Dave The Diver Update Patch Notes

    DAVE THE DIVER update is rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official DAVE THE DIVER patch notes, the latest update improves the overall diving experience, which includes Mac support, new languages, lots of QOL improvements, and bug fixes.

    Recently, a major update was released with quality of life changes. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s DAVE THE DIVER patch will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Dave The Diver Patch Notes – March 14, 2023

    1) Boss Fight & Missions
    FIXED – Issue with occasionally not being able to play the game normally after failing the “Escort Ramo” and “Calm the leatherback turtle” missions.
    FIXED – Issue with not being able to let go of the anchor after grabbing it during the Giant Wolf Eel boss fight.
    FIXED – Issue where divers sometimes get stuck on the map during the Truck Hermit Crab boss fight.
    FIXED – Issue where Wolf Eel Gills are sometimes repeatedly acquired.
    FIXED – Issue where cutscenes are not being shown when obtaining Sea People artifacts on certain maps of the “Sea People Artifact” mission.
    FIXED – Issue where the “Not Enough Workers” mission sometimes gets cleared automatically.
    FIXED – Issue where cutscenes are sometimes not being shown during the “Find the Pink Delivery Box” mission.
    FIXED – Issue with Dave not being pulled away by the sea currents when using trap weapons during the Giant Squid Boss fight.
    FIXED – Issue where the lunch boxes sometimes go missing during the “Deliver Mima’s Lunch Boxes” mission.
    FIXED – Issue where seahorses sometimes don’t show up in the inventory during the “Catch the Runaway Seahorses” mission.
    FIXED – Issue with Dave being unable to move before calling Bancho during the “Giant Squid Dish”, “Speak with the Guests” missions.
    FIXED – Issue where the Giant Squid cutscenes sometimes don’t start.

    2) Boat / Sushi Restaurant / Fish Farm / Farm
    FIXED – Issue with occasionally not being able to dive during the day or in the evening.
    FIXED – Issue where the game sometimes stops when crafting in the Weapon Shop.
    FIXED – Issue where customers sometimes remain at the sushi bar and the restaurant doesn’t close.
    FIXED – Issue where the clothes of the customers entering the Sushi Bar load a bit late.
    FIXED – Issue where conversation icons appear over the heads of all the Sushi Bar staff.
    FIXED – Issue where the population of fish in the fish farm remains at 100% even when some fish are moved to the Sushi Bar.

    3) Underwater Exploration
    FIXED – Issue where Dave sometimes remains fixed in one direction or repeats the same animations.
    FIXED – Issue where Dave is shown as overloaded when he is not, or not being able to control Dave when he’s overloaded.
    FIXED – Issue where the game intermittently stops when taking photos in the photo spots.
    FIXED – Issue where the screen sometimes remains zoomed in during QTEs.
    FIXED – Issue where Dave is able to move into an area he isn’t supposed to enter.
    FIXED – Issue where some melee weapons (samurai swords) were unable to apply a second hit when attacking twice quickly.
    FIXED – Issue where items were placed in unintended locations in some areas.
    FIXED – Issue where the damage reduction effect of the Eco-Health Bracelet was not applied normally.

    4) Sea People Village
    FIXED – Issue where weapons and item upgrades disappear when entering the Sea People Village.

    5) Others
    FIXED – Issue where sometimes the wrong sounds were output.
    FIXED – Issue with the raindrop effects causing frame drops.
    FIXED – Issue with the sound turning off after checking spam mail on your in-game Mail app.
    FIXED – Issue with not being able to skip cutscenes when crafting weapons.
    FIXED – Issue with UI sometimes not displaying properly.
    FIXED – Issue with not being able to proceed normally after changing the screen mode setting on the Steam deck.

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