Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes – July 1, 2021


Elite Dangerous Odyssey update 5 is now available to download for PC players. According to the official Elite Dangerous patch notes, the latest update addressed a number of issues and implement some quality of life improvements to the Galaxy

Previously, a big update added gameplay changes, balancing, and a long list of bug fixes.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, some players are experiencing issues while playing the game. Today’s Elite Dangerous Odyssey patch 5 will fix a few of these issues.


Read more details below.

Elite Dangerous Patch 5 Notes

Updates Of Note

  • Shared Missions have been added.
  • Outfitting UI flow updates have been implemented.
  • All ship cockpit lighting has been updated.
  • Neutron star brightness has been rebalanced.
  • AI crime scanning has had its behaviour ‘softened’, in order to be more lenient.
  • The chance of finding rare materials at fumaroles has been increased.
  • Terrain fidelity has been improved on legacy settlements and planet ports.

Shared Missions

  • All of the missions added in Odyssey can now be shared with your teammates.
    • Players who are in a team will now see a ‘share’ button on any Odyssey mission transaction panel entry.
    • Clicking the ‘share’ button will share that mission with all current teammates.
    • Teammates have the option to accept or decline this invitation.
    • Once a shared mission is accepted, that player will see the mission’s contents in their transaction panel and continue to get updates as the mission progresses.
    • Teammates who are part of the shared mission through to completion will be eligible for a similar selection of rewards as the player who picked up the mission.
      • Shared mission rewards are picked up from the mission board at the port the mission was originally obtained from.
      • Reward options for teammates the mission was shared with are restricted to credit, reputation, or item-focused reward options.
      • Influence-focused reward options are not available to non-mission-owning players (this means that the successful completion of one mission will result in the same impact on influence as before this update).
    • Items extracted by teammates on the shared mission will automatically be moved to the mission owner’s inventory upon embarking into a ship or otherwise departing the area.

Teammates participating on a shared mission who suffer from a critical injury (where they would normally lose their backpack contents) will not cause the mission to fail. If this player was holding an item important to a shared mission, it will now be dropped onto the floor and can be recovered by another player.

Players who are active on the shared mission will also see mission critical objects highlighted on settlement terminals, and will be able to mark these for their teammates.


  • Addressed a bug where AI could become stuck if they are unable to navigate to one another for conversations.
  • Addressed a bug where the helmet state being set incorrectly on AI that were spawned by a different client (Some AI were basically seen without helmets when they should have had them).
  • Scan position and warning status resets once the scan animation starts, to prevent issues seen with AI escalating before finishing the intended scan behaviour.
  • Addressed a bug where an exploit where players could jet pack away from scans without repercussions.
  • Fixed a bug where that could cause AI to not spawn at higher difficulty levels.
  • Smoothed AI pathing as they navigate around between areas of interest (AI will walk around more naturally in their set directions).
  • Fixed a bug where with mutliple AI picking the same patrol routes.
  • Updated handling of AI patrol routes to be more robust when players join instances at different times.
  • Fixed a bug where where multiple AI could assign bounties to a player for the same instance of trespassing.
  • Improved the AI investigation behaviour when a suspicious target is in an unreachable position.
  • Fixed a bug where preventing settlement hostility from being transferred to other players vessels when boarding a teammate’s ship.


  • Some audio issues have been Addressed a bug where with the grenade timer and pin pull. They should get obstructed correctly now too.
  • Fix added for the FSD jump sound on NPC and other people’s ships not always being audible at certain distances. This was often silent when dismissing your own ship.

Additional fix added to the cargo bay ambiences being audible in the cockpit of some ships in certain conditions, or even outside the ship. This often occurred in the sidewinder, and was made more obvious due to the close proximity of cockpit to cargo bay. The offending sound should now remain nicely audible when being deployed as an SRV or conflict zone combatant, but not other situations.

