Death Trash Update 0.7.21 Patch Notes (Official) – Oct 8, 2021


Death Trash update 0.7.21 is now available to download for PC players. According to the official Death Trash patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements. Apart from this, Death Trash patch 0.7.21 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big update added Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 3 with new Weapon Charms, Weapon Colors, and more. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

Today’s Death Trash patch 0.7.21 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.


Death Trash Patch Notes (October 8, 2021)

  • Placed preliminary player storage object in Tauris, New Delphi and Puke Bar
  • Fixed a case of an enemy group prematurely trying to end combat
  • Fixed an issue with interacting with Bleeding Head Oracle
  • Updated settings menu UI.
  • Fixed text overflow issues in quests and knowledge windows
  • Fixed some text.
  • Localization: updated lots of UI elements to be compatible with text spanning multiple lines.
  • Localization: updated some entries, removed a few unused ones
  • Additional small changes.

Download free Death Trash update 0.7.21 is now available for download on PC.