Dorfromantik Update 1.1 Patch Notes Details


Dorfromantik update 1.1 patch note details are now available on PC (Steam). According to the official Dorfromantik patch notes, the latest update added Gamepad controls for all ingame actions, new tooltips, Adaptive UI and much more.

Previously, a big update added a new faction, new creatures, new skills, and status effects. Check out more details below.

Dorfromantik Patch Notes – July 15, 2022

Controller Support

  • Added Gamepad controls for all ingame actions
  • All Menus now fully controllable via Gamepad
  • Creative Mode tools accessible on Gamepad via new radial menu
  • Adaptive UI behaviour displaying buttons and UI elements depending on used input device
  • Added tooltips displaying gamepad button hotkeys
  • Added separate tutorial texts for Gamepad input


  • Up to 40% improvement in memory usage
  • Added “Mesh Quality” dropdown to boost rendering performance
  • Improved Undo performance
  • Reduced game size by 15%
  • Various other performance improvements throughout the game


  • Offscreen Quest Markers now display offscreen quest counts & their current completion state
  • Offscreen Quest markers automatically appear when previewing a tile affecting an offscreen quest


  • Scale Quest bubbles when zooming out to preserve their readability
  • Improved visuals of preplaced tiles when Post Processing is switched off

Custom Mode

Added new custom rule: World Border. Play with world border to restrict playing area by given radius Note: Undo doesn’t currently work correctly when tiles are skipped due to not having any available tile slots.

Added new custom rule: Exponential Difficulty. Change difficulty increase to be exponential instead of linear and decide the exponential difficulty increase factor


  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated Arabic translation
  • Added Estonian translation
  • Added Czech translation


  • Fixed bug that caused Undo on Game Over screen to stop working
  • Decoration is no longer displayed on tile stack or preview tiles when turned off in settings

Download free Dorfromantik patch 1.1 on PC.