  • Fix added for the sound of the conflict zone battle stats UI screen pop up. It sounded a bit too much like a grunt!
  • Mix improvements have been made on the conflict zone UI sounds.
  • Fix added for metal surface footsteps coming through the rear channels when in surround sound. Should be consistent now.
  • Reduced volume of a very loud industrial tank ambient spot sound, that exists on the exterior of some buildings sometimes.
  • Fix added for station menu ambiences going silent, if you exit a menu screen and then go back to the same one very quickly before the first one has faded out.
  • Various fixes made to grenade bounces.
    • Mix improvements have been made and should be more consistently audible now.
    • The concrete grenade bounce audio has also been fine tuned to sound better.
    • Fix added for the thump, which was sometimes quiet.
    • Improvements made to the obstruction on the bounces.
  • Fixes made to a few of the system map ambiences (from each planet type) that were a bit harsh sounding.
  • Fix added for the plasma flyby sounds sometimes getting stuck on.
  • Fix added for one of the planetary ambiences that wasn’t looping correctly.
  • Fix added for the first shot of a burst of automatic weapon fire sounding too prominent at certain distances.
  • Removed a couple of apex vendor voice lines which were a little misleading, for example saying the shuttle is ready to depart even though it isn’t.
  • Fix added for passenger cabin allocation UI sound becoming higher pitched and inaudible after it’s been used a few times.
  • Various mix improvements on combat have been made. Including:
    • Fix for hit notification blips sometimes losing their attack/bite and therefore getting lost in the mix.
    • Bullet whizbys (great word, right?), impacts on self and hit notification blips, should all sit in the mix more comfortably.
    • Improvements have been made to the way weapons that are firing at the player get volume and priority boosts.
    • Improvements have been made to the way the weapons mix at various distances.
  • Improved the way the sounds for the energy link tool and the recharge port interact with each other.
  • We now get some suit recharge audio, when recharging from your ship’s boarding circle.
  • Mix tweaks have been added to other people’s footsteps. Shouldn’t get quite as loud in some situations.
  • Fix added for the sound of the lights inside hangars powering up, not being audible from all perspectives.
  • Improvements have been made to the way the audio for menu boot up idents is managed (station menus, and settlement consoles).
  • Fix added for some Conflict Zone UI sounds being audible even if you are not actually involved in the conflict.
  • Fixes added for a couple of the station services UI background ambiences not playing.
  • Fixes added for objects sometimes having incorrect audio obstruction values when they first spawn in.
  • Improvements have been made to the audibility of other people’s sampling tools.
  • Fix added for the audio perspective being broken during the conflict zone respawn external views.


  • Fixed a bug where where some models on suits didn’t render in the vanity camera.


  • The Pilot’s Handbook Maps guide has been updated to support the recent map interface changes.
  • Renamed ‘Settlements Visited’ to ‘Settlements Docked At’.
  • Added number of planets set foot on.
  • Added number of suits & weapons owned.
  • Addressed a bug where up the labels and units of credits spent on / number of premium items bought.

Conflict Zones

  • Addressed a bug where control point colours appearing inconsistently in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where where shooting allies in ship vs ship conflict zones didn’t cause them to elicit a “friendly fire” response.

Addressed a bug where “combat bond awarded” notification appearing in situations where no bond has actually been awarded (e.g. killing an ally in a conflict zone).


When a side of an on foot conflict zone goes below 750 points, new players should not be able to join the instance, this now has the exception of wing members of players already in the instance.

Fixed a bug where where when in a wing, members of the enemy team didn’t always appear red and allied team members didn’t always appear green.


  • Addressed a bug where a softlock during multicrew hyperspace transitions.
  • Addressed a bug where a crash caused by being in the turbolift and opening the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug where where the thumbnail manager occasionally caused a crash.
  • Addressed a bug where a crash seen when navigating between carrier packs in the livery.
  • Addressed a bug where a crash caused by trying to sort items for sale.
  • Addressed a bug where a crash which occurred when there was no mission data when opening a mission related item.
  • Addressed a bug where an occasional crash when leaving an area.


  • When reloading into a settlement the player will start with weapons holstered to prevent issues of reckless endangerment.

When travelling in another player’s ship or a shuttle, the fines and bounties displayed on the transaction panel, the internal panel and the system map now refer to those of the Commander you are playing, not the ship’s owner.


