EA FC Mobile Update Patch Notes (December 5, 2023)

EA FC Mobile update 1.07 is rolling out on iOS and Android devices. According to the official FC Mobile patch notes, the latest update introduces significant gameplay improvements, including enhanced pass and shot mechanics, dribbling upgrades, and Manager Mode improvements, as well as various bug fixes to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Previously, FC mobile update added minor tweaks and changes. Unfortunately, since the day one patch, players have experienced several issues with online gameplay. Today’s FC Mobile patch will fix a few of these issues.

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FC Mobile Patch Notes – December 5, 2023


Pass and Shot Improvements:

  • Increased Ground and Ground Through Pass Speed, to improve Build-Up Play
  • Your Players will now choose to perform Ground or Ground Through Dinked Passes when appropriate to avoid Defender’s block.
  • Improved Ground Through Pass Speed near the sideline, increasing the likelihood of the ball staying in play
  • Improved Weak Foot Performance for Shooting

Dribble Improvements:

  • Sprint Dribble will feel more explosive and overall allow the Player to maintain a faster Speed
  • Increased Jog Dribble Turning Speed, especially for Tall Players
  • Fatigue has been adjusted to ensure more reasonable impact on a Player’s running and Dribbling ability

Manager Mode Improvements:

  • AI Players will play more intelligently and better represent their Attributes
  • Faster and more accurate Shots
  • Team OVR better reflects Player Performance


  • Fixed issue of Chances starting without Player near the ball
  • Chances no longer start with Center Backs
  • Fixed issue of long Black Screens between Chances

Other Fixes:

  • Resolved joystick delay issue and improved responsiveness
  • Fixed issue of unreasonably fast headers or shots, when using the Driven Lob Pass
  • Reduced in-game network errors
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