Destiny 2 1.37 Update Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One

    Destiny 2 update 1.37 is now rolling out for players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the Destiny 2 1.37 patch notes, the new update comes with various changes for Clans, Sandbox, Crucible, and more. In addition, Destiny 2 patch 1.37 also contains fixes for stability and performance improvements.

    Previously, Bungie released an update with various fixes and changes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game online. Today’s Destiny 2 version 1.37 update is expected to fix these issues. Check out more details below.

    Destiny 2 update 1.37 Patch Notes


    • Added clan XP rewards to the following:
        • Strikes launched from the Director
        • Black Armory forges
        • Escalation Protocol (requires completion of Level 7 and players must open the chest)
    • Rebalanced clan XP rewards
        • Raid: 2,000
        • Raid lair: 1,500
        • Nightfall: 1,000
        • Crucible: 500
        • Strikes: 500
        • Patrol: 250
        • Story: 250
        • Adventure: 250
        • Heroic adventure: 500
        • Forge: 500
        • Menagerie: 1,000
        • Reckoning:
            • Tier 1: 500
            • Tier 2: 750
            • Tier 3: 1,000
        • Escalation Protocol: 750
        • Gambit: 500
        • Public events: 250
        • Blind Well: 250


    • Outbreak Perfected can no longer generate nanites when shooting immune targets
    • Fixed an issue where magazine size indicators didn’t display the proper arrows when changing magazine perks on some Machine Guns
    • Fixed an issue where the Sturm’s Accomplice perk would not reload Sidearms other than Drang or Drang (Baroque)
    • Fixed an issue where the Sturm’s Accomplice perk would play excessive reload audio on kill when paired with Drang or Drang (Baroque)
    • Fixed an issue where Season 5 Vanguard Pulse Rifle Nightshade wasn’t available after Season 5
    • Fixed an issue where 21% Delirium was gaining stacks of Killing Tally from shooting persistent destroyable objects


    • Fixed an issue where players could reach an advantageous out-of-bounds spot during Crucible matches on Emperor’s Respite map


    • Destiny 2 1.37 fixed an issue preventing players from activating the Witch’s Vessel objects in Crown of Sorrow encounters


    • Players will no longer be able to use their Chalice to gain multiple rewards within the same Menagerie run
    • In the Gauntlet encounter of the Menagerie, only living players will be given credit for completing a lap
    • Fixed an issue where Werner’s weekly bounties no longer gave powerful rewards
    • Destiny 2 update 1.37 fixed an issue where Rune Bonus II for the Chalice was not always refunding a rune
    • Fixed an issue causing the chests on the Barge to reset on Sunday


    • Fixed an issue causing Seasonal Eververse armor to drop from Eververse bundles with random perks
    • Players who currently have randomly rolled Eververse armor will retain the perks that are on them
    • Players affected by the Jubilant Bright Engram issue during the Revelry event can now pick up bundles containing any missing Jubilant Eververse armor pieces from the Seasonal store tab


    • Progress toward the “Platforms Spawned” objective of the Truth quest will no longer be reset on a fireteam wipe
    • Vex Oracles for the Mercury public event will now detonate appropriately when destroyed
    • Eater of Worlds Crystals guarding Argos have returned to their normal, larger size
    • Fixed an issue where some players could infinitely reset their Infamy rank
    • Players who are idle in too many Gambit matches will once again receive matchmaking suspensions
    • Fixed an issue where /join and /invite commands were not always working on PC
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Drifter/Vanguard Allegiance quest from progressing
        • Meat’s back on the menu, Guardians
    • Fixed an issue where waypoints persisted on Ikora and Drifter after completing the Allegiance quest
    • Added fixes for stuttering and framerate drop issues.
    • Destiny 2 1.37 added fixes for crashing and freezing issues.
    • Added performance and stability performance.
    • Added minor UI changes with Destiny 2 version 1.37.
    • Other minor changes.

    Destiny 2 update 1.37 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.

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