  • Updated Hero Ferrari’s referral task text with the correct quantity.
  • The referral resource is now hidden if the player hasn’t selected the ‘refer me to another engineer’ conversation option yet.


  • Updated all starsystems’ information towards the end of each day’s faction simulation “tick”, instead of notifying each starsystem in turn as it’s processed.
  • Rebalanced faction consequences for all on foot and in space player activities.

Fleet Carriers

  • Addressed a bug where a star with a really small radius, which was causing problems for fleet carriers in the system.


  • Addressed a bug where the energy link from firing early if the fire button is double clicked in a small time window.
  • Updated the animation and audio for the sampling tool.
  • Fixed a bug where where the energy link tool incorrectly charged while in siphon mode.
  • Fixed a bug where where a player would be marked as trespassing even though a trespass zone was disabled.

Lighting & VFX

  • In addition to improvements to all materials, lighting of all Ship & Fighter cockpits have been improved.
  • In addition to improvements to all materials, lighting of the SRV interior has been improved.
  • Lighting has been improved for Thargoid Ships.
  • Cockpit damage effects have been re-balanced.
  • Improvements to the scaling and lighting on Fleet Carriers.
  • Weapon thumbnails have improved framing.
  • Weapons in the Outfitting view have improved framing.
  • Logo spotlights are now brighter.
  • Improvements to the scaling and lighting on Installations.
  • Tourist Habitat Doors will now longer be emissive when the Settlement is offline.
  • Frontline Solutions screens will now be less emissive.
  • Removal of redundant light from Inter Astra advert.
  • Improvements and fixes to Ship Shields.
  • Fix for a stray lensflare that could appear in the inner dock of an under repair station.
  • Neutron star brightness rebalanced.


  • Fixed a bug where where some flight suits didn’t appear as options within livery such as Vibrant or Pioneer or LaveCon.


  • General improvements to mission stability.
  • All Odyssey missions have received an update to their HUD objective text to display the mission type that they are undertaking, as well as displaying whether the active mission is shared or not.
  • Improved accuracy of mission critical objects being highlighted on settlement terminals.
  • Addressed a bug where Raid missions not giving mission rewards after hand in.
  • Addressed a bug where players being granted mission items and data after negotiation despite not accepting the mission.
  • Addressed a bug where non-violent Sabotage missions not spawning on mission boards.
  • Addressed a bug where Shutdown missions targeting settlements owned by the mission providing faction.

Addressed a bug where Reactivation, Restore and Recovery missions targeting settlements owned by factions that are not the mission provider.

Added a scavenger warning in the Mission Help UI to inform players that they might encounter threats at offline settlements.

Improved mission flow for Digital Espionage missions that target offline settlements.


Fixed a bug where that prevented the mission board immediately updating the credits balance.

Fixed a bug where where missions could all point to the same destinations. Now mission boards will have a maximum of one mission of each type going to any single settlement.

  • Addressed a bug where being unable to upload data in some covert infiltration missions.
  • Addressed a bug where the shuttle sometime not showing up at the end of the tutorial .
  • Enemy mission target ships will no longer jump out when lower on hull to prevent them exploiting regaining health.


  • Increased the chance of finding rare materials at fumaroles.


  • Various audio optimisations have been made.
  • Adjustments to scaleform texture updates to fix GPU stalls.
  • Fixes to the stability of the occlusion culling system.
  • Inner dock geometry and landing pads now have occlusion meshes.


  • Improved terrain fidelity on legacy settlements and planet ports.
  • Addressed a bug where the asteroids in a ring not moving correctly if you are in a ring stations rotation.
  • Addressed a bug where banding effect seen in planet colouration.
  • All Settlements now have additional terrain undulation and detail around them.
  • Addressed a bug where seams that could appear in planet textures.
  • Addressed a bug where some repeated patternation that could display in the planet fine textures.
  • Visual improvements to the fine textures on planet surfaces, as well as how they are blended have been made.
  • Alignment of planet normals have been made more consistent with terrain.


