Patch Notes

Dissidia NT Update 1.42 PS4 Patch Notes


Dissidia NT PS4 version 1.42 is now rolling out for players. According to the official Dissidia NT update 1.42 patch notes, the latest update added various quality of life improvements. Apart from this, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT version 1.42 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a big update was released with some major changes and improvements. Unfortunately, since this update, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play. Today’s Dissidia Final Fantasy NT patch 1.42 is expected to fix all these issues. Check out more details below.

Dissidia NT update 1.42 Patch Notes (PS4)

— Character Changes —


Jump Heights

  • Jump heights have been normalized across the classes
  • Vanguards: 4.5m x 2 jumps = 9.0m (almost a 50% increase)
  • Assassins: 3.5m x 3 jumps = 10.5m (pretty much the same)
  • Marksmen: 5.25m x 2 jumps = 10.5m (slight increase)
  • Onion Knight, Bartz, Ramza: 3.75m x 2 jumps = 7.5M (Bartz and Ramza can get 3 jumps for total 11.25m)
  • Other Specialists: 4.0m x 2 jumps = 8.0m (Zenos can get 3 jumps for total 12.0m)



Max HP

  • Increased by 200HP

Poise frames for bravery melee attacks

  • For their melee strings, if they hit, the poise frames will be continuous throughout their melee string from the first active hitbox timing to the end of the last active hitbox.
  • Only on hit, so if Firion and Sephiroth whiff their attacks, they will still only have the normal poise frames.
  • The poise frames are extended across the interval for inputting the next attack in the string.
  • If the last attack in the string is a projectile, then the poise frames may end earlier.
  • List of all affected bravery attacks attacks:
  • Warrior of Light:
    • Ascension – ground neutral
    • Sword Thrust – ground forward
    • Crossover – air neutral
    • Shield Fling – air forward
  • Garland:
    • Round Edge – ground neutral
    • Reel – ground forward
    • Twin Swords – air neutral
    • Chain Cast – air forward
    • Lance Drill – dash
  • Firion:
    • Lance Combo – ground neutral 1
    • Gelid Wand – ground neutral 2
    • Ground Pound – ground neutral 3
    • Rope Knives – ground forward 1
    • Searing Volley – ground forward 2
    • Fulminating Strike – ground forward 3
    • Boomerang Axe – ground back 1
    • Calescent Wand – ground back 2
    • Bullseye – ground back 3
  • Cloud of Darkness:
    • Toying Appendages – ground neutral
    • Appendages of Avarice – ground forward
    • Merciful Appendages – air neutral
    • Appendages of Depravity – air forward
  • Cecil (Paladin):
    • Light Slash – ground neutral
    • Radiant Wings – air neutral
    • Sacred Cross – air forward
    • Saint’s Fall – air back
  • Cecil (Dark Knight):
    • Shadow Bringer – ground neutral
    • Nightfall – air neutral
  • Cloud:
    • Sonic Break – ground neutral
    • Climhazzard – ground forward
    • Slashing Blow – air neutral
  • Sephiroth:
    • Telluric Fury – ground neutral
    • Empyrean Wrath – air neutral
    • Aeolian Onslaught – ground/air forward
    • Heaven’s Light – dash neutral
    • Hell’s Gate – dash back (only affects stopping in mid air)
  • Vayne:
    • Earthrive – ground neutral
    • Skyshear – air neutral
    • Bone Splitter – neutral string neutral finisher
    • Backdraft – neutral string forward finisher
    • Rising Dragon – ground neutral string back finisher
    • Falling Phoenix – air neutral string back finisher
    • Dominance – neutral string left finisher
    • Iron Elbow – neutral string right finisher
  • Snow:
    • Froststrike – ground neutral
    • Frigid Strike – ground forward
    • Malefic Flow – ground back
    • Hollow Clash – air neutral
    • Punishing Assault – air forward
  • Ardyn:
    • Debilitating Chop – ground neutral
    • Rancorous Slash – ground forward
    • Burst of Pain – ground dash forward
    • Discordant Slice – air neutral
    • Repelling Thrust – air forward


Arcing Axes – ground forward bravery (Nerf)

  • Damage decreased (400/432/464 -> 368/400/432)
  • Interval between axe spawns increased (+10f)
  • Homing ability decreased
  • Homing threshold distance increased (+1m)
  • Hitstun changed

Spear of Temperance – air forward bravery (Nerf)

  • Vertical aiming angle decreased (-5 degrees)
  • Hitbox size changed (M1: radius -0.05m / M2: radius -0.1m)
  • Range decreased (normal: -1m / charge 1: -2m / charge 2: -3m)
  • Hitstun changed


Dark Tornado – ground back bravery (Nerf)

  • Orb speed decreased
  • Orb homing decreased

Rising Phantom – HP2 (Nerf)

  • [+ version] Max radius decrease (-1m)
  • The expansion speed has been adjusted to match this

Phantasmal Spirit – HP3 (Nerf)

  • [normal] and [+ version] range decreased (-1.25m)

— DLC —


Kain’s 3rd costume “Light Seeker”, 5th weapon “Holy Lance”, and 4 new chat messages.

Vaan’s 3rd costume “Zodiac Rider”, 5th weapon “Death Bringer”, and 4 new chat messages.

— About Ranked in NT —

They had a small talk about Ranked. Here is a very condensed version of that:

  • They want to wait until they see how the Ultima rank plays out before making any changes
  • They have taken in a lot of feedback, but I will take time to find the appropriate measures to take.
  • In this update, they will return the disconnection penalty start to the 6 player briefing screen instead of the 3 player briefing screen.
  • In a future update, they might change this or even just revert back to the 3 player briefing screen disconnection penalty for Ultima rank.
  • About the people making alt PSN IDs and duoing with other players in order to disconnect when they are about to lose, they might make it so that everyone in a party will lose points if one disconnects. They cannot determine if it is an accident or not, so they are wondering if they should just make all lose points. You are unaffected by your teammates disconnecting if you play solo.
  • They are also wondering what they should do for the losing team if there is a disconnection during the match. Should the remaining players on the losing team lose points normally or not?
  • They decided to make bots give 0 points because beating bots is not satisfying, so they will not revert that change.
  • They will see what they will do in future updates.

Dissidia NT update 1.42 is now available for download.