Devil Slayer Raksasi Update 1.10 Patch Notes – July 21, 2021


Devil Slayer Raksasi update 1.10 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Devil Slayer Raksasi patch notes, the latest Devil Slayer patch 1.10 added a new chapter, a new player character, new soul charms, and much more.

Previously, a big update was released with various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Read more details below.


Devil Slayer Raksasi Patch 1.10 Notes

New Chapter

Skyedge: If you are strong enough to pass all 6 chapters with 5 or more Trial Tokens activated, you will meet Master Shi at The Last Room and he can teleport you to the mysterious Skyedge. Feel free to challenge this hidden chapter, even if you fail, you can still get your rewards.

# New Player Character

Harziel: When you clear the Skyedge chapter once, you can unlock the new character “Harziel”.


# New Soul Charms

Create (Wooden): Harziel’s Star Shuriken no longer bounces. Instead, additional shuriken are launched based on bounces.
– Create (Stone): Harziel’s Dark Beast now instead summons a Thundercaller that lasts for 30 sec or until you leave the area. The Thundercaller inherits the caster’s damage attributes and attack power.
– Create (Silver): Harziel’s Holy Light no longer restores hit points. Instead, it increases the caster’s damage dealt by 30%.
– Create (Golden): Harziel’s Force Field no longer pushes enemies away, instead affected enemies are further slowed and their attack power is reduced by 30%.
– Create (Jade): Harziel’s Tremor creates an additional seismic wave that knocks nearby enemies down. Those hits will have their damage taken increased by 30% for 30 sec.


# New Soul Spell

Void Crush: Using a skill increases attack power for 20 sec according to the amount of Magic Power used. This effect stacks but disappears upon changing area.

# New Weapon


Chastise Whip: A whip-type weapon that when used to whip the enemy, might turn them into your slave.

# New Relics


Jade Pipa: When entering a battlefield, a tune is played at random, buffing allied forces. The playing will stop though as soon as you take damage.

– Chi Dragon: A little dragon that can breathe three types of flame. It will typically rest on your arm and will breathe fire ever so often when you attack.

– Star Core: Revolves around the owner, dealing damage to enemies and protecting the owner from attacks. It disappears when the owner dies and will not be revived along with the owner.


– Tangtang: Tangtang will use high-level combat skills to aid you in battle. Familiars cannot die, but require time to recover when defeated.

# Balance

Black Iron Orbit: Reduce the hitbox of the smash attack and increase the frames of the attack forward swing.
– Hoarfrost’s Bite: Reduce the knockback distance of charged stab attack and reduce the damage of icicle.
– Sleeve Bone Needle: Adds Guard Break effect to charged attack 2.
– Farmer Brigand: Reduce the damage of the charged stab.
– Cursed Blood Bracers: Trigger condition changed from “Loss of HP” to “Damaged”.
– Cursed Blood Void Clothing: Trigger condition changed from “Loss of HP” to “Damaged”.
– Cursed Blood Coin: Trigger condition changed from “Loss of HP” to “Damaged”.
– Poisoned Blood: Trigger condition changed from “Loss of HP” to “Damaged”.
– Lava Blood: Trigger condition changed from “Loss of HP” to “Damaged”.
– Cursed Blood Bat: Trigger condition changed from “Loss of HP” to “Damaged”.
– Blood Bomb: Trigger condition changed from “Loss of HP” to “Damaged”.
– Blood Pawnshop: Trigger condition changed from “Loss of HP” to “Damaged”. Significantly increase the probability of generating relics.
– Divine Master’s Charm: Trigger condition changed from “Loss of HP” to “Damaged”. Adds Guard Break effect to the lightning strike.
– Soul Charm – Control (Golden): Adds Guard Break effect to the lightning strike.
– Soul Charm – Gravity Force (Jade): Adds Guard Break effect to the lightning strike.
– Trial Token – Righteous Fury: Adds Guard Break effect to the lightning strike.
– Thundraka Belly Drum: Adds Guard Break effect to the lightning strike.
– Lord of Thunder’s Nail: Adds Guard Break effect to the lightning strike.
– Pill of Marching: It also removes all negative statuses when used.

# Experience Optimize

Hooked Targe & Sword: Attack2 can be controlled by the player via keystrokes to attack only once or twice.
– Distinguishes the frost effect from other slowing effects.
– Wooden Man: Can be pushed and grabbed to facilitate player practice.

# Bug Fixes

– Fixed the problem that the left/right UI switch prompt was displayed incorrectly in some resolutions.

– Fixed an issue where no teammates appeared in the “Chance Meeting” room when holding Hunter Bell.


– Fixed an issue that an error may occur when a player revives after Demon Spider is given negative status by Yellow Immortal’s attack.

– Hoarfrost’s Bite: Fixed an issue where Whirlwind Slash would incorrectly cause a knockdown effect.

– Fixed the problem that some text may have incorrect line breaks.


– Fixed some image errors in Devil Slaying Log.

– Triple Blaster Blunderbuss: Fixed an issue where the cannon shot can not be affected by the Cleaver effect.

– Fixed the issue that the Darksteel Sword challenge room in Chapter 5 may produce incorrect drops.


– Kharoum – Crimson Shield & Spear: Fixed a displacement error in the attack animation.

– Fixed a layer error of a flag in the Battlefield chapter.

– Fixed an issue where the illumination effect would not disappear if an enemy in Ignite died.


– Fixed the problem that when switching to a weapon with immunity effect, the corresponding negative effect was not removed.

– Mount Tai: Fixed an issue where the “Soul Charm – Mana Surge (Jade)” effect could not be triggered when an enemy was killed by the extra effect of a charged attack.

– Leviathan: Fixed the issue that he could be incorrectly slowed by the waters.

# Localization

– Add Korean language support.
– Improve the English description of the conditions for some achievements.

# Misc

– Wall of Blades: No longer deals damage to flying units.
– Fixed some typos.
– Soul Charm – Sharp Edge: Adjusted description text.
– Free Jar: Adjusted description text.
– Adjusted the way sound effects are played.

Download free Devil Slayer Raksasi patch 1.10 on PC (Steam).