Deep Rock Galactic Update (Season 1 Patch 1) Notes – Nov 8, 2021

Deep Rock Galactic update (Season 1 Patch 1) released on PC(Steam), Epic Games Store, and GOG. According to the official Deep Rock Galactic patch notes, the latest update brings changes for the difficulty of Industrial Sabotage, crash fixes, and more.


Previously, a major update added various quality of life changes and gameplay improvements.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Deep Rock Galactic patch 2 will address a few changes.


Deep Rock Galactic Patch Notes – November 8, 2021

  • Addressed a crash that happened when hovering the new Industrial Sabotage challenge after the first 10 completions at the mission selection screen.
  • Addressed a bunch of bugs with items disappearing when Rock and Stone
  • Addressed client authoritative projectiles impact not registering on server if impact time is shorter than the clients ping. Dormant projectiles are now now longer net dormant for the owning client.
  • Added network to spaceball goal cooldown timer (was not initialized on clients)
  • Addressed a bug that caused downed dwarf rejoining a game to fall through map
  • Addressed bug in escape menu, where hitting ESC + A or ESC + D left users stuck with mouse cursor, no menu and no way to get back to the game.
  • Deepdives endscreen only showed performance points for the last mission
  • Particle impact effects changes, Addressed hard lights, on autocannon, missile launcher, sniper and patrol bot impact and phase bomb explosion
  • Addressed Ragdoll collision vs energy shield
  • Added Cooldown modifier to random cooldown decorator
  • In the overclock equip UI: Made more room for +/- text lines
  • Tweaked line height on ‘New Items Available’ banners
  • Addressed dlc icon visible for items with unowned dlcs in paintjob/framework/wardrobe/pickaxe menus
  • Tweaked DLC icon
  • Addressed black visor of Dark Future helmet – no longer all black
  • Addressed several floating/clipping meshes on the Space Rig
  • Addressed missing distance between beer ingredients inventory on the Bar Menu
  • Addressed long beer names pushing the price off screen on the screen near the bar
  • Prospector Event: Added correct randomization in Prospector when it spawns dirt samples. Made nitra and gold guaranteed to spawn. Health Bar is now grey for clients when Prospector is immune to damage.
  • Added more Nitra to the spawn pool on the Prospector
  • Patrol bot numbers now scale based on hazards as well
  • Added missing detonator settings on some enemies
  • Addressed Challenge info does not show on late join character selection screen
  • Shader tweak: Attempt to fix too-bright materials on Power Station
  • Air geyser reworked, now also works properly for clients. They do however work a bit differently so the feel won’t be the same as before.
  • Addressed promotion mission control speak not audible
  • Raised the cap for enabled mods to 50
  • Hopefully fixing the issue where mods would make the game crash repeatedly.
  • Addressed a bug, where modio terms of service would be empty until actually fetched from the modio servers.
  • Adding the last updated date, to the specific mod on the mod menu
  • Removed Deep Dive button from server list
  • Addressed Sabotage mission not shown in discord presence
  • Gk2 bullet trails appear too early and outside of the gun when walking sideways
  • Pheromone canister locked past level 10 – Unlock logic was inverted so you could unlock it before required level or if you were promoted.
  • Addressed some cases of weak points not glowing. (Mostly on bosses)
  • Shield Generator now shows reduced recharge time stats as green
  • Drills no longer overheat when out of fuel
  • You can now freeze enemies with cryo cannon around pipes
  • Addressed the “heat” around the minehead and refinery also affecting enemies. Making it more difficult to freeze them there.
  • Addressed effect radius of several grenades showing in CM instead of Meters
  • Addressed Fire status effect stays on the health bar when a Patrol Bot is hacked
  • Added Spacerig loadout map
  • Addressed Engineer has two identical rival tech armor paint-jobs
  • Bosco moss crawler skin should now match correct paintjob
  • Addressed inconsistent spelling in shouts for the M.U.L.E. and Bosco
  • Addressed a typo in a Mission Control shout in the Industrial Sabotage mission
  • Addressed a typo in the usable text when Hack-C needs a reboot
  • Addressed typos and missing spaces in the Privacy tooltips
  • Addressed a typo in the infobox on the Season Terminal
  • Addressed a typo in the usable text for Cargo Crates.
  • Fixes for Arabic
  • Added localizability to Reward Unlocked text on the Season Terminal
  • Added localizability to the text when no assignment is selected on the Assignment Board
  • Added localizability to the use text for the Engineer’s Sentry Gun
  • Added localizability to fee text on the Miner Community Terminal
  • Added localizability to the Season Terminal screens
  • Added localizability to Season Terminal console screen that displays current level
  • Added localizability to small screens in the Drop Pod
  • Youngling rolling sound: Addressed attenuation
  • Killcry shout twin arbalest delay fix
  • Refinery rocket was too loud
  • Updated Season terminal reroll sound
  • Weak Point death audio on patrol bot
  • Added missing sound to rolling drone death head explode
  • Enabled photosensitive mode for beacons (placed when calling down supply pods etc).
  • Toned down blinking for non photosensitive mode.
  • Addressed issue with Power Station in Industrial Sabotage being extra bright in Photosensitive Mode.
  • Season menu bug fix: when reaching level 10 (20,30..), the menu will now show the correct row with claimable reward. Only after the player has claimed the reward the new row with current progression will be shown.
  • Slightly adjusted xp to performance point conversion to increase reward for longer and more difficult missions
  • Changed Hurricane Micro missile launcher missiles to use Client prediction for determining what it hits.This should make damage more reliable for clients with higher latency.
  • Reconnected Micro Missile Launcher weak point stats so they show up in the equipment terminal
  • Only the first shot of the micro missile launcher buck shot was being predicted
  • Changed armor break stat so it only shows when upgraded on the DRAK Plasma Carbine.
  • Addressed Corrosive Sludge Pump flaps are out in weapon preview. (They are only out when charging)
  • Dying on the vault will leave your body inside the extruded vault when it opens up. Reviving is possible but you will still be stuck inside.
  • Cargo Crate Batteries should no longer spawn inside the caretaker
  • Reduced the harassing drone wave enemy count that comes while you connect the hacking pods to the power stations to reduce the time/ammo sink
  • Tweaked some timings on the phase bomb and repulsion fields attacks on the caretaker
  • Sniper turrets no longer gets invulnerable while hiding
  • Caretaker kills all enemies quickly as soon as it dies to prevent players getting killed right after the fight
  • Added more caretaker scaling based on player numbers to make solo fights a little easier
  • Rival Tech projectiles now scale based on hazard level with haz 4 having the same velocity as before
  • Added more timer scaling based on hazard to make the fight easier on haz 1 and 2
  • Added hazard scaling to tentacle cooldowns and the electrocution attack
  • Doubled the distance at which a tether can connect to the Data Deposit.