EA Origin Server Status, Login Issues, & Maintenance details

EA Origin, EA Games, Origin, FIFA, Apex Legends, battlefield V, Madden 20 and more servers are down around the world. Out of those affected, some are experiencing login issues.

Update: Origin servers are currently experiencing stability issues. Players are reporting various errors, disconnection and login issues.

March 14, 2023 – EA Origin and EA app game servers are down.

PC Workaround: If you get Error 500 in EA app, close down the app, then open your task manager and close down every task related to EA, especially the EA Background service. Then restart the app.

January 12, 2023 – Servers are down for maintenance. More details will be available soon.

EA and DICE community leader confirmed the issue, saying that teams are working on rectifying the problem. EA’s help services are slammed due to the outage.

The company’s customer support representatives may not be reachable at the moment. Match creation has been temporarily disabled to prevent disconnects during this time.

Check EA Game Server Status and Maintenance for PS4 and Xbox One

Check out Xbox Live and PlayStation Network to see if they’re having any issues.

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