Drift21 Patch Notes (Boxer Engine Update) – October 14, 2021

Drift21 update (October 14, 2021) is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Drift21 patch notes, the latest update added the Boxer engine and its multiple tuning parts. Today’s Drift21 patch also includes a long list of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with various quality of life improvements.

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Drift21 Patch Notes – Oct 14, 2021

  • Boxer-centered garage challenges
  • Advanced camera settings (available in the pause menu)
  • Option to delete or rearrange cars in VirtualGarage window

and additional changes:

  • Changed the way private servers are shown and accessed in the server browser
  • Corrected the wall layout on the Stadium Ver. 1
  • UI changes in the controls tab (Settings window)
  • Corrected Touge Time Attack requirements


New content and features

-Added new engine – Boxer with multiple tuning parts
-Added Boxer-centered Garage Challenges
-Added advanced camera settings, available in the pause menu
-Added an option to delete or rearrange cars in VirtualGarage window


-Changed the way private servers are shown and accessed in the server browser
-Corrected the wall layout on the Stadium Ver. 1
-UI changes in the controls tab (Settings window)
-Corrected Touge Time Attack requirements


-Addressed a bug with Force Feedback not refreshing when the steering wheel is connected while the app is running
-Fixed a bug that caused the “Extended range” setting to be incorrectly selected when using a specific combination of peripheral devices
-Fixed a bug in which the result screen was not displayed if one person left the event
-Addressed a bug where incorrect pop-ups were displayed at the beginning and at the end of the tutorial
-Addressed a bug where navigation in the quick race window would not work
-Addressed a bug where tutorial pop-ups would not work after repeatedly pressing buttons during loading
-Addressed a bug with incorrectly rendered tire smoke visible between floors on the parking level
-Addressed a bug where there was no message when trying to join a full session as a driver
-Fixed an exploit where it was possible to bypass the requirements for challenges
-Fixed a bug where scores were not displayed after changing the map in a multiplayer session
-Fixed navigation problems in the settings window while playing the tutorial
-Addressed a bug where certain options were incorrectly applied in settings window
-Addressed a bug with incorrect selecting (or highlighting) server browser elements when displaying the welcome pop-up
-Fixed the camera positioning when painting the Ford Mustang (this should solve the problem with visible white stripes)
-Addressed a bug with a wrongly rendered camera in the mirror of a Nissan 180SX
-Fixed a bug that resulted in missing exhaust pop particles in certain car configurations
-Fixed typos in descriptions of rotary engine parts
-Fixed multiple errors caused by corrupted save data
-Fixed navigation issues in the “Tire” tab (Fine tuning window)
-Addressed a bug where player names were scaling incorrectly on the license plate
-Addressed a bug where selecting some decals would turn them black
-Fixed inconsistencies of the ECU Master display in relation to the clocks on the HUD
-Fixed problems with incorrect rewards in some garage quests
-Addressed a bug where scrolling in the multiplayer session management window was not working properly
-Fixed a bug where all tabs in the paint shop window could be selected
-Improved text layout in the track selection window (to slightly improve readability)
-Addressed a bug where the credit balance would appear in sandbox mode
-Addressed a bug with the car scale in Training ver.2 track
-Addressed a bug with malfunctioning ABS
-Addressed a bug with incorrect highlighting of rims and extenders while using Show Missing Parts mode
-Addressed a bug with incorrect interior materials when assembling a car in a specific way
-Fixed bug with incorrect context menu operation when no active items are present
-Fixed bug with ECU display not working when “Show realtime mirrors” option is unchecked
-Fixed bug with incorrect engine highlight on engine stand
-Fixed wrongly specified toe values in fine tuning window
-Fixed typo in car parameter units in the car shop
-Addressed a bug with the tailpipe installation lockout after engine installation in the 350Z
-Fixed a specific bug where it was not possible to join a session as an observer
-Fixed a bug where the “Tandem” state was not displayed for client + client pairs
-Addressed a bug with the BRZ trunk lid dropping incorrectly (or at all) after swapping with another model
-Addressed a bug where tooltips could not be clicked in the paint booth
-Fixed a bug with navigation not working when using two controls
-Fixed a bug where the movement lock (when counting down to event start) was active even outside the event
-Fixed a bug where applying decals on certain trunks or rear windows was not possible

Download free Drift21 update on PC (Steam).

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