Days Gone Best PC Graphics Settings for 60 FPS+ Gaming


Days Gone is now available for PC players. Days Gone PC brings uncapped frame rates, UHD graphics, and relatively good optimization for older hardware being implemented. We have posted some optimized Days Gone settings for quality and stability.

Days Gone PC Best Optimized Graphics Settings for 60 FPS

Days Gone runs at a reasonable frame rate. Here are some recommended graphics settings. For most users, we recommend using the Medium or High preset on a beefy computer.

However, to increase FPS on Days Gone, change the following settings.

  • Turn off Chromatic Aberration and Motion Blur
  • Reduce Foilage Draw Distance
  • Reduce Cloud and Fog Detail
  • Reduce Shadows
  • Reduce Resolution.

The following Days Gone Graphics Settings requires higher RAM and do not hit performance

  • You can set higher Texture Quality
  • Enable V-Sync

Leave the other settings as it is.