Elyon Update Patch Notes (Official) – January 19, 2022

    Elyon game update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Elyon patch notes, the latest update added new events, fixes, tweaks, and more.

    Recently, a big game update was released which added a new Clan War map, new loot in Luminus Battle, and a variety of system improvements.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing various issues with the game. Today’s Elyon patch will fix a few of these issues. Read full details below.

    What is new in Elyon January 19 Update?

    [Snowman’s Wish]

    Event Duration

    January 19 (after maintenance) – February 2 (before maintenance)

    Event Details

    A snowman born in winter wants to feel summer before he melts away!

    • Snowman’s Invitation has been added as a 30 minute Playtime reward.
    • You can use this invitation to accept the event quest from Footholds.
    • Your task is to collect [Event] Summer Scent from the Palm Beach Resort.
    • Hand in the Summer Scent to the snowman in Footholds to obtain a [Event] Snowman’s Gift Box.
    [Account] Refined Enhance Stone Selection Box
    Level 4 Honor Ring Refining Stone
    Level 4 Honor Earrings Refining Stone
    Large Rune Powder Pouch
    Luminus Battle Support Box
    Level 3 Runestone Selection Chest
    • The cooldown time of HP Recovery Potions has been adjusted from 25s to 1s.
    • The Clan War matchmaker will now also match clans of the same Realm.
    • Memories of the Moment can now be put in storage, sold, or listed in the Marketplace.
    • Memories of the Moment has been removed from the Lv. 45 Growth Box, and replaced with [Bind] Moment of the Steal Selection Box.
    • Fixed an issue where the “5 Honor Points” icon appeared incorrectly.
    • Locking Random Effects for Legendary grade equipment during rerolls will now require a character level of 45 or above.
    • You can no longer lock equipment while the following windows are active:
      • Enhance Equipment
      • Reroll Runestone Slots
      • Register Item to the Marketplace
      • Shop UI
    • The Traces of a Curse boss will now recognize and attack you during combat even if you use Stealth.
    • The rewards for the quests [Equipment Upgrade] Equipment’s Dormant Potential and [Breakthrough Equipment] Stone with Moment of the Steal have been removed. You can no longer accept these quests.
    • The appearance of previously distributed Mana Awakening season weapon rewards has been changed.
      • The previous appearance used was identical to the Pre-Order weapon skins, which was not intentional. We apologize for the concern this error has caused.
    • Greed Arena allows both Solo and Party matchmaking. This is a correction note due to the previously wrong information shared.
    • Memories of the Moment, Soul Stone Boxes, and Chaos Fortress Victory/Battle Boxes have been changed to Tradeable.
    class balance
    • Slightly decreased Magic DMG taken and PvP DMG taken.
    • Spin Leap Strike’s Berserk effect:
      • Increased ATK SPD per stack from 10% to 17%.
      • Increased MOV SPD while Berserk is active from 30 to 70.
    • Justice:
      • Power 200 → 450.
      • Removed Transcend effect.
      • Added Bullseye effect.
      • Added Airborne effect when Explosive Justice hits.
    • Berserk Smash:
      • Removed Focus effect.
      • Added Splinter effect.
    • Cyclone:
      • Power 105 → 126
    • Slightly decreased PvP DMG taken.
    • Displacing Spirit Bird:
      • Healing Power 224 → 336.
      • Cooldown 25s → 18s.
    • Fixed an issue where no additional Brand was generated when using Charged Obliteration while having 5 Brands.
    • Slightly decreased PvP DMG dealt.
    • Displacing Arced Mortar:
      • Decreased Energy Consumption by 20%.
    • Archer Mortar:
      • Energy will now only be consumed when projectiles are fired.
    • Altered Windstorm Cleave:
      • Decreased HP consumption from 5% → 3%.
    • Art of Fencing:
      • Decreased HP consumption from 3% → 2%.
    • Bloody Ruins:
      • Decreased HP consumption from 5% → 3%.
    • Bloody Pyre:
      • Decreased HP consumption from 15% → 10%.
    • Fixed an issue where the skill effect of Expiration looked awkward when moving close to the hit target.
    • Slightly decreased PvP DMG dealt.
    • Snipe’s cooldown timer will now start from the point the skill ends.
    • Fixed an issue where Rapidfire’s skill sound effect was low compared to other skills.
    • Fixed Rapidfire’s skill motion to match its sound effect.
    • Fixed an issue where the skill effect of Judgment of Light did not disappear when the character was far away.
    Soul Stone Slot Unlock Stone
    • You can now unlock Soul Stone slots for your equipment through the use of Soul Stone Slot Unlock Stones.
    • The number of stones required will differ according to your equipment grade.
    Stones Required
    Gold Required
    • The Soul Stone slot will disappear upon upgrading/succeeding equipment.
    • Soul Stone Slot Unlock Stones can be obtained from the following RvR content:
      • Locked Supply Boxes
      • Crashed Transport Ships
    • Soul Stone Artisans will now be found in Footholds.
    Dimensional Portal
    • The Dimensional Portal Entry UI will now show additional information related to what kind of content awaits beyond.
    • Exile’s Isle has been adjusted.
      • Additional rewards will now be added up and appear as one value.
      • Mana EXP obtained from defeating monsters at Exile’s Isle has been reduced by 50%, and Gold Acquisition by approximately 33%.
      • The Exile’s Isle boss will now recognize and attack you during combat even if you use Stealth.
    Fixed Issues
    • Fixed an issue where the Greed Arena would open at incorrect times.
      • EU: 20:00 – 00:00 CET
      • NA: 21:00 – 01:00 EST
    • Fixed an issue where the Daily Honor Point cap did not reset.
      • Reset time is 00:00 UTC
    • Fixed an issue where items were immediately listed in the Marketplace without delay.

    Download free Elyon patch on PC (Steam).

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