Dead Frontier 2 Level 50 Update Patch Notes – July 22, 2021

Dead Frontier 2 Level 50 update is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Dead Frontier 2 patch notes, the latest update added various fixes, improvements, and technical changes.

Dead Frontier 2 patch notes

Main Features

  • You can now reach level 50 and prestige level 10!
  • There are four new bosses: Hysteric, Reaper, Creep and Twins (each with brand new mechanincs)
  • Every zombie & mutant in the game (including bosses) now has 5 new dangerous variations each with its own unique mechanics: Optic, Spined, Cystic, Tentacled and Scythed

DF2 now has a proper story line to uncover, told through books and audio recordings. At least one new story item will be found per level up. (Note that if you are already level 30 you’re going to find *a lot* of these when you start playing as the game catches the story up).

  • Assault Rifles have been added with all their relevant stats and skills.
  • 40 new weapons and 2 pieces of armour were added to the game.
  • A crafting system was added. Right now there are nine items to craft but this will be expanded over time.
  • 111 new unique items were added.
  • You can now find rare food and drink items, which can then be sold to certain mission NPCs for a lot of cash.
  • There are now missions to kill bosses.
  • Every account gets one free stat reset.
  • You can now change controls inside the game itself!!! =D.

Balance Changes

  • Generally speaking the game, especially at the higher levels has been made harder.
  • Boss rooms have been made larger to make these fights less frustrating.
  • Higher tier versions of weaker bosses can now run (fingers, choir & mother).
  • The Stalker no longer runs, but cannot be stunned or knocked down and appears more frequently.
  • Mission and Challenge Event rewards were reworked to to have less extreme variations and make missions feel more important.
  • Chainsaws have had their body damage reduced by 50%.
  • SMGs had their attack speed reduced but now do a fair bit more body damage per hit and slightly more headshot.
  • Shotguns deal roughly 33% more damage overall.
  • Rifles deal 17% more *headshot* damage.
  • Fast melee (machete/wakizashi) has slightly more base damage & now grant an extra surprise damage bonus.
  • Armour durability is now much higher but base absorption is lower.
  • Ammo stack sizes have been doubled.
  • Some meds now stack into quantities groups of 3.

Multiplayer HP scaling has been put back in. This essentially means that for each extra player helping you, enemies have a tiny bit more health on a diminishing scale. This works out to 40% extra enemy health with 8 players, and +100% with 16 players.

Small Improvements

  • Proximity looting was added (ie you dont need to look at the spot directly, just be near it)
  • Improved bullet raycasts to prevent hitting things standing behind your character

Missions can now always be completed by visiting the first 20 rooms (nearest to the entrace) of a building, and there are now multiples of each target item so you are far less likely to miss something important.

  • Enemy loot spots now expire to prevent various exploits.
  • Stealth was tweaked to remove common exploits.
  • Climbing exploits were fixed.
  • Changed our main shaders so that objects can fade in/out cleanly without causing sorting issues with the fog etc.
  • Few minor decorations were added to make the harder zones look a bit more sinister.
  • Comers now has custom music and the outside building looks different.

Bug Fixes

  • UI no longer resets your scroll position on every action.
  • Fixed various bugs surrouding player deaths.
  • Addressed various multiplayer sync bugs.
  • Fixed a lot of small visual bugs.

Download free Dead Frontier 2 update 1.3.3067 on PC (Steam).

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