Dead by Daylight Update 2.30 Patch Notes (DBD 2.30) – Sep 14, 2021

    Dead by Daylight update 2.30 (5.2.1) is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official DBD 2.30 patch notes, the latest update added various tweaks and fixes.

    Previously, a major update was released which added a new Killer (The Cenobite), a large text setting, UI improvements, and more.

    Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues while playing the game. Today’s Dead by Daylight patch 2.29 will address a few of these issues.

    Read the full details below.

    Dead by Daylight 2.30 Patch Notes (5.2.1) – Sep 14, 2021



    Clusters of Chains targeting the Survivor carrying the Lament Configuration during Chain Hunt will respawn as soon as the interaction is stopped if the Survivor does not complete the Solve interaction.

    • Teleport interaction will prioritize a location on the same level as the Survivor solving the puzzle box.


    • The Dead Dawg Saloon and Raccoon City Police Station maps have been re-enabled.

    Bug Fixes

    • [FIXED] – Steam Family Share to no longer share DLC.
    • [FIXED] – Cross Progression between Steam and Stadia to no longer share DLC.
    • Fixed and issue that caused DLC to disappear on PS4 and PS5 accounts.
    • [FIXED] – all survivors to hear the Chain Hunt starting notification sound when it starts only for the survivor holding the Lament Configuration.
    • Fixed an issue that may cause chains to hit the Cenobite when creating a gateway too close to himself.
    • [FIXED] – the “Remove Chains” text to appear in english in all languages.
    • [FIXED] – the Cenobite to gain bloodpoints when hitting a downed survivor with his chains.
    • [FIXED] – the Lament Configuration to clip with the survivor’s hand when performing the Remove Chains action.

    [FIXED] – the Gateway screen effect to remain when spectating the Cenobite while opening a gateway and switching to a survivor.

    • [FIXED] – the player name not to change properly when switching to spectating the Cenobite while he possesses a gateway.
    • [FIXED] – survivors to be able to stun the Nightmare with a Dream Pallet.
    • [FIXED] – the killer to be unable to pick up survivors downed while working on one of the short sides of a generator.
    • [FIXED] – the killer to be unable to pick up a survivor downed while trying to enter an occupied locker.
    • [FIXED] – the Locked & Found challenge not to track depleted keys.
    • [FIXED] – progress towards the Punch Drunk achievement not to be tracked.
    • [FIXED] – Feral Frenzy, Shadowborn and Monitor & Abuse not to change the player’s FOV.
    • [FIXED] – the vault block duration to be incorrect for tier 1 of the Hex: Crowd Control perk.
    • [FIXED] – the item lost SFX to play when performing some actions in the tutorial.
    • [FIXED] – the item lost SFX to play when the Trapper places a bear trap.
    • [FIXED] – a red wireframe to appear after the Nemesis uses his Tentacle Strike.
    • [Addressed] – survivors could be seen loading into public lobbies a second time when equipped with a Legendary Outfit.

    [Addressed] – entering the store from the Play as Killer screen would cause the killer to revert to the default outfit if the user bought an outfit for another killer.

    • [Addressed] – the Plague’s Foul Gown cosmetic effects were clipping into the camera when vomiting.
    • [Addressed] – a completed generator’s lights disappeared at certain camera angles.
    • [Addressed] – the Oni’s Fire Moon Warrior pattern would remain red when not in Demon Mode.
    • [Addressed] – the Clown’s speed vignette was yellow instead of purple when using the VHS AddOn.
    • [Addressed] – the Cenobite’s Bloody Hook and Chain still appeared in the menu.
    • [Addressed] – the Cenobite’s blue outline would stay on screen when spectating him and switching to a Survivor.
    • [Addressed] – survivors can get blocked by the collision of a rock at the stone structure in Red Forest.
    • [Addressed] – there’s an invisible collision blocking the flow of a chase at any drops from the 2nd floor in Ormond.
    • [Addressed] – a Plague’s fountain collision prevents going up a set of stairs in Hawkins National Laboratory.
    • [Addressed] – one of the main hall generators doesn’t count toward Raccoon City Recruit.
    • [Addressed] – the survivors can use dead hard to jump over garbage bags in Haddonfield.
    • [Addressed] – a hatch in RPD cannot be opened with a key.

    [Addressed] – survivors could escape the Trial by forcing collision with a rail near the stairs while healing another Survivor in the helicopter area of RPD.

    • [Addressed] – survivor can’t interact with one of the Nightmare’s clocks in Raccoon City Police Station.
    • [Addressed] – the killers snap on top of a sink when kicking a generator in RPD.
    • [Addressed] – there is an invisible collision for survivor and killer when falling off one side of a Hill.
    • [Addressed] – Claudette’s Patrol cap sinks inside her head while repairing generators.
    • [Addressed] – the chase music stops abruptly when killer interrupts survivor fixing a generator.

    [Addressed] – a drop item sound was playing incorrectly in the killer tutorial.

    Download free Dead by Daylight update 2.30 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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