBIOSes now have increased damage resistance
  • Updated rewards for digging up graves in the Picnic neutral zone
  • Improved the reward for stripping the Light Alloy Chest Armor
  • Addressed settings for crafting a prosthesis for Aaron Melville
  • Reworked traders’ goods at trader camps, now it corresponds to their specialization
  • Increased the number of combonds carried by traveling traders in the late game
  • Addressed progression of Kraut value depending on rank
  • Günther Haas in the Junktown Arena has been buffed, the ability to inflict fatigue damage upon him has been fixed
  • Rebalanced MOBIOSes and their aura effects
  • Rebalanced the reloading cost of Shiroyama at some ranks
  • Rebalanced and Addressed the Ghost perk
  • Changed the rank of the received servoshell in the random event with the stuck soldier
  • Changed rewards for looting lockers


  • Addressed walking under the roof in the Abandoned Hospital location
  • Reworked the position of anomalies in the Magellan laboratory basement
  • Added camera borders and Addressed lighting at the Chick’n’Corn Restaurant location
  • Addressed working of a heap of stones at the Chick’n’Corn Restaurant location
  • Addressed a flying bush and added detailing for the Crossroads location
  • Addressed steam jet position on Magellan’s reactor floor
  • Addressed problematic pots in the Roadside Picnic location in the prologue
  • Added a camera border in the trader camps
  • Addressed black zones on the map borders at several Magellan locations
  • Addressed the ladder at the New Committee Outpost location
  • Addressed camera borders, terrain at the location in the “Deceiver” event (Deserted Road)
  • Increased the radius of initiating dialogue with the Oranges in Concord bathroom
  • Changed Darryl Gilmore’s position in Concord
  • Addressed roof clipping on the cafe at the Picnic Neutral zone location
  • Addressed issues with decor at the Carmine Heights location, optimized
  • Added camera boundaries at Carmine Heights location
  • Added camera boundaries for the location with the Fatigue anomaly
  • Addressed the passage to the container at the First Settlers Camp location

Game Mechanics

  • Added display cases with unique rewards for high reputation with the Picnic, Phalanx, Carmine Heights, and Fop factions
  • Improved the protocol for processing crimes by animals
  • Meatball made the owner of all things in the Abandoned Hospital location
  • Improved initiating dialogue with weapons drawn for sentient necroids (Meatball)
  • Addressed the working of the equalize button when buying in barter menu
  • Necroids can now use ladders
  • Improved the working of the Lucky Finds system
  • Increased the maximum value of items that can be stolen by pickpocketing
  • Addressed the working of the state mechanic (hunger, thirst, etc.) when skipping time for short periods
  • Addressed working of psi-implant on companions if they die or are knocked out
  • Addressed a change in reputation when completing side quests in low intelligence playthrough
  • Addressed issue with reputation for the New Committee main quests


Warning, spoilers!

  • [spoiler]Added a reputation change in the story dialogue while in the Council in Act 2[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Added the ability to independently mark the weapons receipt at Concord station in the prologue[/spoiler]
  • [spoiler]Addressed a game ending bug related to the Fops and Phalanx[/spoiler]

Bugs and Errors

  • Addressed displaying of heads for characters in the main menu
  • Addressed incorrect tape playback in the tape recorder on the laboratory floor of Magellan
  • Addressed updating the list of available perks after receiving a perk
  • Addressed pushing companions through the wall at Magellan reception
  • Addressed eyes changing color when choosing skin color in the character creation screen
  • Addressed starting dialogue with a door on Nashville offices if the door is attacked
  • Addressed the freeze upon starting combat with the Puppeteer Roach in the Nashville sewers
  • Addressed infinite experience gain in the Bolts game
  • Addressed a bug where the box with selectrones did not disappear after burning it
  • Addressed the situation where dynamite remained in corpses’ inventory after the explosion occurred
  • Addressed the number of rounds in the magazine for some ranks of the Svetlana rifle
  • Addressed interacting through walls at the C12-Nashville Facility – Offices location
  • Addressed the working of riddles at the Treasure Hunters’ Campside location
  • Addressed the working of the perk Against All Odds
  • Addressed investigating crimes committed by companions in locations without a dedicated prison
  • Hard-Boiled Electrician ability description now matches the effect
  • Addressed working and description of canned beans
  • Addressed behavior of Kurt Spengler when counting votes in elections if they take place at night
  • Addressed removing reputation from Katarzyna in case Crump died while not in player group
  • Addressed reputation going above the maximum value
  • Addressed the check of the Career Criminal ability in dialogs related to elections
  • Addressed the combat freeze at the Picnic Neutral zone location
  • Addressed Sherlock’s dialogue related to the First Settlers’ Camp
  • Addressed being able to bribe Sparrow when in player group
  • Addressed working of A New Boss quest
  • Addressed Flamberg mine at the Secret Test Site location

Effects and Animations

  • Addressed bleeding effect on the injured Clara Morgan
  • Addressed animation for soldiers wearing servoshells in the main menu
  • Addressed skeleton animation for MOBIOSes, Addressed effects displaying on them
  • Addressed incorrect animation of the Hoplite Armor’s cloak


  • Optimized rendering of some desert plants
  • Increased the amount of allocated video memory and the quality of some textures
  • Addressed a drop in frame rate when selecting abilities after a long play time


  • Added scan record for Fatigue anomaly
  • Addressed the background of portraits at the Camp location
  • Changed portrait of Theresa Goddard
  • Addressed overlay working on EGS
  • Changed portrait of Sandra Malverde
  • Improved the Dirty Money quest
  • Added alternative ways of obtaining information in the Water Is Everything quest
  • Addressed inability to inform Ida Grace about the Oranges’ escape in the Playing Detective quest
  • Addressed fighting with Salvador Torres while having companions
  • Improved Olivia Raysner’s AI

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