  • Added POI locations to the HUD compass.
  • Added the threat level to the missions POI name.


  • AMD FidelityFX CAS has now been integrated, and can be adjusted on a slider in the quality settings menu.
  • An upscaling option that allows the Player to switch between FidelityFX and Normal has been added into settings.
  • Fix added for the ground occasionally appearing black inside buildings.
  • Fix added for incorrect asset culling in hangar lobbies.
  • Fix added for scatter rocks sometimes appearing in POI assets or buildings.
  • Fix added for some scatter rocks appearing to be invisible.
  • Improved gamma correction on in-world UI textures – panels and terminal screens shouldn’t be able to get as dark as before.
  • Improvements and re-balance of the Neutron Star lensflare.
  • Shadow Quality has been split into two separate settings: Directional Shadow Quality and Spot Shadow Quality.
  • Fixes applied to the light scaling logic of spotlights.
  • Asteroid Station Bases have been fully updated to PBR, with the addition of improvements to textures.
  • DSS scan effects balanced to brighten visibility of hotspots.


  • Fix added for space conflict zones and fleet carriers occasionally being placed in the wrong frame of reference, when there’s not enough room between a stellar body and its closest child.
  • Various fixes applied for teams & multicrew when helm or members disconnect.
  • Fixed a bug where with Thargoids not progressing correctly at 100% in starsystems with recent fleet carrier movements.
  • Improved mission server matchmaking.
  • Addressed a bug where some combat bond vouchers not being awarded correctly when more than 4 Commanders were credited with it.
  • Addressed a bug where a rare issue with Commanders flying in a private group not always being directed to the best available server during hyperspace jump.
  • Addressed a bug where remaining issues with updating the right hand cockpit UI when ranking up to rank 10 in all careers.
  • Fix the rank up inbox messages to only include the message about harmless insurance discount on the very first career rank up.
  • Added some missing settlement sizes and difficulties for some Horizons & Odyssey settlements for Odyssey players.
  • Fix added for being unable to edit bookmarks once the capacity limit has been exceeded.
  • Various performance & reliability improvements.

Settlements (new for Odyssey)

  • Addressed a bug where floating AI at certain animation points within Large Agricultural Building and Medium Command Building.
  • Addressed a bug where AI intersecting containers when scanning them.
  • Moved wall mounted energy cell dispenser so it doesn’t obscure screen.
  • Increased Authority of some AI that were unable to pass through doors along their patrol routes.
  • Fix added for AI to walk up main path of buggy pad at a small tourism settlement.
  • Improved positions of consoles and dataports within a small reactor building.
  • Addressed a bug where position of exploding barrel in a small storage building.
  • Addressed a bug where potential situation where all exterior guards could be Authorisation 0 at a small research settlement.
  • Adjusted Authorisation for exterior corpses at a Small Agricultural Settlement.
  • Addressed a bug where floating corpses at a Medium Agricultural Settlement.
  • Fix added for small untextured poly that could appear behind explosive canisters.
  • Screen textures and lighting now align for billboard adverts.
  • Fix added to correct some z-fighting on a modular habitat wall piece.
  • Fix added for misaligned windows and additional visual improvements on a Command/Power building.
  • Addressed a bug where missing hitcheck on section of the exterior archways.
  • Improvements to box/crate LODs.
  • Addressed a bug where LOD transition on a storage prop.
  • LOD fixes for FUI screens at Engineer Bases.
  • Visual improvements to some metallic materials.
  • Advert screens will no longer display when present at an offline settlement.
  • Removal of some floating lights found at specific settlement.
  • Improvement to settlement duckboard hitchecks.
  • Box moved from a specific Settlement location to prevent players from being able to get stuck behind it.
  • Addressed a bug where a bug causing the Goliaths to spawn at a settlement that had been brought back online.
  • Addressed a bug where turrets firing upon their own faction for trespassing.
  • Corrected alignment of some stairwell geometry to fix incorrect culling when stood at certain angles.

