Elite Dangerous Update 1.31 for PS4 Released, Read What’s New

    Elite Dangerous update 1.31 is now available for players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. According to the official Elite Dangerous 1.31 patch notes, the new update resolves various bug fixes and made some gameplay changes. In addition, the Elite Dangerous version 1.31 also includes stability and performance improvements.

    Previously, an update was released with a long list of fixes and improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game. Today’s Elite Dangerous patch 1.31 update is expected to fix these issues. Check out more details below.

    Elite Dangerous update 1.31 patch notes


    • Fixed an issue where Xbox clients failed to connect to the different comms channels


    • Updated ‘Classic Context’ control scheme to allow the SRV boost button to work correctly once again, and to remove the conflict between handbrake and cycle fire groups
    • Note – we have had to reassign and in some cases remove some shortcuts. The full list of changes are:
    – Moved headlights and cargo scoop to the Y/Triangle button and d-pad directions
    – Moved open discovery and camera suite to X/Square button and shoulder buttons
    – Moved cycle fire group to Y/Triangle and right d-pad
    – Removed galaxy map and system map shortcuts (can still be accessed from left hand panel)


    • Fixed a crash that could occur when handing in a wing mission
    • Fixed crash that could occur when destroying skimmers


    • Stopped the ‘System Scan Complete’ message spamming the player


    • Removed the ability for players being able to incorrectly jump huge distances when their ship was without fuel
    • Fixed some visual artifacts that could occur in Thargoid conflict zones


    • Fixed motherlode asteroids not spawning the appropriate material chunks when correctly destroyed by a Wing of players


    • Fixed a variety of situations that could cause players to be disconnected whilst playing

    Elite Dangerous update 1.31 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.

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