Dinkum Update 0.4.6 Patch Notes – August 5, 2022


A new Dinkum update 0.4.6 is rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Dinkum patch notes, the latest update added a new pause button and various fixes to the game.

Recently, a hotfix 3 was released with various tweaks and changes. Unfortunately, since the last major update, players are facing several issues. Today’s Dinkum patch 0.4.6 will address a few of these errors.

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What is new in Dinkum August 5 Patch Notes?

Added a pause button in the options tab in the journal (single player only)

What is fixed in Dinkum August 5 Update?

Fixed another bug that was preventing some players from continuing to the next day.

Fixed a bug where moving the players house would remove the items on top of other furniture.

Fixed a bug where moving the players house would create duplicate items.

Players can no longer ask to upgrade their house while it’s being moved, or ask to move their house while it’s being upgraded.

Fixed a bug where visiting players would sometimes remain tired after sleeping.

Fixed a bug that prevented visitors from receiving health buffs.

Fixed a bug where animal traps would behave incorrectly when too far away from the host.

Fixed a bug where players would be locked in the air if they pressed jump in the island flyover

Fixed a bug that would lock inventory slot interactions if they clicked on their wallet while donating/selling

Fixed a bug involving shells and compost bins.

Vehicles that have fallen underwater will try to move to the surface after saving and reloading

Fixed a texture problem in the mines at night

Blocked objects you carry from being dropped into “the void”, especially inside buildings and mine walls

Buffed farming XP a bit

Commerce licence now gives the correct bonus for its level.

Fish and Bugs can no longer be right clicked to place them in chests.

Jellybrew now gives a fishing buff.

Wattlebrew no longer gives a fishing buff.

Deeds can no longer be placed in chests

Increased stability for players who have experienced crashes.

Straightened the Museum

Download free Dinkum update 0.4.6 for PC (Steam).