Deep Rock Galactic Patch Notes (Update 2) – November 11, 2021

    Deep Rock Galactic update (Season 1 Patch 2) released on PC(Steam), Epic Games Store, and GOG. According to the official Deep Rock Galactic patch notes, the latest update fixed a couple of crashes including a fix for the crash on load for many windows 7/8 players. Apart from this, Deep Rock Galactic patch 2 also made a number of improvements to missions and fixed some weapon issues.

    Previously, a major update added various quality of life changes and gameplay improvements.

    Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Deep Rock Galactic patch 2 will address a few changes.

    Deep Rock Galactic Patch Notes – November 11, 2021

    • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] The Minehead is now visible on Terrain Scanner
    • The Minehead in Point Extraction now has an outline when using the Laser Pointer (similar to the platform in Refinery)
    • Fix for crash on load for win 7/8 players
    • Unified shortcuts for switching characters in various terminals. You can now use A/D or Q/E for switching
    • Buying a DLC will now show a notification next to the unlocked vanity items and skins
    • Fixed a crash related to fading lights
    • Fixed a crash related to late joining
    • Fixed some rare crashes related to the modding system
    • Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen, when getting info of a mod from modio
    • Attempt to fix crash related to end of level
    • Fixed a bug that caused Tritilyte Deposit – Nanite Bomb Dispenser to land inside Data Vault – Force Field (added more precise check for important locations)
    • Fixed a bug that caused magnificent long moustaches to not layer on top of beards but instead clip through
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Omen towers health bar to always be grey for clients, even if module was vulnerable
    • Fixed colour for details on armor paint job that were not right
    • Fixed material setting for the rim on tech trooper helmet to the right setting
    • Fixed some skinning issues on the Scout’s MK2 Armor
    • Fixed the generated icons that sometimes were missing geometry
    • Fixed the colour on the Supply Pod beacon (now back to yellow)
    • Fixed Personal Drop Pod beacon being visible for too long (player landing could see it)
    • Fixed Sniper Turret laser beams were not flashing right before firing
    • Fixed burst turrets thinking they were folded out too early, resulting in them firing in a seemingly random direction
    • Added Player collision to the facility turrets
    • Removed collider on Repulsion Turrets that were not needed
    • Added a range indicator when you pick up the first Transmitter Node around the Hacking Pod
    • The Patrol Bot now has new navigation software that allows it to fly closer to the cave ceiling without poking its head through it.
    • Fixed a bug that made you remain unequipped when dropping a carriable
    • Weapon is no longer hidden when sometimes exiting use montage
    • You no longer get disarmed when dropping a carriable, and no longer deposit with a weapon while depositing a gem
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Subata ‘Mactera Toxin-Coating’ modification to not show bonus value against Mactera enemies
    • Fixed a bug with the Zhukov’s sound that made it play a short firing sound after firing
    • Fixed a bug that caused damage registration issues for the Hurricane’s Plasma Burster OC for clients
    • Fixed a bug that caused ammo to be consumed and fired, but not deal damage if you were downed while acquiring locks with LOK-1 Smart Rifle
    • Fixed a bug that made the LOK-1 Smart Rifle add more than max locks if you start to fire while shooting with max locks
    • Fixed a bug were if the LOK-1 Smart Rifle shots were interrupted by sprinting, next use would not lock on to enemies
    • Fixed a bug that caused the LOK-1 Smart Rifle to not work on the OMEN Exterminator for clients
    • Tweaked the LOK-1 Smart Rifle gunsling animation to minimize jitter.. It’s still there, but it’s much improved.
    • Fixed the Season Challenge timer. It unintentionally counted from you logging in (example: you log in 28 hours after a new challenge timer, you would get 1 new challenge and a new 24 hour timer. The 4 hours extra should be counted towards next challenge, so the timer now would say 20 hours)
    • Fixed the Season Challenges text in the Mission Map and Character Selection Terminal lacking margin
    • Fixed up pathfinder collision on the Data Deposit
    • Scripted and normal waves are now disabled during the Data Deposit event
    • Increased limit of patrol bots that can be alive before Prospector steps out of the immunity state.
    • Prospector stays in an immunity state when the limit of alive Patrol Bots (not hacked) has been reached, instead of only exceeded.
    • Tweaked the wave difficulty for solo players that fight the Prospector. It should now be easier.
    • Tweaked the Shredder wave difficulty during the Prospector Season Event

    Known issue:

    • Changing weapons while carrying objects causes a purely visual issue, leaving your weapon floating mid-air.
    • Do not Rock & Stone while putting filled Canisters back into Doretta – It makes you unable to use E. This is the only time it is acceptable not to Rock & Stone!!
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