Elite Dangerous Update 1.29 for PS4 Released, Read What’s New

    Elite Dangerous update 1.29 is now available for players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. According to the official Elite Dangerous 1.29 patch notes, the new update resolves various bug fixes and made some gameplay changes. In addition, the Elite Dangerous version 1.28 also includes stability and performance improvements.

    Previously, an update was released with a long list of fixes and improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game. Today’s Elite Dangerous patch 1.29 update is expected to fix these issues. Check out more details below.

    Elite Dangerous update 1.29 patch notes

    Background Simulation 

    • Balancing changes to the way that states automatically impact influence, economy, and security (balancing is ongoing)


    • Removed archive entries that have neither audio nor text log
    • Fixed a bug causing archives to have a blank title and text
    • Added archive entries for some crashed ship logs


    • Re-implemented ability to use physical keyboards on PS4 to enter text in comms channels without needing to use the software keyboard

    Conflict Zones

    • Fixed issue where leaving a Conflict Zone and rejoining it could lead to players not being able to choose a side to fight for


    • Stop allowing the same button to be bound to HUD switch and open Galaxy map, which was causing conflicts
    • Elite Dangerous update 1.29 fixed ‘target my wingman’s target’ binding not working


    • Fixed freezes during gameplay
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when launching from a port
    • Fixed a crash that could happen if player is docked at Cavalieri port in Electra
    • Elite Dangerous 1.29 fixed crash that could occur when destroying skimmers
    • Fixed crash that could occur whilst docking
    • Fixed crash that could occur when opening galaxy or system map
    • Fixed crash that could occur when dropping out of hyperspace
    • Elite Dangerous version 1.29 fixed crash that occur when entering the game
    • Fixed a crash that occur when opening FSS mode
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering CQC
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the codex
    • Fixed a crash that could occur whilst fighting in a Thargoid Conflict Zone

    Crime and Punishment

    • Fixed issue where bounties could be claimed anywhere


    • Fixed instances of Notable Stellar Phenomenon not being able to be scanned
    • Fixed various biological sites not scanning correctly
    • Updated ‘% System Bodies Mapped’ to ‘% System Bodies Discovered’ in the FSS mode for clarity
    • Fixed issue that caused planets Lagrange and Alpha Centauri to not be able to be scanned
    • Fixed issue where the motion/speed indicators were still visible whilst in FSS mode


    • Fixed typo in As One Cooperative Minor Faction name
    • Fixed typo in Terminus Syndicate’s description


    • Renamed a starport in the Havans starsystem to Anita’s Legacy
    • Renamed a starport in the Naren starsystem to Sorcha Abhril
    • Renamed a starport in LFT 37 to Vanessa’s Paradise
    • Renamed a starsystem to Tisdar’s Retreat
    • Override starsystem’s default government label to Dictatorship when its allegiance label is set to Thargoids


    • Fixed issue where previous ship name would appear in new ship or deployed SRV


    • Fixed various missing strings and corrupted characters in non-English languages in the Codex
    • Fixed various typos in the Codex
    • Fixed various typos in Squadron screens
    • Fixed typo in the ‘shared trade profit’ message when in trading in Wings
    • Fixed various pronunciation mistakes in the Codex knowledge base for non-English languages


    • Fixed missing UI when mining in a wing
    • Fixed issues that caused the seismic charge launcher reticule to not show the correct charge level when selecting a target and charging the weapon
    • Fixed UI staying visible after detonation of a motherlode if watched through the vanity camera
    • Fixed visual issue where the ship cockpit glass would render on top of the motherlode fog
    • Fixed some occurrences where surface deposits couldn’t be mined
    • Fixed issue where players couldn’t scoop material chunks with the Python


    • Opening the galaxy map from a mission auto centers on the target system
    • Fixed ‘Naval Strike’ mission not being able to be completed
    • Fixed missing targets for follow up Assassination missions
    • Fixed templates for collect mission templates which were able to request items that were not legal at the mission giver’s market.


    Allow players without Horizons to purchase the new mining modules in outfitting

    Player Journal

    • SquadronStartup event
    • ProspectedAsteroid event
    • ReservoirReplenished event
    • Include station info in Location event, if starting when docked
    • Status.json: more detail on fuel level
    • Status.json: fix GuiFocus value when viewing Codex
    • CodexEntry: fix SystemAddress


    • Increased ship storage to 40 ships per port


    • Stopped shipyard schematics rendering through Codex screens
    • Ice planet rocks now generate again


    • Fixed an issue where player location would no longer show in friends and private groups.
    • Fixed an issue when faction conflict states would sometimes not display on the galaxy map
    • Fix list of systems in Thargoid states would appear all on the same line in GalNet
    • Fix localisation issues in Engineer progress news article
    • Various performance & scalability fixes
    • Fix an issue where conflict zones were being placed around the same body too much
    • Fixed a date issue with the website’s GalNet news feed


    • Added a megaship icon on the Squadrons allegiance screen
    • Fixed Squadron bookmark icon alignment issue in galaxy map
    • Added icon to show the happiest system in the Faction allegiance screen

    System Map

    • Fixed typo in Dulos system description


    • Fixed an issue that could cause the share to squadron option in the galaxy/system to become unresponsive


    • Fixed pulse wave scanner effects not rendering correctly
    • Added fixes for crashing issues with Elite Dangerous update 1.29.
    • Added fixes for stuttering and lag issues.
    • Elite Dangerous version 1.29 added stability improvements
    • Fixed various minor changes

    Elite Dangerous 1.29 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.

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