Dungeon Defenders 2 (DD2) Update 2.15 Patch Notes

Dungeon Defenders 2 update 2.15 released on PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox. According to the official Dungeon Defenders 2 patch notes, the latest update various Abyss Lord changes, fixes, and improvements. Apart from this, DD2 patch 2.15 also includes stability fixes.


Previously, a major update that added a new hero (The Countess) to the game. Unfortunately, since the previous update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game.

Today’s Dungeon Defenders 2 patch 2.15 will fix all these issues.


DD2 Patch 2.15 Notes – Official

Abyss Lord Changes


  • Changed the Abyss Lord hero damage multiplier to 5.
  • Changed the right click scalar of the Abyss Lord to from 3 to 2.
  • The Abyss Lord can now hold right click to auto activate their charged attacks (Helps prevents clicker spam).
  • Changed right click cast time to be a base 1.25 instead of 1.5 to match the animation better.


  • Abyss Stone – Abyssal Stone now has a 10s cooldown, but the damage scalar has been increased.
  • Direct Command – Direct Command now has a 20s cooldown but can affect multiple towers at once within a radius, and affected tower abilities now scale off of their tower damage.
  • Abyss Fountain Heal – Changed healing fountain to a static heal percentage to allow it to be viable for all setups.

Abyss Lord Shards

  • Power Overwhelming – Ability power increases from 30% to 50%
  • Shattering Stone – Now works and has been buffed from 400% to 2500%


  • Added the ability for Squire and Countess to use axes
  • Added the ability for Flame Eater and Prickly Shield chip to roll on axes
  • Last Stand chip & Rise from the Ashes now give 1.5 seconds of invincibility after reviving
  • Protective Downgrade now gives 1.5 seconds of invincibility to the affected tower after reviving
  • Genie King’s Blessing Shard mana gain increased from 2 to 3
  • Reduced Elder Wyvern damage resistance buff by 10% for both regular and elite
  • Elder Wyverns and Ancient Wyverns can no longer buff each other
  • Increased Jester Box health on C9 Jester’s Revenge
  • Increased C8 core and subcore health to Onslaught Floor 100 level
  • Increased C9 core and subcore health to Onslaught Floor 350 level
  • Changed C8 mastery to have a 50 ascension talent cap and C9 mastery to have a 100 ascension talent cap
  • Reduced the proc rate of the Double-tap shard to match fire for effect
  • Tweaked the Phoenix AI on embermount
  • Reduced Elvish Artillery Cannon damage by 10%
  • Reduced the potency of Mercenary’s Mark mod from 200% increased damage to 150%
  • Increased Demonic Scythe passive damage by 300%
  • Increased Dagger Throw cooldown from 2 seconds to 8
  • Reduced Fan of Knives damage by 40%
  • Reduced Mercenary Melee Swing Multipliers by 30%
  • Reduced Backstab Shard by 14%
  • Increased Cooldown of Combat Preparation from 15 to 20 seconds
  • Adjusted Flak Cannon max rate from 2.0 to 1.5
  • Increased Oil catapult projectile AoE by 25%
  • Increased Elder Dragon Burn damage by 100%
  • Reduced Hero Damage scalar on Bouncing Phoenix from 1000% to 500%
  • _ Changed the Hailstorm tower & Harpy tower to no longer rest when shooting
  • Changed the Hailstorm tower to frost damage
  • Changed the Glacier shard to now be frost damage
  • Changed the Hailstorm tower to now target ground enemies
  • Increased the Hailstorm damage scalar by 150%, but increased the max rate to 0.24s
  • Changed the flame burst tower to now upgrade projectile damage range when upgrade 400 to 800 max
  • Increased the projectile size and added slight homing effect to harpy projectile to further increase its accuracy_

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a bug where some bosses weren’t properly tagged as mini bosses
  • Addressed a bug where some mastery challenges weren’t working
  • Addressed a bug where Call to Arms’ tower damage buff wasn’t working on fissures
  • Fixed upgrade cost on Auto-Repair System being too high
  • Fixed the Display value on the Tamer’s Gambit shard
  • Addressed a bug where Valiant Charge and Sweeping Strikes were not hitting Siege roller weak point
  • Addressed a bug where Valiant Charge wasn’t being counted for focused ap
  • Addressed a bug where bosses on the Wildest West could be counted twice
  • Addressed a bug on the Wildest West where you had to kill the entire final wave on C9 instead of just the bosses
  • Addressed a bug where the golden fenix wasn’t dropping the correct ability
  • Addressed a bug where the golden fenix egg name was incorrect
  • Addressed a bug with the Empowering Aura shard where it was reducing Ability Power instead of increasing it
  • Addressed a bug where the Adept / Apprentice Tornado VFX was scaling its size
  • Addressed a bug where rings could be synced to progression in player shops
  • Addressed a bug where the default card hero index was wrong in the hero inspect screen making the first hero card blank
  • Addressed a bug where controller inputs weren’t showing the tooltips in the hero inspect screen
  • Addressed a bug where loot was dropping on the boss wave of embermount
  • Addressed a bug where some Mana-related mods didn’t properly work for the countess
  • Addressed a bug where the toggle loot popups didn’t apply to certain popups
  • Addressed a bug where stackable items would switch selection focus on use on pc
  • Fixed several issues involving the Demon Lord boss fight where it would become impossible to complete
  • Addressed a bug where Jester Box on Jester’s Revenge could be stunned
  • Addressed a bug where Powder Shot had the wrong chaos tier icon
  • Addressed a bug where Titanic Slam wasn’t in the correct shard pack
  • Addressed a bug where pet reroll boxes were not stacking
  • Addressed a bug where the special death VFX wasn’t working on Abyss Lord siphon
  • Addressed a bug where the lower chaos tier warning pops up on the same chaos tier items
  • Addressed a bug where the Inspired Shout shard was not giving Armor
  • Addressed a bug where the Cybermancer skin couldn’t be purchased from the create a hero screen
  • Addressed a bug where the sticky bomb pet ability could hit friendly targets
  • Addressed a bug with the Mark of the Phoenix mod’s proc chance being over 100%
  • Fixed Hardened Servo tooltip at low levels
  • Addressed a bug where base xp values weren’t correct on Wild Westival C8 / C9 expeditions
  • Potential fix for outside phased lanes on Wild Westival
  • _ Addressed a bug where cores could overflow health on wave transitions
  • Fixed a logic issue on reward popups_

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Changed fissure target attack vfx
  • Towers and dummies now use a bigger integer to display cumulative damage over 2 billion
  • Sky Guard Towers now displays their projectile damage radius
  • Revamped all of Embermount Volcano’s lighting and post processing to help display death pits and various other features
  • Changed the collection UI to properly show map progression on certain challenges and updated descriptions on certain challenges
  • Changed the function of goblin insurance to a toggle and not a press and hold action
  • Reduced amount of enemies that can appear at any given time on Lost Temple. Should help with performance and make things slightly more manageable.
  • _ Renamed Critical Servo/Chip to Crit Chance Servo/Chip
  • Dryads can now melee attack while flying

Download free Dungeon Defenders 2 update 2.15 on PC (Steam) and PS4.