Dungeon Defenders Awakened Update Patch Notes – August 6, 2021


Dungeon Defenders Awakened update (August 6, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Dungeon Defenders patch notes, the latest update added new content, balancing, and bug fixes.

Previously, a big update added quality of life improvements and changes.

Unfortunately, since the release, players are facing several issues. Today’s Dungeon Defenders Awakened patch will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Dungeon Defenders Patch Notes (August 6, 2021)

  • Can now use “F” key to open transmog.
  • Added missing ability power stats on some pets.
  • The Lycan King’s leap attack is now easier to dodge.
    • He will no longer rotate to face his target while in mid-air or shortly after landing.
Bug Fixes
  • Addressed a bug where the Lycan Prince pet had no upgrade limit.
  • Addressed a bug with incorrect description text for the Dragoon.
  • Fixed collision issues on The Keep.
  • Fixed some issues with the Lycan King getting stuck.

Download free Dungeon Defenders Awakened patch on PC.