Diablo 4 Update 1.44 Patch Notes (Version 1.043.000)

Diablo 4 update 1.44 (1.3.5b) is available to download on PS4, PS5(Version 1.043.000), Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles. According to the official Diablo 4 1.44 patch notes, the latest update implemented various enhancements for performance and graphics. Apart from this, today’s Diablo 4 patch 1.44 also includes general stability fixes.

Previously, Diablo 4 patch 1.12 introduced new unique items and legendary aspects. Unfortunately, since the last patch 1.21, players are experiencing error codes and bugs. Today’s D4 update 1.44 will address a few of these issues.

Check out the details below.

D4 Update 1.44 Notes – April 11, 2024

Diablo 4 Version 1.031.000

  1. Performance Enhancements:
    • Optimized game performance to improve overall gameplay experience.
    • Reduced lag and loading times for smoother gameplay.
  2. Stability Improvements:
    • Addressed underlying issues to enhance game stability, minimizing crashes and freezes.
    • Improved server stability for online play, reducing disconnections and interruptions.
  3. Graphical Upgrades:
    • Enhanced graphics quality, including textures, lighting, and visual effects.
    • Improved rendering performance for more immersive visuals without sacrificing frame rate.

Download free Diablo 4 update 1.44 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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