Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.43 Patch Notes

Deep Rock Galactic update 1.43 is available to download on PS4, PC, and PS5. According to the official Deep Rock Galactic 1.43 patch notes, the latest update brings a handful of important fixes and additions to enhance your gaming experience. Apart from this, today’s Deep Rock Galactic patch 1.43 also includes stability fixes.

Recently, Deep Rock Galactic update 1.10 added a fix to an ammo exploit for the Nishanka Boltshark, and a fix to wave music that was not playing during the Hacking Event in Industrial Sabotage missions.

Unfortunately, since the last patch. players are experiencing several issues. Today’s Deep Rock Galactic version 1.43 will address a few of these changes. Read more details below.

Deep Rock Galactic Patch 1.43 Notes – October 4, 2023

  • Fixed issue where some weapons could do massive amounts of damage when shooting a puddle
  • Fixed that rejoin game would fail, if the host had previously hosted another game
  • Adjusted Large meteor carver to make rock cracker locations more accessible without mining
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Optimized contagion spikes a bit
  • Added a Merch tab to the menu, currently shows the DRG board game + expansion kickstarter

Download free Deep Rock Galactic game patch 1.43 on PlayStation 4, PC, and PlayStations 5.

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Jack Johnson
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