Eldest Souls Update 1.0.472 Patch Notes (OFFICIAL) – Sep 3, 2021


Eldest Souls update 1.0.472 is now available to download on Xbox One and PC. The game devs also released the official Eldest Souls patch notes for players. According to the official Eldest Souls patch notes, the latest update added the new Speed Run Mode containing some community-requested features, a bunch of bug-fixes and a small balance pass.

Recently, the game was released with positive reviews.

Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Eldest Souls patch 2 will address a few of these issues.


Check out more details below.

Eldest Souls Update 1.0.472 Patch Notes

Boss – Eksyll

Fixed an issue that caused Eksyll to sometimes delay his special attacks for too long. (Special attacks: Tile attacks during Phase 1, Boss shards attacks during phase 2)


Fixed an issue that caused Eksyll to begin Phase 03 with ~20% less HP than intended

Fixed an issue that caused Eksyll’s Phase 03 falling rocks to begin too early.

Fighting Styles – Berserk Slash
    • Chain Fracture Damage per Berserker stack = 20 → 7
Fighting Styles – Counter
    • Shoulder Bash – Counter bar generated = 10% → 25%
    • Heavy Build – Damage and Counter bar % increase = 33% → 45%
    • Protector’s Reach – Travel distance and speed increase = 50% → 75%
Fighting Styles – Windslide
    • Flurry – Number of Flurry’s Cuts = 4 → 5 Damage per Flurry’s Cut = 8 → 9 Flurry speed and reach = 100% → 120%.
    • Heavy thrusts – Bonus damage = 75% → 100%
Shards – Wild Hunt
    • Crimson Counter – Crimson Counter minimum reactivation delay = 0s → 0.15s;
    • Crimson Slide – Crimson Slide minimum reactivation delay = 0s → 0.15s
Shards – Corrupted Grasp
    • Active – Damage on Hit = 25 → 20; Healing on hit = 15 → 10;
Shards – Winter Fangs
    • Active – Cooldown = 12s → 8s
Fixes and Updates
  • Added Speed Run Mode: Can be activated in settings and enables:
  • Run timer on top right corner
  • No death icon on top right corner
  • No damage icon on top right corner
  • Game version on bottom right corner
  • Fixed an issue causing NG+ modifiers (damage taken increase, healing reduced ) to not apply properly in Arena Mode+ fights.
  • Added a “Retry” button to quickly start a fight again after an Arena encounter is defeated.

Attempting to fix an issue where quitting the game at a specific time while Eksyll is defeated would
cause the game to incorrectly not trigger the NG+ cycle.

Fixed an issue that caused Counter Bar generation to be calculated incorrectly at times.

Fixed an issue causing the NG+ message at the end of a Game Cycle to show the wrong number of
HP % bonus on bosses (was too high). The value is a rough approximation as different bosses gain different %HP bonuses.

  • Fixed an issue with Chain Fracture localization to better describe it’s effect.
    ” … Upon Furious expiration, cause…” → “… When Furuious is refreshed or expires, cause…”

More Eldest Souls patch details are coming.