Settlements (legacy)

  • Guardian Site Terminal hitcheck improved.
  • Fix applied for offset pipes at some Legacy bases.
  • Fix applied for stretched texture around large landing pads on radial ports.
  • Fix applied for slight alignment issues with hangars.
  • Improvements to faction logos have been made.
  • Addressed a bug where LOD transition on a ceiling piece.
  • Improvements to materials in the inner dock, and on landing pads have been made.
  • Landing pad number holograms are now slightly brighter.
  • Improvements to materials on the Ancient Skimmers and Crystals have been made.
  • Fix added for silos intersecting with an interior wall.
  • Improvements to the large planet port landing pad hitcheck have been made.
  • Adjustments and improvements to metallic materials in hangars have been made.


  • Visual improvements and UV fixes for materials in all Ship cockpits have been made.
  • Improvements to Camera Suite angles for Cobra MKIV, Viper MKIV have been made.
  • Improvements to Adder hangar camera positioning have been made.
  • Fix added for some unusual aliasing on the main panel of Lakon ships.
  • RCore branding has been removed from the Empire Eagle and has been replaced with Gutamaya branding.
  • Improvements to the materials of capital ships have been made.
  • Improvements to the textures and visuals of the modular fighter bay have been made.
  • Improvements to the materials on the Keelback drive units have been made.
  • Fixes to the UVs on some of the Corvette shipkit parts have been made.

Improvements to the ship auto launch to help prevent impact/damage when leaving a planetary port have been made.


Addressed a bug where unmanned motherships moving forwards when fighters are trying to dock.

Addressed a bug where the throttle being stuck for 5 seconds after a hyperspace jump when using Hyperspace Dethrottle.

Addressed a bug where Farragut-Class Battlecruisers being given incorrect names.

  • Continued fixes to ship paintjob colouration and appearance:
    • Vulture Metal Camo
    • Fix for the mixed up colour values on the Red & White Fleet Carrier paintjob
    • Crossfire (Metal Camo)
    • Galvanised
    • Chrome
    • Golden
    • Azure
    • Osiris
    • Festive
    • Icarus
    • Mechanist
    • Military
    • Slipstream
    • Turbulence
    • Vibrant
    • Imperial Cutter default
    • Apollo Green

Social Spaces

  • Improvements have been made to the positioning of crates in the Vista Genomics area.
  • Fix added to prevent players getting stuck between sloping windows and tables in the habitat bar.
  • LOD fix added for the Inter Astra holoscreens.
  • Corrected some misaligned geometry in the bar area of social spaces that caused issues with culling.

(Stay with me…)


  • Outfitting – The outfitting UI now opens at the ship loadout screen.
  • Outfitting – Added a Stored Modules button in the loadout screen.
  • Outfitting – Fixed a bug where whereby some stats data could be accessed before it is ready.
  • Outfitting – A warning is now displayed if a replaced module is to be sold in outfitting, if it’s a Guardian module or is engineered.
  • Outfitting – The store/sell previous module toggle now defaults to “store”.
  • Outfitting – Installed modules are no longer included in the outfitting inventory.
  • Outfitting – Pop-up no longer displayed when storing any existing module to your ship (Pop-up will show if warning about transferring clean modules to a ship with questionable legality)
  • Outfitting – The state of the store/sell replaced modules toggle in the outfitting UI is now stored. The value isn’t saved, it just persists for the current session.
  • Outfitting – If a slot is selected for which there is only one category of shop items which are equippable, you can now skip the shop categories screen and go directly to the browser screen (e.g. core modules)
  • Outfitting – Moved store multiple button in stored modules screen to above back button.
  • Outfitting – Removed “largest module size” indicator from category buttons.
  • Outfitting – Replaced dots indicating module size in shop item with numbers.

Outfitting – Changed the outfitting categories screen title (in the top left) to read “Shop [group]” or “Stored [group]”, as appropriate.

Outfitting – Addressed a bug where the retracted / deployed value text in the power consumption stats, so they appear in the appropriate place (including comparison increase/decrease), but without overlapping the labels.

