Deceit Update 2021.9.2 Patch Notes – October 29, 2021

A new Deceit update v2021.9.2 released on PC. According to the official Deceit patch notes, the latest update added new Halloween event to the game.


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Deceit Patch Notes – October 29, 2021

  • This Halloween weekend, through to midday Monday GMT, you’ll earn an extra 50% Tickets when playing.
  • You can now preview your microphone and voice settings in the settings menu, by selecting the “Test Voice” option.
  • Added support for plugging in microphones and output devices whilst the game is open.

Reward Crates have had their interactions simplified, making disabling them no longer a separate interaction on the tamper box but instead a secondary interaction (defaulted to ‘X’) on the crate itself. You can still shoot the tamper box on the side of the crate to disable it if you prefer.

  • The item displayed above Reward Crates now spins once the crate is in-progress.
  • Our in-game translations have been updated thanks to our Community Translators.
  • Fuse Dispensers and Fuse Boxes at night are now outlined through walls if you’re close to them.
  • [FIXED] Players crash if they use the Inspection Kit whilst wearing ‘Ghostly’ armour.
  • [FIXED] Players can animation cancel placing a fuse in a fuse box at night.
  • [FIXED] Challenges that require you to use the Inspection Kit, Tracker, Lethal Injection or Antidote as a specific character don’t work.
  • [FIXED] Changes to your Windows default microphone & voice output devices aren’t detected without a game restart.
  • [FIXED] Game settings aren’t reset in the UI if you make changes & then close the settings window without applying them.
  • [FIXED] The countdown timer for the Double Objective activating shows ‘0’ for the final 5 seconds.