Dota 2 7.36 Patch Notes (D2 Update 7.36)

A new Dota 2 update 7.36 is available to download on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox one. According to the official Dota 2 7.36 patch notes, the latest update introduces two significant mechanics: Innate Abilities and Hero Facets, providing unique effects and customization choices for each hero. Additionally, Dota 2 patch 7.36 also includes numerous item additions and reworks including Blood Grenade, Refresher Shard, Spirit Vessel.

Since the last Dota 2 patch 7.33, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s D2 patch 7.36 will fix a few of these issues.

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Dota 2 7.36 Patch Notes – May 23, 2024

Innate Abilities

Innates are abilities that each hero possesses throughout the entire game. These unique abilities can be viewed on the Hero page or in-game by hovering over a new icon between the hero talents and abilities.

Types of Innates:

  1. Unique Effects: Some heroes gain special effects, such as Faceless Void slowing enemy attack projectiles or Dawnbreaker revealing the whole map at sunrise.
  2. Ability Changes: Some heroes have abilities that can reach five levels and start at level 1 with a free ability point. For instance, Kunkka’s Tidebringer and Legion Commander’s Moment of Courage.


Facets allow players to customize their hero’s playstyle to better suit specific matches or personal preferences. Each hero has at least two Facets, viewable on their hero page and in-game by hovering over a new icon between talents and abilities.

Facets Mechanics:

  • Selection: Choose your preferred Facet during strategy time at the start of each match.
  • Reveal: Facet choices are hidden from the enemy team until the game begins.
  • Effects: Facets can alter abilities or provide unique buffs. For example:
    • Viper: Choose between an AoE damage burst for Poison Attack or enhanced defensive buffs in Nethertoxin.
    • Wraith King: Choose between summoning skeletons or dealing additional curse damage.
    • Leshrac: Choose between mana-restoring attacks or faster-exploding Diabolic Edict.
    • Lone Druid: Choose between an improved Spirit Link or casting True Form on the Spirit Bear.

Other Changes

  • Extended Strategy Time: Increased by 15/10/5 seconds for the 1/2/3 weeks following a numbered patch.
  • Glyph of Fortification: No longer refreshes when the first Tier 3 tower is destroyed; refreshes when the first Melee Barracks is destroyed.
  • AoE Bonuses: Now affect all auras and Cleave sources.
  • Dominated Creeps: Cannot bypass Backdoor Protection.
  • Hero Denies: Grant experience to the hero who created the deniable debuff.
  • Mana Bars: Always visible for enemies.
  • Fountain Buff: Grants Couriers haste movement.
  • Courier Return: Sends Courier back home if it has no items.
  • Mana Cost Reduction: No longer applies to abilities that drain mana over time.
  • Attack Speed Display: Always displays as +20 (or the appropriate number) regardless of hero’s BAT (no gameplay change, just a display change).
  • Spell Cast Range: Now always listed with a new icon near Mana Costs and Cooldown.
  • Alt Key Vision Range: Displays the vision range of all Watchers on the map.
  • Experience Gain Breakdown: Now shows separately for Abilities and Wisdom Rune in the post-game XP Breakdown for Dota Plus users.
  • Ability Descriptions: Show which ability needs to be upgraded.
  • Ability Tooltips: Indicate upgrades from Aghanim’s Shard/Scepter, Talents, or Facets.
  • Spectator View Controls: Updated to match vision unlinking.
  • Fog of War: Correctly hides members with unlinked vision.
  • Player Perspective: Hides units no longer visible to the player.
  • Enemy Item Pings: No longer reveal if items are consumed or not.
  • Demo Mode: Supports facets in -createhero command.
  • Dota Labs Features:
    • Persistent Range Indicators: Hold Alt and right-click to draw a persistent range indicator in the world.
    • Dynamic Health Bar Focus: Hovered unit’s health bar draws on top of others.
  • Patch Notes Navigation: Type a hero name to jump to that hero when viewing patch notes in the client.

Ability Draft

Innates in Ability Draft:

  • Non-draftable Innates: Automatically assigned at spawn.
  • Draftable Innates: Can be leveled with skill points.
  • Disabled Innates: All other innate abilities are disabled.

Facets in Ability Draft:

  • Selection: Any hero facet can be chosen during strategy time.
  • New Abilities: Facets that grant new abilities are disabled.
  • Replacement Abilities: Facets that replace abilities work if you draft the replaced ability.
  • No Effect: Facets with no effect on your hero will indicate this in-game.


Download Dota 2 update 7.36 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

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