Download Halo Infinite Save Game File (100% Complete)

    Halo Infinite by Xbox Game Studios is now available for players. It can take literal days just to complete everything in the game and unlock all regions. Luckily, you can now download the Halo Infinite 100% completed game save files from the link below.

    Read more details below.

    Find Halo Infinite Game Save File Location

    Learn more about Halo Infinite game save file location here. After finding it, you’ll have to swap out the new one with your old save. Back up your original save data, in case something wrong happen you can revert to your old data.

    Here’s how you can download the 100% save file for Halo Infinite:

    1. Download the save game file
    2. Extract using Winrar or .7z archive
    3. Next, copy and paste the file in the Save Game Folder for Forza Horizon 5

    Halo Infinite Save Game Details

    • Unlocked Open World Mode
    • Completed the Campaign on Legendary Difficulty (Save Update)
    • Fully Upgraded All Master Chief’s Abilities (Save Update)
    • Acquired All Spartan Cores (Save Update)
    • Captured All Available Forward Operating Bases (Save Update)
    • Eliminated All 15 Banished High-Value Targets (Save Update)
    • Answered All UNSC distress Calls (Save Update)
    • Scanned All Forerunner Artifacts (Save Update)
    • Discovered All Hidden Skulls (Save Update)
    • Unlocked All Audio Logs (Save Update)

    Halo Infinite Save Game File Download links

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