Destiny 2 1.14 Update for PS4 and Xbox One released


Destiny 2 1.14 update for PS4, Xbox One, and PC is now available for download. The new Destiny 2 update 1.14 brings Armor Masterworks and Raid rewards changes. In addition, the latest Destiny 2 version 1.14, also includes various bug fixes and game improvements. An issue where Curse of Osiris strikes was not properly granting Clan Engrams when featured as a Nightfall activity is now addressed. You can read more details below.

Destiny 2 Update 1.14 Patch Note (Preview)

Lord Saladin returns to the Tower in Season 2. The game developers have added new items to the engrams you will find waiting for you when you visit Lord Saladin. There will definitely be Season 2 weapons in the Iron Banner Engram. There is also a new emblem that tracks how many lifetime rank ups for Iron Banner you have earned in Destiny 2. You can earn it by completing the Iron Banner Milestone. Also, the new update added the ability to obtain armor and three different weapons from Lord Saladin during each event.

The final way to earn rewards is by completing challenges. Ornaments are available for all your Iron Banner gear and you can unlock them by completing various objectives for Lord Saladin.

Destiny 2 version 1.14
Season 2 Ornaments
There are no limits to how many engrams you can acquire or how many tokens you can earn. Get as much playtime as you can during the week. It will always move you a little closer to opening another engram, earning an ornament, or purchasing a piece of gear from Lord Saladin.

Masters of the Armor

Added Armor Masterworks to the mix. All Legendary armor now has a chance to drop as a Masterwork. The same rules apply as with the weapons, you will have a higher chance of getting Armor Masterwork from Trials of the Nine and Raid activities. But you might get lucky with an engram from Lord Shaxx or any other vendor who offers engrams.
The Benefits
  • Each armor piece grants 3% damage resistance while using a Super
    • This stacks for a 15% damage reduction if you have a full set of Masterwork Armor
  • Masterworks armor can be reworked to a different stat package (Heavy, Light, or Restorative) for one Masterwork core and 10 Legendary Shards

Raid Reward Renewal

Raid Armor: Now With Raid Perks!
  • Raid armor now drops with perks that function on the Leviathan; these appear on mods that are selectable on both new drops and existing Raid armor pieces you may alread have in your inventory. Additionally, these mods are reusable: if you swap to another one these will always be in the list to swap back to on your Raid armor for the low, low price of 1 Calus Token.

    Destiny 2 1.14 Update patch

Double Drops
  • Clearing Prestige now gives you Prestige and normal drops. If you have the prowess to clear Prestige, then you’ve proven yourself enough that we don’t need to force you to go back and do Normal as well.
Raid Encounters Always Drop a Raid Piece
  • Developers have unified the drop tables for the encounters so that raid gear isn’t tied to a specific encounter anymore.
Raid Vendor Sells a Rotating Selection of Raid Gear
  • If you just can’t get that last piece to drop for you, the game developers want to give you some agency with your tokens. For a cost of Legendary Shards and some Calus Tokens, you can purchase these pieces if you have completed that raid for the week.
New Item: Exotic Raid Ghost “Contender’s Shell”
  • Enter the Contender’s Shell. This Ghost can drop from the final encounter in either Leviathan or Eater of Worlds. Developers also included some bad luck protection to avoid the previously mentioned “Nanophoenix Problem” so that dedicated raiders can rest assured they’ll get their hands on it eventually, even if it takes several weeks.

Fixed in Destiny 2 1.14 Update (Preview)

  • Prometheus Lens
    • Flame Refraction perk now generates ammo instead of pulling from reserves
    • Increased base damage.
  • Fixed an issue where new characters created after the release of Curse of Osiris were not receiving the Flashpoint milestone.
  • Players in social spaces, like the Tower, receive a notification when their Lost and Found at the Postmaster is full.
  • Heroic strike completions now have a greater chance of granting Exotic rewards.
  • Mercury challenges are now available during adventures.
  • Fixed an issue where Curse of Osiris strikes was not properly granting Clan Engrams when featured as a Nightfall activity.
  • Fixed an issue where Challenges were not appearing within Quickplay.
  • Increased the dismantle timer for Masterwork Cores.
Destiny 2 update 1.14

The maintenance is currently in progress. As a result, users will no longer be able to log in to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Bungie expects maintenance to conclude at 12 PM PT. In addition, the game patch notes will be available soon. We’ll update this article with more details.

Check your game update and download latest Destiny 2 1.14 patch on your PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Update: You can now read full Destiny 2 Update changelog here.