Dead Pixie BG3 Guide: Free, Keep, Lost Blessing & More

The Dead Pixie is a mysterious creature found trapped inside a broken Moonlantern in the ruined Githyanki ship, the Nautiloid. Interacting with the Pixie presents players with interesting choices that can have a big impact on the game. This guide will provide information on finding the Pixie, killing it or saving it, and the rewards and consequences of both paths.

What is the Dead Pixie in BG3?

In the world of Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), the Dead Pixie isn’t just a whimsical creature; it’s a key element in a complex questline. Found inside a broken moonlantern, this fey creature holds the power to either illuminate your path or lead you into darkness.

Table 1: Dead Pixie Quick Facts

Aspect Description
Location Inside a broken moonlantern
Role Key to the Moonrise Towers quest
Related Item Moonlantern
Act Introduced Act 2

Why is the Moonlantern Important?

The moonlantern serves as a magical device that harnesses the life force of a pixie. It’s not just a light source but a protective shield against the Shadow Curse. In Act 2, you’ll encounter shadow-cursed areas where a functional moonlantern becomes essential for survival.

How to Acquire a Dead Pixie and Moonlantern in Act 1

In Act 1, you’ll meet a goblin named Gut who claims to have found a dead pixie and a shattered moonlantern in a swamp. You have three options:

  1. Steal them: Requires high dexterity and stealth.
  2. Convince Gut: Utilize your charisma to get them for free.
  3. Buy them: Fork over 100 gold pieces.

However, these items won’t be functional until Act 2.

Why is the Moonlantern Important?
Why is the Moonlantern Important?

How to Get a Working Moonlantern in Act 2

To get a working moonlantern, you’ll need to venture into the Shadow-cursed region. Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Last Light Inn: Follow Harper scouts after a conflict here.
  2. Find Kar’niss: This dragon holds a living pixie turned into a moon lamp.
  3. Acquire the Moonlantern: Either convince Kar’niss or defeat them in combat.

Table 2: Steps to Acquire a Working Moonlantern

Step Action Required
1 Locate the Last Light Inn
2 Find Kar’niss
3 Acquire the Moonlantern

Dealing with a Pixie: To Free or Not to Free?

Once you have a working moonlantern, you face a moral dilemma. You can either:

  • Release the Pixie: This earns you a Filigreed Feywild Bell and the Pixie Blessing condition.

  • Keep the Pixie: This choice has its own set of consequences.

Why Your Choices Matter

Your decisions regarding the dead pixie and moonlantern have lasting impacts. For instance, releasing the pixie earns you its blessing but can be lost if you engage in morally questionable activities. On the flip side, keeping the pixie might lead to unforeseen consequences.

Table 3: Consequences of Choices

Choice Consequence
Release Pixie Gain Filigreed Feywild Bell and Pixie Blessing
Keep Pixie Unknown consequences

In BG3, the dead pixie and the moonlantern are not just items; they’re pivotal elements that can shape your journey. So, choose wisely and tread carefully as you navigate the shadow-cursed lands of Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Maintain the Pixie Blessing

So, you’ve decided to release the pixie and earned its blessing. Great! But maintaining this blessing requires vigilance. Certain actions can offend the pixie, causing you to lose this protective shield.

  1. Avoid Killing Innocents: The pixie detests unnecessary violence.
  2. Don’t Steal: Pixies value honesty.
  3. Be Kind: Acts of kindness strengthen the blessing.

Table 5: Maintaining Pixie Blessing

Action Effect
Killing Lose blessing
Stealing Lose blessing
Kindness Strengthen blessing

What Happens if You Keep the Pixie?

Choosing to keep the pixie in your moonlantern is a path less traveled, shrouded in mystery. While the immediate benefits might seem appealing, the long-term consequences remain unknown. It’s a gamble, one that could either pay off or lead to your downfall.

Table 7: Keeping the Pixie

Choice Consequence
Immediate Retain a functional moonlantern
Long-term Unknown

In the end, the dead pixie and moonlantern in BG3 serve as more than mere quest items. They’re ethical dilemmas, strategic decisions, and potential game-changers. Navigate wisely, for the choices you make echo in the shadow-cursed corridors of Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Fix a Broken Moonlantern – September 25, 2023

In Act 1, the moonlantern you acquire is broken. While it can’t be fixed in this Act, Act 2 offers a solution. You’ll need to:

  1. Locate a Functional Moonlantern: As discussed in Part 2, this involves confronting Kar’niss.
  2. Transfer the Pixie: If you have a dead pixie, you can’t transfer it. A living pixie is required.

Table 9: Fixing a Broken Moonlantern

Step Action Required
1 Locate a Functional Moonlantern
2 Transfer the Pixie

The Dead Pixie in Baldur’s Gate 3 offers an intriguing encounter filled with mystery. Players must carefully weigh their options and accept the consequences. Will you kill or save this complex creature? Your choice will dramatically shape your journey through the game’s dark fantasy world.

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