Dead Cells Update 1.31 Patch Notes (New DLC) – January 6, 2022

Dead Cells update 1.31 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Dead Cell patch notes, the latest update added a new DLC to the game. Apart from this, today’s Dead Cells also includes some minor bug fixes.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Dead Cells patch 1.31 will fix a few of these issues.

What is new in Dead Cells 1.31 Update Patch Notes? – January 6, 2022

Added The Queen and the Sea DLC to the game.

The Infested Shipwreck

If the name of this biome didn’t already give you a clue, you’ll be fighting your way through the bowels of a rotten shipwreck with eldritch horrors lurking behind every corner. We’ve introduced some quirks to make it fresh for you guys.
There are platforms and floor sections that enemies can break, disrupting your movement and even dumping you onto the spikes below. Armoured shrimps chase you down and can move vertically and horizontally with ease, letting them attack you from any direction. Anchor throwers…throw anchors at you, who’d have thought it!

To combat this terrible threat, you’ll gain access to a formidable arsenal of nautical weapons such as a trident, a pirate hook and a… shark?

We’re also introducing another pet in the form of the Leghugger, a not-so-cute armoured shrimp thing with an insatiable hunger for flesh and a tendency for sudden growth spurts.

Finally, no journey into a shipwreck is complete without a treasure hunt! Collect the pieces of the torn-up treasure map and put it back together to find the mythical booty…


Find your way through the shipwreck and you’ll reach the base of the lighthouse. We promised you something different with one of the biomes and now it’s the time to reveal what that is: the lighthouse is more or less a vertical chase scene & several miniboss fights combined, complete with rope pulleys, breakable barriers and deadly flames!
Scaling this soaring tower will be no easy task, as you’ll need to outrun rising flames from below. While fending off a trio of highly skilled warriors. At the same time. Just another day on the island!

Opportunities for rest will appear, but they will be short-lived. You are being chased by relentless killers after all…

The Crown

If you manage to make it through all of that unscathed (or at least alive) you’ll end up at the summit of the lighthouse in a bid to light the beacon and escape the island. However, to accomplish this feat you’ll need to triumph in a final duel against a familiar foe…

Beat the final challenge to discover a brand new ending…

Bug Fixes


  • Nerfed the attack power of Legendary Pets.
  • Pets now ignore lava and cannot die to it.
  • Increased Machete & Pistol‘s attack speed
  • Hard Light Sword‘s mark damage is now weaker at low marks and stronger at high marks.
  • Face Flask doesn’t grant recovery anymore. Note that the in-game description has only been updated for a few languages for now, with all other coming in the next patch. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Some weapons now destroy breakable grounds if the Ram rune has been obtained.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a softlock when interacting with an object while in the Pollo Power transformation.
  • Fixed Armadillopack not parrying some of Spoiler Boss‘ attacks.
  • Fixed Lightning Bolt / Flamethrower not stopping when triggered from the backpack. For real this time.
  • Fixed the Blowgun‘s animation not stopping when shot from the backpack.
  • Fixed the Beheaded’s head disappearing during some cinematics.
  • Fixed the transition to Morass of the Banished not showing on the World Map.
  • Fixed a softlock when quitting the game while in the Binoculars‘ view.
  • Fixed the parallax elements showing incorrectly behind Undying Shores‘ ZDoors
  • Fixed The Giant‘s hands not doing anything after getting interrupted by the Giant Whistle.
  • Removed an unused pathfinding system, that was causing unnecessary long loading times.
  • Various visual and collision optimizations.

Download free Dead Cells patch 1.31 on PlayStations 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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