  • Outfitting – When the loadout slots screen is opened after selecting a stored module, groups are disabled if there are no compatible slots.
  • Outfitting – A group is now selected based on the category from the selected item (except for Fuel Tanks which can be both core & optional)
  • Outfitting – Addressed a bug where uninitialised filters in the outfitting data store.
  • Outfitting – Added insurance cost to outfitting ship stats.
  • Outfitting – Tooltip now shrinks to fit the available space.
  • Outfitting – Hardpoint icons display (fixed, turret, gimballed) in the slot info displayed on the shop screens and transaction pop-up.
  • Outfitting – The owned item count for categories in the outfitting data store now only includes stored modules, not installed ones.

Outfitting – Changed the behaviour of the item stats / modification tabs in the outfitting UI, so that the state is retained once toggled. The tabs are still hidden if there are no items with modifications in the current list.


Outfitting – Changed the module sort options in the ship outfitting UI from a custom component to a combo box.

  • Outfitting – Addressed a bug where notification string used when outfitting module is cleaning.
  • Outfitting – Locally stored modules in the outfitting UI are now displayed with “Free transfer / stored here” and a “transfer” time of 0 minutes.
  • Outfitting – Addressed a bug where shop items not having a selection sound.
  • Maps – Surface Settlements now display the type they are in the POI list and when selected in the Planetary Map.
  • Maps – Updated mouse input in the System Map to match the Galaxy Map (click once to select the location, click again to focus the map to it).
  • Maps – When adding a bookmark, the default edit entry will contain the name of location when selected.
  • Maps – On-Foot/Odyssey missions will now display a coloured threat indicator.
  • Maps – Modified the texture and model for the MapUI Item Details, to prevent truncation for localised strings or when there is a long list of bindings.
  • Maps – The bookmarks panel in the System Map has been renamed to “Local Bookmarks”.
  • Maps – When entering the Planetary Map, the Active Mission list will now only display missions located on that planet.
  • Maps – Addressed a bug where Russian localisation issue in the commodities drop down box.
  • Maps – Pressing Down input will now focus on the Exit/Back button.
  • Maps – Addressed a bug where tooltips occasionally disappearing when toggling panels on the RHS.
  • Maps – The LHS, when in Conflict Zone mode, will now always be at full opacity.
  • Maps – Addressed a bug where a bug when using the quick plot to a wing mission.
  • Maps – Community Feedback – Added a new item renderer to display if the player is wanted in the location details panel.
  • Maps – Addressed a bug where localised strings getting truncated in the Apex Shuttle Panel.
  • Maps – The Quick Action for shuttle booking now uses the focused object instead of selected object.
  • Maps – Updated some icon art.
  • Maps – Added “processing” state to the “Plot Carrier Jump” button.
  • Notifications – Updated the ‘Route Cancelled’ notification so it no longer shows in the cockpit after reaching a destination.
  • Cockpit – The cockpit shields now show the percentage value as a string.
  • Cockpit – Updated rank iconography for Elite 1,2,3,4 and 5 prestige ranks.
  • Cockpit – Added an icon for Odyssey Settlements in Nav Panel.
  • Cockpit – Added location type icons to location filter popup in Nav Panel.
  • Cockpit – Changed default focus of Nav Panel to first location in the list.
  • Cockpit – Comms Panel “Mini mode” now locks all tabs apart from the chat and makes sure the correct chat category is selected.

Cockpit – Updated default focus of Inbox and Squadron tabs in the Comms Panel so that it defaults to the first list entries where applicable.

Cockpit – When looking at a Horizons or Odyssey settlement in the navpanel (in both the cockpit and on foot) they should now be distinguishable by an icon and have additional information in the detail view.

