DJMAX RESPECT V Update Patch Notes (April 2020)

DJMAX RESPECT V April update is now rolling out for PC players. According to the official DJMAX RESPECT V patch notes, the latest patch added quality of life improvements. Apart from this, there is also stability and performance improvements.

Recently, a minor update was released with minor gameplay changes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s DJMAX RESPECT V update is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

DJMAX RESPECT V Update Patch Notes (April 2020)


  1. Enhanced OPEN MATCH UI.
  2. Now loading screen also shows other users’ loading status.
  3. Added TOP SCORE / TOP COMBO / TOP RATE in result page.


  1. Enhanced server connection issue.


  1. Fixed issue where some MAX COMBO achievements were not cleared when Perfect Play.
  2. Fixed issue where NOTE SPEED was not saved.
  3. Fixed issue where 8 BUTTON L/R trigger’s effect was not shown properly.
  4. Enhanced SC difficulty’s color to distinguish easier. (This has been applied in the last update.).
  5. Adjusted Pause/Resume Timing. (Fixed issue where the game starts before the countdown ended in a few cases.).
  6. Fixed BLACK GOLD/Move Yourself’s typo. (BGA).
  7. Fixed issue where play record was not saved.
  8. Fixed issue where basic button mode was not applied in OPEN MATCH when playing after LADDER MATCH.
  9. Fixed issue where some GEAR had animation errors.

Update #2

  1. Adjusted align of Note of welcome to the space GEAR PACK.
  2. Fixed issue where the abnormal image has been showing in Mission Select Screen. (TRILOGY MISSION).
  3. Fixed issue where some AIR MODE channels were unavailable.
  4. Fixed issue where some of the DLC tracks’ Difficulty has been showing wrongly.

Difficulty List

  1. Mind Control 5B SC 14->15.
  2. NB Girls 5B SC 15->14.
  3. NB Girls 6B SC 14->13.
  4. Someday 4B SC 12->13.
  5. STOP 5B SC 15->14.
  6. Streetlight 4B SC 13->12.
  7. Streetlight 8B SC 13->11.
  8. ZET 8B SC 15->14.

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