Empyrion Galactic Survival Update 1.7.5 Patch Notes – February 22, 2022

    Empyrion Galactic Survival update 1.7.5 released on PC(Steam). According to the official Empyrion Galactic Survival 1.7.5 patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.

    Previously, a major update added new changes, fixes, and gameplay fixes. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Empyrion Galactic Survival version 1.7.5 will fix a few of these issues.

    Read more details below.

    What is new in Empyrion Galactic Survival February 22 Update?

    Bug Fixes

    • Added:: PDA Descriptions can now contain images within the description text (insert with {imagename.ext})
    • Updated PoisonFood & Indigestion values for ItemsConfig.ecf
    • Updated: Registry and teleporter windows now sort the playfield entries (left content) alphabetically
    • Added: Information about BuffMod to head area of ItemsConfig.ecf
    • Added: Information about currently available INSTANCE settings added to example playfield
    • Renamed folder ‘InstanceTaipane’ into ‘ExampleInstance’ ( ../content/playfields/ )
    • Added: Medical Station Type 1 now cures PoisonBit (Stage 2)
    • Added: Medical Station Type 4 now cures EndoParasite Stage 2 and 3, RadiationOverload
    • Added a wearoff margin for RadiationOverload, as well as a cleansing effect on it for Scanner3
    • Updated Localization: Main loca, Dialogues, PDA (as of 08 02 2022)
    • Changed: Removed Intoxication chance from AkuaWine
    • Changed: Necrosis does not create Mutilation when healed anymore
    • Changed: Mineral Synth Lab and Bunker admin cores are now pre-damaged (2)
    • Changed: Underground Bunker: added ladder at entry ara so players without jetpack do not get trapped (2)
    • Changed: Prisoner (Dr. Mandor) on Heidelberg now drops report also when killed (unintentionally! 😉 ) (2)
    • Changed: TOP: Root Beer Formular now removed after delivery (1)
    • Fixed: A Glacial Grave: task on entering snow planet was not set up in correct order (1)
    • NOTE: There is a known issue of the Zirax troops NOT spawning on TOP Distillery when playing the Non-English version.
    • NOTE: There is a known issue of chapter-activated missions not re-activating when they were deactivated manually (Fix > (1) )
    • (1) = requires manual PDA.yaml update to work: Exit all missions > Open console > type in ‘pda rd’ to reload PDA.yaml definitions.
    • (2) = change only works for new savegames AND on playfields that have not been visited before the update in ongoing savegames.
    • Updated: Polaris Trading Station Variant 11 (thx to Kaeser)
    • Removed turret from core room in underground bunker
    • Changes/Additions: Configs and Technical
    • Added display of allowed boosts per armor type in hover info

    Changes/Additions: Configs and Technical

    • Added display of allowed boosts per armor type in hover info
    • Map Info Panel: Fixed “Habitable Zone MIN/MAX” distance display (distance was shown too big before)
    • Instances: added “NoVolumeWeightForPlayer” to “InstanceData” to allow switching off the V&W checks for players in instances (f.e. to get more loot)
    • DialogueSystem: added new function AddItemsFromContainer(int containerId, int maxItemCount) to allow giving a player reward items that are specified in Containers.ecf
    • DialogueSystem: added new function OpenHtmlWindow(string title, string url, float widthPerc, float heightPerc); Please note: Please note: The function OpenHtmlWindow does not support H.264 / mp4 decoder. Other codecs like ‘webm’ can be used, though.
    • Added gameoptions.yaml parameter ‘CustomPlayerTab’ that allows to add a button in the players window that opens a HTML page.
    • Respawn at medic station: the search for a medic station is limited now to the local solar system as on big servers the DB query takes too long (which could lead to timeouts.)
    • Dynamic code support change (for dialogues features + Mod.XXX): Updated compiler that works with all current Dialogue features & especially Mod.XXX
    • DialogueSystem: first implementation of supporting a RESET parameter to allow restarting a state with a reset of the dialogue:
    • Console command reloaddata/rd: added reload of items, blocks and materials. Attention: this will work only for changing existing entities!
    • Instances: added yaml property ‘EnterWithEmptyInventory’ that will block any player that has items in his inventory/toolbelt
    • Modded player props head can now specify a bundle name starting with @ f.e. [email protected]/hat
    • ModApi: better log of execution exception- DB optimization: not writing ground AI, items and drones to DB any more as the DB table with entities gets too big in MP games
    • Sqlite DB: added possibility for parallel read queries. This will decrease the waiting times for long lasting queries for other clients esp. in MP.
    • Enhanced ecf file format to accept multi-line <CDATA> sections of raw content:
      • Allows, for example, to use naturally written C# code in dialogues
      • Note: as with block comments no other content is allowed after the closing tag
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