Diablo 3 Update 1.41 Patch Notes (Season 26) – Official

    Diablo 3 update 1.41 (Season 26) release notes are now available for PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox console players. According to the official Diablo 3 1.41 patch notes, the new update (Patch 2.7.3) brings a new season theme, the Echoing Nightmare, bug fixes and much more. Apart from this, the new Diablo 3 version 1.41 also updated the Xbox Series X|S resolution. Xbox Series X now runs at true 4K resolution and Xbox Series S runs at true 1080p.

    Previously, a big update season 25 added a long list of new changes and fixes. Unfortunately, after the last patch, many players encounter a number of problems when trying to play the game on the consoles.

    Today’s Diablo 3 patch 1.41 will solve all these problems. Check out more details below.

    Diablo 3 1.41 Patch Notes (2.7.3) – April 13, 2021

    New Season 26 Details

    Season 26 introduces the Echoing Nightmare, an optional and rewarding end-game challenge where players fight within the memories of Nephalem who fell in a Greater Rift. Today’s Nephalem must stand their ground until they are inevitably Overwhelmed or defeated. Players must collect a Petrified Scream from defeated Greater Rift Guardians to gain entry to the Echoing Nightmare. Transmuting a Petrified Scream in Kanai’s Cube summons a portal that players can enter to face the horrors of the Nephalem’s past.

    Season Theme Details:

    • Petrified Screams and the Echoing Nightmare can only be accessed with seasonal characters.
    • Only one player is required to transmute a Petrified Scream to open an Echoing Nightmare in a multiplayer game.
    • Similar to a boss encounter, all players in a multiplayer game must accept a prompt to enter.
    • While within an Echoing Nightmare, the difficulty scales as players progress in the encounter. Players can progress faster by defeating monsters quickly.
    • Players receive the following rewards upon completing an Echoing Nightmare: EXP, Legendary Items, Blood Shards, Gems, and a new Legendary Gem, Whisper of Atonement.
    • The Whisper of Atonement is a Legendary Gem used exclusively for Augmenting Ancient Legendary items. It drops pre-ranked based upon the player’s performance in the Echoing Nightmare.
    • Rare monsters now spawn within an Echoing Nightmare.
    • Meteors now fall from the sky.
    • Hellish Machinations now appear, which spawn streams of Exploding Lunatics.
    • Rift Guardians now spawn.
    • Increased the frequency of which monsters spawn.
    • Updated the Shadow Clone explosion to better reflect the area of effect.
    • The exit timer has been increased to 60 seconds.
    • Increased the possible rank a Whisper of Atonement can drop to 125 based on the Tier completed.
    • Monsters in Echoing Nightmares can no longer be Frozen, Stunned, Rooted or Knocked Back.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Conduit Shrines to deal less damage than intended.

    New Updates (Post-PTR)

    • Monsters from the Echoing Nightmares no longer drop gold, items or health globes.
    • Adjusted the damage done by Exploding Lunatics and Meteors to be more deadly.
    • Adjust Meteor and Fallen Lunatic Molten damage to be Physical.
    • Adjusted the difficulty of Tiers 100+.
    • Replaced the Shield Pylon with a Speed Pylon.
    • Adjusted the EXP rewarded by Echoing Nightmares to be aligned with Greater Rift turn-in rewards.
    • Reduced the Echoing Nightmare closing timer to 30 seconds.
    • Prevented Echoing Nightmares from being opened in games lower than level 70.
    • Adjusted the drop rate of Petrified Screams from Greater Rift Guardians.

    Greater Rift Updates

    Orek’s Dream: Greater Rifts have a small chance to roll as Orek’s Dream. These dreamlike rifts have a curated list of maps and monster compositions.

    • 3 maps have been added and 2 maps have been removed from the Greater Rift pool.
      • Added: Fields of Misery, Desolate Sands and Briarthorn Cemetery
      • Removed: Sewers of Caldeum, and Hidden Aqueducts
    • The probability of Greater Rift maps has been adjusted.
    • The probability of monster groups has been adjusted.
    • The following monsters have been adjusted to grant more progression and EXP within Greater Rifts.
      • Blazing Guardians
      • Smoldering Guardians
      • Frost Guardian
      • Noxious Guardian
      • Shock Guardian
      • Blood Clan Spearman
      • Dark Moon Clan Impaler
      • Moon Clan Impaler
      • Blood Clan Impaler
      • Ice Clan Impaler
      • Hell Witch
      • Vile Temptress
    • Players can speak to Orek to close an active Greater Rift. This option is only available when in a single player game.
    • Further increased the progression granted by some monsters in Greater Rifts.
    • Additionally, increased the progression granted by Fallen Shaman, Fallen Conjurer, Fallen Prophet and Fallen Firemage.
    • Updated visual effects upon entering an Orek’s Dream.
    • Updated the Orek’s Dream vignette to be more pronounced.



    • Legacy of Raekor (4-piece Bonus): Furious Charge gains the effect of every rune and deals 1000% increased damage. For every 1% Life you are missing, the damage of your Ancient Spear is increased by 2%.
    • Legacy of Raekor (6-piece Bonus): Hitting enemies with Furious Charge or Weapon Throw increases the damage of your next Ancient Spear by 5500% and causes it to release multiple spears from its target. This effect stacks and each spear throw consumes a maximum of 5 stacks.
    • Arreat’s Law: Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear deal 150-200% increased damage.
      • Weapon Throw generates up to 25 50 additional Fury based on the distance of the enemy hit. The generated Fury can go above the maximum cap by 200 Fury.
      • Ancient Spear refunds up to 25 50 Fury based on the distance of the enemy hit and resets your Fury cap to its base maximum.
    • The Three Hundredth Spear: Increase the damage of Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear by 150-200%. The attack speed of Weapon Throw is increased by 200%.
    • Skular’s Salvation: Increase the damage of Ancient Spear by 150-200%. If your Ancient Spear – Boulder Toss hits 5 or fewer enemies, the damage is increased by 100%.


    • Thorns of the Invoker: The attack speed of Punish and Slash are increased by 100% and deal 67,500% of your Thorns damage.
    • Norvald’s Fervor: Gain 200% increased damage while using Steed Charge and for 5 seconds after it ends.


    • All Mystic Allies spawned by Inna’s Mantra 6-piece bonus now have their duration refreshed with each attack.
    • Mystic Ally – Fire Ally: Mini allies now have Passability.
    • Mystic Ally – Earth Ally:
      • Earth Ally boulders speed has been increased. Boulders always leash to the player regardless of how many monsters are on screen.
      • Prevented Earth Ally boulders from being slowed by missile dampening.
    • Bindings of the Lesser Gods: Enemies hit by your Cyclone Strike take 150%-200% more damage from your Mystic Ally for 5 seconds.

    Bug Fixes

    • Prevented players from changing difficulty while an Echoing Nightmare is active.
    • Addressed an issue where Boon of the Hoarder allowed gold to drop in Echoing Nightmares.
    • Diablo 3 PS4 update 1.41 fixed a bug where Orek’s Dream vignette sometimes goes away on Shrouded Moors and Festering Woods when entering anything other than level 1.
    • Addressed an issue that caused Orek’s Dream opening VFX to display inconsistently.

    Download free Diablo 3 update 1.41 on Sony PlayStation 4, PS5, PC and Microsoft Xbox One.

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