Dying Light Update 1.13 Released, Read What’s New and Fixed

Dying Light Update 1.13 is now available for download on PlayStation 4. According to the official Dying Light 1.13 changelog, the new update has added a new enemy, a new weapon, a new game mode and more. In addition, Dying Light version 1.13 also includes various bug fixes and improvements. This new update is also available for Dying Light The Following. The update size is around 3.5GB.

Content Drop #4 takes players to Prison Island — a brand new location to discover. This isolated fortress is home to Prison Heist, a fresh game mode where you must break into the armory as fast as you can — either solo or with friends in co-op. The faster you break in, the better the rewards. This is a time-attack mode designed for seasons players, so come prepared!

Content Drop #5, also available now, brings Sgt. Deathrow — a previously unknown Demolisher mutation — to Old Town. He’s bigger, stronger, and more unpredictable, but killing him gives you a monster shot of experience points.

Today is also the start of a brand new community bounty. In the Harran Egg Hunt, chase the zombified Easter Bunny and collect the eggs to unlock the magnificent Easter Outfit.

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Dying Light Update 1.13 Patch Notes

  • Added a new player variant.
  • Dying Light 1.13 added a new enemy.
  • Added a new weapon.
  • Added a new game mode.
  • Dying Light version 1.13 added a new draft.
  • Added Simplified Chinese support.
  • Added minor bug fixes

Check your game update and download the latest Dying Light Update 1.13.

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