ELEX 2 Update 1.02 Patch Notes (Day One Patch) – Official

ELEX 2 update 1.02 (day 1 patch) is now available for download. According to the official Elex 2 patch notes, the latest update added various quality of life improvements and fixes. In addition, ELEX 2 version 1.02 also includes stability fixes.

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ELEX 2 Patch 1.02 Notes – Official

* Fixed some crashes and GPU hungs on PC

* Fixed certain GPU hung (dispatch count for post-simulation)
* Fixed possible camera crash during dialogues
* Fixed some waterfall performance issues

* Fixed npc weapon flipping during aim if fps is low
* Many UI optimizations and fixes
* Fixed certain celestial bodies
* Fixed tuning issues with overpowered collossus robots
* Fixed misaligned npc weapon during evade
* Picking up items and looting corpses with a single button press
* Fixed a focus issue with thrown handgrenades
* Enemy combat behavior improved
* Improved enemy wayfinding during combat
* Stat tuning for several creatures
* Flying monsters are not sleeping anymore
* Robots do not get the bleeding status effect
* Magic combat improved
* Fixed a movement issue after stumbling while falling off a cliff
* Jetpack effect stops before cutscene starts

* Replaced some items behind certain collisionboxes
* Fixed some issues with Azoks Commander and his squad around the Elex Deposit quest
* Many monster placing fixes and adjustments
* Changed daily routine of Azok
* Changed path of Fox road trip through Tavar
* Tayaac and changeling now are invincible before their first dialog with Jax.
* Fixed teleporter issues and confusing situations around Tayaac
* Fixed many destruction and companion loyality points issues at certain dialogs
* Fixed Nyras daily routine issues while her quests are running
* Fixed some voice comments of partymembers
* Fixed some player comments for interacts
* Fixed some gameplay performance issues
* Fixed a camera issue involving dialogues and stumbles
* Fixed a interface problem for the player using the ladder
* Fixed a bug where the player is part of a dialogue and the first cutscene with Bully at the same time
* Fixed potential plotkiller with companions involved after endbossfight
* Removed confusing dialog situations in the beginning of the fourth chapter
* Removed a confusing questmarker for Dex quest in Alphara
* Askil will now trade with the player if he becomes a Cleric
* It is not possible anymore to choose Ivikas dialog as a choice for the Player
* Fixed a dialog choice if the player speaks with Rat before he is allowed in the Upper area of the Fort
* Removed the Legendary “Butter Knife” Sword from the world. Its only obtainable through Lasses Quest now
* More Alb Merchants now trade the Alb Scout Armor if the Player becomes an Alb
* The player is not able to pick up Alzeas Elexbait anymore after he places them
* Marwin will now react properly if the Player interacted with Sid before and tries to threaten him.

* Fixed an issue where the player might get stuck in a dialogue with Veronica after killing Buzz
* Fixed an issue where a quest wasn’t triggered while speaking with Azok
* Vicky will now trade salad
* Fixed wrong positioning of certain NPC daily routines
* Fixed an issue where the player might get stuck after following Alex through the castle
* Fixed an issue with Dixxon while trying to gather new recruits for Heinrich
* Fixed refuse dialogs of certain companions in Mararcor
* Many cosmetic fixes in dialoques with characters
* Fixed many other minor quest and dialog issues

* Fixed many minor character model bugs: optimized several meshes, texture maps and materials.
* Fixed Changeling VFX
* Tweaked fire effects in starting area.

* Some music adjustments at the conclusio at the end of the endgame
* Fixed sound problems of certain magic spells
* Many other music fixes and adjustments
* Many other sound fixes and adjustments

* Added italian subtitles within cinematic intro
* Updated some voice overs in russian, polish and english

Download free Elex 2 update 1.02 on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox.

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