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We have posted some Deathloop tips and tricks for you. Recently released DEATHLOOP allows you to play as Colt’s story and face off against his most fearsome and unpredictable opponent, Julianna Blake, or step into Julianna’s stylish sneakers and invade the main campaign as you fight to protect the timeloop.

You will start off by playing through the first section of the single-player campaign, and after you finish the mission “The Longest Day,” PvP will open up to you. You’ll select Julianna’s mode and from there you can choose to invade a friend’s timeline or jump into a random player’s campaign.

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As Colt, you can choose to limit who can invade you to Friends Only, or you can disable the PvP altogether and focus on the single-player experience. When you disable PvP, Julianna will still be hunting you during your assassination missions, but she will be controlled by the AI.

If you want to play against your friends as Julianna, here’s some info to help you get started:

  • Select one of your available friends to invade their game. Friends can only be invaded when they are in a district and period where a Visionary is present.
  • Friends can only be invaded during the first few minutes after Colt has entered the district.
  • Friends can only be invaded by one Julianna during any given district.

If these conditions aren’t met or a friend is playing in Single Player mode, they will not be available – you won’t be able to invade them.


Having trouble getting into your friend’s game? Ask them to turn on Friends Only mode to limit who can invade them.

And if you do decide you want to disable or limit PvP as Colt:
Play through the campaign until you complete “The Longest Day” introduction. Up until this point, the game will automatically default to single-player.

After completing “The Longest Day,” click on your player icon in the upper left-hand corner to cycle between Single Player, Online Mode and Friends Only.


Listen for the music. Each time you’re invaded by Julianna, you’ll hear a distinctive and haunting melody play. That might mean it’s time to switch up your playstyle and go ghost for a little bit until you know where she might be hiding.

One strike and she’s out. You won’t be facing off against an endless wave of Juliannas when you play. Once you defeat Julianna in a district, you can’t be invaded again until you move on to the next time period.


You don’t have to duke it out. Sometimes it’s better to just make it out alive. If you’ve just recently acquired a particularly wonderful weapon or Trinket, but you only have one life left, you can choose to make a break for the exit rather than risk confrontation with Julianna. Hacking your district’s antennae will allow you to extract safe and sound.

High risk, higher reward. Julianna is the toughest Visionary there is, because she can be controlled by another player. That means there are huge rewards for defeating her: weapons, abilities, upgrades, trinkets… but perhaps most important to your survival, refills for your Reprise charges.

If you find yourself running low, you might decide it’s well worth the risk to take her on and try to get all of your charges back before you continue on to your mission objective.

Hack into the mainframe. Ok, maybe not the mainframe, but there’s plenty around the island for you to hack. Security systems, doors, turrets, distraction points like phone booths… Turn Blackreef against the Eternalists that are hunting you down. Everything you hack will also target a Julianna that might be on your trail, and she won’t be able to revert your work, so the systems will remain armed in your favor until you leave the district.

There are even special Trinkets that you can apply to your character that will boost your hacking abilities. For example, equip Master Hacker and Extended Signal to hack things quicker and from farther away, and throw in Remote Detonation to add a little BOOM to your hacks.

The hunt is… off? Julianna can only invade when you’re doing assassination missions, so if you’re in a district doing Killing Time objectives, you’re off her radar.


Spend more time playing as Colt. Being a strong Julianna comes from knowing Blackreef inside and out. The best way to do that is by playing through Colt’s campaign. As you unlock the secrets of the island, you’ll naturally find yourself memorizing its four districts. You’ll learn each area’s NPC patrol routes or item pickup spots, as well as all the tucked-away nooks and crannies that might make a great hiding place for a certain sneaker-wearing huntress.
Practice makes perfect.

When you begin playing as Julianna, you’ll be starting from the ground up. You won’t have special weapons or powers just yet, but that will come as you invade other players’ games. Every time you face off against Colt, you’ll get stronger.

Be smart. Thanks to his Reprise ability, Colt has three “lives.” Julianna only gets one death, so you’ll need to be a little cleverer. Watch Colt. Follow him for a little while. You’re in no rush. With enough careful observation, you might even be able to tell which path Colt will take to his objective. Use this to your advantage and get ahead of him so you can set up a few cruel surprises.


Be two-faced. Julianna’s signature ability, Masquerade, allows her to bodyswap with anyone she can see. Trading places with an NPC might allow her to trick Colt into going after the fake Julianna while you watch from a safe distance and snipe him when he makes himself vulnerable.

Use your minions. Ok, the Eternalists aren’t quite minions, but Julianna is allowed to treat them like they are. If you’re looking for an interesting indirect combat opportunity, wait until you spot Colt and then alert all nearby Eternalists to his position and watch the ensuing carnage without ever having to get your hands dirty. Even if they don’t manage to take Colt down, they can still do some damage. Plus, it makes for a fun show, and Julianna is always looking for new sources of entertainment.

You have eyes everywhere. Just like you can draw the Eternalists to Colt’s position, any time they (or a security camera) spot him, you’ll get an alert letting you know his last-known position. This is exceptionally helpful in these large districts if you’re having trouble hunting down a particularly stealthy Colt.

Be stylish. Game Director Dinga Bakaba has said that one of the goals when playing as Julianna isn’t necessarily to win. It’s to be cool. By completing certain objectives called Feats, you’ll earn Hunter Points that will help you rise in the Hunter Ranks, earning you new weapons, abilities, Trinkets and even skins for both Julianna and Colt. You don’t have to be the best hunter out there; you just have to be the coolest.