Division 2 Update 1.28 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One

The Division 2 update 1.28 patch notes (v11.1) released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC players. According to the Division 2 1.28 patch notes, the latest addressed issues related to difficulty, directives and targeted loot. Apart from this, the Division 2 patch 1.28 also includes performance improvements.


Previously, a big update 11 added a new Seasonal Manhunt, new Leagues, a new Global event, and new unique rewards, as well as an Apparel Event.

Unfortunately, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Today’s Division 2 version 1.28 is expected to fix all these issues.


Read more details below.

What is new in Division 2 1.28?

Difficulty & Directives
When interacting with the lobby elevator, players will be able to select their desired difficulty and directives

  • All Difficulties are selectable: Normal – Legendary
  • For Directives, players are able to select from all 9 released Directives
    • NOTE: Missions and Global Difficulty still have the 5 seasonal directives

The New Summit Experience
Players can now ascend their customized Summit at their own pace.

  • With TU11.1, all players will initially start at floor 1 of The Summit
  • Progress is now saved more frequently at each elevator players encounter
    • Instead of the old Rally Points, now Players will resume where they left on subsequent playthroughs.
    • This means that you can stop at floor 38. Then the next day continue from the elevator at floor 37.
  • After players finish floor 100, on their next Summit attempt they will restart at floor 1
  • NOTE: for coop we save the maximum of your previous checkpoint and your current session
    • Example: player previously had a save at floor 60, they matchmake and finish floor 95 with a group, on their next playthrough the player would continue at the elevator on floor 93.
    • Example: player previously had a save at floor 81, they matchmake and finish floor 34 with a group, on their next playthrough the player would continue at the elevator on floor 81.

Targeted Loot
At any point while in The Summit, players can open the Mega-Map and set their personal Targeted Loot

  • For their allocation players can select from weapon types, gear slots, mods, brands, gear sets.
  • The Targeted Loot selection within Summit is personal (which means each player in a group of 4 could have a different allocation chosen)

Threat Scaling
The higher players climb in The Summit, the more likely they are to encounter tougher enemies.

  • The chance for enemies to spawn as veteran or elite gradually increases per floor.
  • Lieutenant Squads occur more frequently as you ascend The Summit.
  • The Boss floors (10, 20, 30,…,90) feature multiple named hostiles on higher floors.

Additional Gameplay Improvements

  • Added a weekly project for finishing Summit (which along with other rewards grants an Exotic Cache)
  • Added more objective types
  • Quicker laptop interact animation
  • Adjusted spawning of enemies during Hack Terminals objectives
  • Holding SHD Crates is more beneficial
  • Added new UI notifications about Exotic Fireteams, Bosses, etc.


  • Directives now increase the chance for Targeted Loot to drop
    • Since introduced in TU6, Targeted Loot has been influenced by a number of factors (including difficulty).
    • Now with TU11.1, each active Directive adds a small amount to the total drop chance for Targeted Loot.
    • This applies everywhere Directives are present (missions, open world, summit).
    • NOTE: Directives still increase XP as well.
  • Increased cooldown reduction per Skill Part collected with Scavenged Skills Directive.
  • Fixed issue causing Fragile Armor’s broken stacks to behave strangely after dying and being revived.

Targeted Loot

  • Added individual Targeted Loot Allocations for each Gear Set
    • This applies both to the normal rotation and to Summit’s Personal Targeted Loot
    • Ex: Lincoln can have True Patriot


  • Ridgeway’s Pride exotic
    • For first part of exotic quest, parts now drop based on Summit floor numbers and increased drop chance of parts
    • For third part of exotic quest, lowered number of Rogue Agents and Hunters that need to be killed to 2
    • Increased radiuses of Bleeding Edge talent to 15m
    • Increased repair strength of Bleeding Edge talent to 1: 3%, 2: 6%, 3: 12%, 4: 24%, 5: 48% (per bleeding enemy within radius)


  • These PvP balance changes affect both the DZ and Conflict:
    • Decreased overall time to kill by 10%
    • Decreased shotgun damage by 12.5%
    • Increased damage to shields by 25%
  • Fixed issue in Conflict which caused the Firewall specialization’s flamethrower to deal an excessive amount of damage.

Bug Fixes in Division 2 version 1.29

The Summit

  • Fixed loot crates not resetting if encountered twice in a session.
  • Restored the ability to select Matchmake without reloading
  • Mega-Map now has correct tabs (Projects/Manhunt/SHD)
  • Improved loot from final 100th Floor enemy
  • Swapped doors to be windowless in various spots
  • Legendary Black Tusk have been taught how to hold guns properly
  • Improvements to an issue that could cause the 100th floor to note complete after killing all enemies
  • Addressed a bug where agents could fall through the map and become stuck between the elevators
  • Addressed a bug causing legendary Black Tusk to sometimes appear on difficulties they should not be in
  • Fixed occurrences of enemies not leaving their spawn closets.
  • Fixed the objective requirements for Toxic Gas remaining on screen after a group member interacts with the laptop
  • Fixed a loot room that could not be interacted with
  • Fixes occurrences of enemies incorrectly spawning in parts of the floor that have already been cleared
  • Fixed the lobby voice over triggering when returning to the lobby
  • Fixed “Neutralize the Lieutenant” objective sometimes choosing a non-named NPC as the Lieutenant
  • Addressed a bug where a controller button had double functionality on the mega map
  • Addressed a bug where the player could get stuck in the spectate mode screen after switching camera from another player
  • Various UI & Map fixes


  • Fixed enemies sometimes being unreachable in the Grand Washington Hotel
  • Addressed a bug causing the SHD level notification UI to not work
  • Addressed a bug in the Operation Iron Horse raid where RPGs could stop dropping if disconnected or fast travels out of the raid when having one equipped
  • Addressed a bug which occurred when the player dropped down from an object in combat causing the agent to be pushed forward then back
  • Addressed a bug causing group members to have no ammo when the group leader activated the Pistolero directive in the Dark Zone
  • Fixed Global Event modifiers not working as intended on Legendary difficulty.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from acquiring the exotic chest Ridgeway’s Pride.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stranded Tanker mission that would halt and block progression.
  • Added performance and general stability improvements.

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