Patch Notes

Dynasty Warriors 9 Update Version 1.10 Patch Notes for PS4 & PC


Dynasty Warriors 9 update 1.10 for PlayStation 4 and PC (v1.09) is now available for download. According to the official Dynasty Warriors 9 1.10 patch notes, the new update has added new options and gameplay changes. A new Dynamic Camera Settings is now available in “Options”. In addition, Dynasty Warriors 9 version 1.10 update also added various bug fixes and improvements. Check out more details below.

Recently, a big update was rolled out with new features like new Photo Mode, “Ultimate” difficulty setting and more. The new Photo Mode feature allows players to modify the facial expression and appearance of your character.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Update 1.10 Patch Notes

  • Dynasty Warriors 9 patch 1.10 added the setting Dynamic Camera Settings to “Options”.
  • Added a setting to “Options” that allows you to select whether sheathing and drawing your weapon is automatic or manual.
  • Improved the movement of soldiers and officers during battle.
  • Improved the movement of archers.
  • Dynasty Warriors 9 patch 1.10 fixed an error in the Encyclopedia: Officers entry for “Sui Gu”.
  • Corrected an issue in which siege towers would not move during the Wu Chapter 10 Mission “Ambush at Yiling”.
  • Dynasty Warriors 9 version 1.10 fixed an issue in which, after meeting the victory conditions for the Jin Chapter 13 Mission “Assault on Chengdu”, other missions could incorrectly be accepted.
  • Corrected an issue in which the Shu Chapter 12 Mission “Battle of Mt. Tielong” could not be completed if Xiahou Ba had been slain.
  • Dynasty Warriors 9 1.10 fixed a number of other minor issues.

Check your game update and download the latest Dynasty Warriors 9 update 1.10.