Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.17 Patch Notes – June 2, 2022


A new Deep Rock Galactic update 1.17 (1.000.017) is released on PS4, PC, and PS5. According to the official Deep Rock Galactic 1.17 patch notes, the latest update added a long list of changes and quality of life improvements. Apart from this, today’s Deep Rock Galactic patch 1.17 also includes stability fixes and changes.

Recently, a major update added a fix to an ammo-exploit for the Nishanka Boltshark, and a fix to wave music that was not playing during the Hacking Event in Industrial Sabotage missions.

Unfortunately, since the last patch. players are experiencing several issues. Today’s Deep Rock Galactic version 1.17 will address a few of these changes. Read more details below.


Deep Rock Galactic Patch 1.17 notes (Season 02: Patch 4)


– Fixed some cases where the modding support integration caused the game to not load past the videos in the beginning
– Fixed some cases where certain saves caused the game to not load past the videos in beginning

Weapon changes


Drak-25 Plasma Carbine
– Reduced the base ammo a bit
– Reduced the ammo bonus from the T2 Larger Battery upgrade
– Increased the ammo bonus of the Shield Battery Booster OC
– Reduced the overheat duration penalty of the Thermal Exhaust Feedback OC

– Moved some of the reload speed bonus and ammo switch speed bonus from the T3 Stabilizing Arm Brace upgrade to the base weapon
– Increased the base special Taser ammo
– Increased the base special Chemical Explosion ammo
– Increased the base duration of the Taser bolt
– Significantly increased the base duration of the Chemical Explosion bolt effect, giving a longer window in which to kill the affected enemy
– Significantly increased the explosion damage from an enemy killed while affected by the Chemical Explosion bolt and changed the damage type to Explosive

Coil Gun
– Moved some trail DoT from the T5 Electric Trail upgrade to the base weapon
– Reduced the base charge speed slightly and increased the bonus of the T1 Optimized Magnetic Circuit upgrade
– Significantly increased the effect strength and radius of the T3 Fear Trajectory upgrade
– Increased the explosion damage from the T5 Necro-Thermal Catalyst upgrade
– Removed the reload penalty from the Re-atomizer OC and changed it from Balanced to Clean
– Significantly reduced the damage penalty of the Backfeeding Module OC and reduced it’s ammo bonus slightly


Zhukov NUK17
– Slightly increased the damage bonus of the T5 Conductive Bullets upgrade
– Increased the damage bonus of the Gas Recycling OC

Voltaic SMG
– Moved some of the electrocution chance bonus of the T1 Upgraded Capacitors upgrade to the base weapon
– Moved some of the recoil reduction of the T2 Recoil Dampener upgrade to the base weapon

Shard Diffractor
Endothermic Explosion OC
– Renamed the Endothermic Explosion OC to Plastcrete Catalyst and tweaked the description to better clarify it’s mechanics
– Made the visual effects better reflect the AoE range increase when shooting at platforms
– Fixed the explosion effect not matching the size of the explosion
– Explosion now fully consumes all plastcrete within its effect radius
– Reduced the time it takes to trigger the explosion and made the weapon auto-cycle after an explosion is triggered


Colette Wave Cooker
– Moved some shot width from the base weapon to the T1 Concave Lens upgrade
– Reduced the effect of the T3 Temperature Amplifier upgrade on both the target and surrounding enemies
– Reduced the ammo bonus of the Mega Powersupply OC

Blistering Necrosis OC
– Weakpoint bonuses now apply when shooting blistering necrosis blisters.
– If a boil from blistering necrosis is on a weak point that gives a higher damage multiplier than 1.5x the boil will copy the weak points multiplier.
– Damage transferred from shooting blisters is no longer dependent on how much health the blisters have left.
– Removed the cap for how much damage the blisters can transfer to the enemy at once.

HURRICANE Guided Rocket System
– Increased the bonus of the T1 Increased Blast Radius upgrade
– Increases the projectile velocity and turn rate bonuses of the T2 Bigger Jet Engine upgrade


Weapon Bug Fixes
– Fixed taser arrows electric arc not damaging the enemy which the arrow is stuck in
– Fixed issue where arrows and other projectiles would start floating
– Fixed Crossbow also switching to special arrows when picking up stuck arrows.
– Fixed The Nishanka Boltshark X resupplies special bolts incorrectly
– Fixed Nishanka Boltshark X-80 bolts are doing less damage for clients.
– Banshee module for crossbow now takes fear resistance into consideration
– Fixed Bolts are consumed when hitting Pipes in refining mission instead of bouncing off
– Fixed an issue where electric bolts would cause the game to freeze
– Fixed coilgun not being able to damage the caretaker

– Fixed season challenge timer – season challenges now have 21 hours timer cooldown, down from 24 hour, for more flexibility
– Barrels now have a short cooldown before you can kick it again
– Increased the amount of holomite required to complete the secondary objective
– Updated grappling gun to disallow use through walls, and correctly correspond with UI

New Features
– Implemented NVidia Reflex


– Fixed Bulks not exploding as you would expect in missions with Volatile Guts anomaly
– Fixed grabbers not releasing the victim properly if they were released too fast on a spotty connection
– Fixed that Dead dreadnoughts would collide with the players
– Attempt to fix the case where Arbalest twin dreadnought would become invisible when killing its twin while it was burrowing
– Added more scaling to how lethal the Nemesis is based on hazard and number of players

– Fixed that Salvage would sometime not spawn enough mule legs’
– Fixed that some tunnels would be too narrow
– Fixed cave generation scaling issue – where cave features like slanted crystals in salt caves would become larger than intended

– Fixed that Ears would pop through the flight commander hat
– Set Hex helmet head visibility set from neck to none


– Mods will now not be marked as causing a crash if you quit the game normally.

– Fix attempt for escape pod sometimes not dropping down
– Fixed exploding barrel event lasers not animating
– Fixed the icon over the lost pack being upside down… whoops!
– Fixed barrier turret not spinning when the host wasn’t looking at it
– Fix for Barbaric Bosco Paintjob using the wrong material
– Added async loading of season briefing
– Client interaction system fixes for high ping
– Updated spaceball physics
– Attempt to fix case where hearthstone progress bar was not showing

Download free Deep Rock Galactic game patch 1.17 on PlayStation 4, PC, and PlayStations 5.