Dayz Update 1.15 Hotfix 1 Patch Notes (Official) – Dec 6, 2021

    Dayz update 1.15 is now available o PC, PS4, and Xbox One. According to the official Dayz patch notes, the latest hotfix brings some minor changes and fixes to the game. Apart from this, Day patch 1.15 hotfix 1 also includes stability fixes.

    Previously, a major update was released with various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

    Read more details below.

    What is new in Dayz 1.15 Patch Notes – December 6, 2021



    • Addressed a game crash cause by bad memory handling of particles
    • Fire barrels could despawn when all attachments were removed
    • Inventory attachment slots were not visible on some items while in hands
    • AUR rifles played the reload sound twice when reloading


    • Fixed: Gameplay settings modifiers for stamina (sprintStaminaModifierErc and sprintStaminaModifierCro) were not working correctly
    • Fixed: Incorrect message handling on loot from the dynamic events (causing excessive flooding of logs)


    • Fixed: Crash when calling¬†GetGame().ObjectDelete()¬†on a ParticleSource managed by a ParticleManager, it will now ignore the request and output an error

    Download free Dayz patch 1.15 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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