  • Respawn Menu – Addressed a bug where the 10% loan repayment label and update remaining balance issues.
  • Respawn Menu – Addressed a bug where some UI issues in the Fleet Carrier Balance Transfer menu.
  • Respawn Menu – Added additional information to the rebuy screen to clarify the cause in instances where you can’t afford to do so.
  • Respawn Menu – Removed the rebuy/insurance fields from the internal panel for crew members as it is not a cost for them to pay.
  • Respawn Menu – Addressed a bug where an untranslated string in the resurrection report.
  • Transaction Panel – The ship transaction panel objective folder should now correctly rescale based on the number of objectives.
  • Transaction Panel – The ship transaction panel once again shows the number of items in the category.
  • Transaction Panel – Added an option to allow the threat level indicators to be hidden for ship missions.
  • Transaction Panel – Added a threat level indicator to the mission list buttons, to display the threat for on-foot missions.
  • Transaction Panel – Updated the list divider in the cockpit to match the humanoid transaction panel. Shared missions should now correctly be listed in their category.
  • Transaction Panel – Selecting the Discard button on failed missions will no longer open a popup for confirmation.
  • Transaction Panel – The Details Panel buttons will now update after sharing a mission, preventing a bug where you could share a mission multiple times.
  • Transaction Panel – Fixes to default focus states have been added.
  • Role Panel – Updated an unlocalised string.
  • Role Panel – Addressed a bug where a scaleform error related to the loadout images.
  • Role Panel – Updated order strings in the Role Panel for better clarification.
  • Role Panel – Addressed a bug where a layout issue with loadout buttons.
  • CombatBonds – Combat bonds will now display the credits in the correct format.
  • Engineer – Added a new image to display before the engineer referral is complete.
  • Engineer – Addressed a bug where engineer progress session log entries not displaying correctly.
  • MissionBoard – When opening the CG Panel, the focus will go to the first available item.
  • MissionBoard – When opening the MissionBoard or the Passenger Lounge, the focus will go to the mission category list instead of the back button.
  • MissionBoard – If a delivery/collect location is empty, it will now be hidden in the Depot panel. If a partially complete threshold is 0, it will now be hidden.
  • MissionBoard – Addressed a bug where truncation with long mission names when there is the horizons or chain icon.
  • MissionBoard – You are now able to press B to exit the drop down filter box in the mission list panel.
  • MissionBoard – Onfoot mission board should now hide the cargo capacity and jump range labels.
  • MissionBoard – Passenger missions now display the time limit
  • Mission Provider – Addressed a bug where truncation in the mission help panel.
  • HUD – Addressed a bug where a glitch that displayed a small thin line from the right hand side of the Vitals
  • Humanoid Access – Updated default focus of Inbox and Squadron tabs in the Comms Panel so that it defaults to the first list entries where applicable.
  • Humanoid Access – The drop item button can now take different strings (e.g. Data can now be shown as “Delete”).
  • Humanoid Access – Addressed a bug where a UX issue when cancelling and rebooking a shuttle using the Humanoid Access.
  • Humanoid Access – When a player has outstanding invites and uses the comms panel binding the social panel will now immediately appear.

Loadouts – Weapon details on the edit loadout screen are now updated when the weapon equipped into a slot changes.

Loadouts – Loadout buttons have been redesigned to differentiate them from suit buttons and make them more consistent with the Role Panel’s loadout buttons.

