Patch Notes

Destiny 2 1.17 Update Released, Read Full Changelog Here


Destiny 2 1.17 update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is now available for download. The new Destiny 2 update 1.17 comes with various changes and game improvements. In addition, Destiny 2 version 1.17 also addressed the Tower and Raid blackscreen issues. Additionally, Rumble player count will be reduced to 6 total players.

Apart from this, the Competitive Playlists now features a quitter penalty. This new system will now issue temporary restrictions, 30 minutes in length, for habitual quitters. Leaving a match early for any reason, from improper network settings to an idle time-out while getting the door for a food delivery, can result in a temporary restriction.

Destiny 2 1.17 Patch Notes

  • Reducing Rumble player count from 8 to 6
  • Changes to respawn system to help prevent players from spawning near opponents
  • Destiny 1.17 addressed an issue where players were unable to load into the Tower
  • Fixed an issue where Vendors sometimes would not load in the Tower
  • Destiny 2 version 1.17 fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to load into Raid encounters
Error Codes
  • Destiny 2 1.17 increased monitoring for ZEBRA errors, soon to be split into BEET and KALE.

Check your game update and download the latest update Destiny 2 Update 1.17.