  • Loadouts – Focus is now restored to the weapon slot on return to the create loadout screen after selecting a weapon.
  • Loadouts – Improved size and quality of the images in the weapons/suits buttons
  • Loadouts – Fixed a bug where where the thumbnail images in the loadout screen displayed incorrectly.
  • Loadouts – Fixed a bug where where in thumbnails the weapons would appear low quality.
  • Loadouts – Fixed a bug where with loadout previews not having the correct weapons attached to them.
  • Loadouts – Fixed a bug where causing the loadout ui in the role panel to not visually update.
  • Weapon Vendor – Added a scope to the Takada rifle image to reflect how the weapon looks in the shop
  • Powerplay contact – Selecting “fast track” no longer resets the cursor to the bottom on the list.
  • Powerplay contact – Loading PP cargo (fast-tracked or not) no longer takes you out of the PP contacts screen back into the contacts menu.
  • Powerplay contact – Addressed a bug where “Back” button binding issue.
  • Docking Menu – Addressed a bug where focus issue where previous focus would be remembered from a starport to another
  • Docking Menu – Addressed a bug where “unavailable: anonymous” string showing when “Starport services” focused
  • Docking Menu – Addressed a bug where the focus jumping back to “Starport services” after having used the quick action buttons, focus now stays on the quick action button after use.
  • Livery, Vehicle Extras and Suit Extras – Added orange border to the left tabs’ tooltips.
  • Livery – Addressed a bug where default focus & focus issues after applying items in the packs section.
  • Livery – Hiding the UI in the livery preview screen no longer hides the name of the equipped content.
  • Livery – Fixed a bug where where the currently equipped piece of livery for carriers didn’t display the correct icon.
  • Store – Added various strings for different vessel types (weapon/suit/ship) when you do not own a compatible one for an item.
  • Store – Added in a warning for trying to purchase weapon skins for a weapon you do not own.
  • Station Services – Addressed a bug where Station Contacts background icon.
  • Station Services – Updated the “Colony” station header art.
  • Station Services – Various layout fixes including resized ship schematic.
  • Station Services – Local News button now has “No Local News” state and detention facility is aligned
  • Station Services – Update to Anonymous Access, replacing Commander name with “Anonymous User” when in “anon access” and updating the “StationStatusWidget” to say “Anonymous Access” rather than “Jammer Active”.
  • Station Services – Added in an icon to show available services when in anonymous access.
  • Station Services – Corner icons sizes increased and made more legible.
  • Station Services – Update made to engineers header.
  • Station Services – Made the engineer specialisation string support two lines.
  • Station Services – Addressed a bug where the engineer banner not showing correctly when the station menu was found to be an engineer.
  • Station Services – Addressed a bug where incorrect corner icons showing up.
  • Station Services – Fire icon now displayed in damaged stations.
  • Station Services – Improved legibility of the button subtitle lines.
  • Station Services – Updated the layout to make the ship services buttons fill any empty spaces for special instances, such as engineer station.
  • Station Services – Addressed a bug where the issue of holding down the arrow keys to change limpet buy / sell quantity, triggering SFX to play indefinitely.
  • Station Services – Addressed a bug where a default focusing issue in advanced maintenance.
  • Station Services – Added percentage values to the modules damage in advanced maintenance.
  • Station Services – Fixed a bug where where when attempting to book a shuttle, the mission board would flash up and then push you back out of the interaction.
  • Station Services – Immediately following booking a shuttle the UI no longer defaults to cancel, to prevent accidentally undoing actions.
  • Station Services – Added icons for every starport service status (and descriptions), so that when content isn’t available it is clearer why.
  • Station Services – Addressed a bug where some contacts displaying the incorrect icon.
  • Codex – Addressed a bug where focus issue in stats.
  • Bartender – Updated the layout when selling items so the assets, goods and data are separated with their corresponding titles.
  • Bartender – There’s now a button for adding all data to the selling list.
  • Bartender – Added an icon for “illegal” items when selling.
  • Bartender – Updated wording in the bartender vendor UI.
  • Bartender – Fixed a bug where causing the same resource to display multiple times in the bartender UI, rather than stacking.
  • Vista Genomics – Made the default focus swap to the first item when selling bio vouchers.
  • Shipyard – For all ships: Added a module breakdown showing module type, grade & class and whether the module is engineered or not. Available when “more stats” is toggled by player, and sticks on screen while browsing.

Shipyard – Converted the ‘Your Fleet’ list into a list of buttons, which now quickly takes you to the corresponding Ship details


Shipyard – Re-factored ‘shipyard denied option’ reasons to take a new object instead of a string. This adds additional info sub-labels when your ship has cargo on-board and cannot be stored.

Shipyard – Fixed a bug where where toggling headlook in a shipyard while docked caused the UI to move.

Main Menu – Arx notifications will now be invisible until they are actually shown. This will prevent the black box from appearing on the screen in the top right corner.

  • Fleet Carriers – When booking a carrier to another system the button has been visually updated to confirm the request has been made.
  • Terminals – Addressed a bug where unknown buildings appearing on terminals when multiple gameplay buildings are connected.


  • Fixed a bug where where respawning in a Conflict Zone in VR could cause a black screen for the player.
  • Addressed a bug where the “maintain horizon” option for SRVs not working in VR.

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